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Thread: There's a VR HEADSET on my FACE! :D

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    Quote Originally Posted by Malf View Post

    Free your mind.

    MY MIND IS FREED. Thanks for the Xmas gift of POLYBIUS. It is very trippy.

    The other VR game I've been spending a lot of time with lately (beside Beat Saber natch) is Catch & Release!

    It's very chill and both the fishing rod physics and rowboat physics are GOOD. Doing objectives, like catching a certain fish in a certain spot, unlocks better equipment and new tools and it's all very engrossing and I can't stop playing.

    Also you get the same amount of points whether you keep the fish or release it back, in case you wanna do a pacifist playthrough.

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    I recently finished GNOG. The game was delightful and infuriating in equal measure; sometimes it is less than transparent in the clues it gives you, and sometimes things don't work when you're pretty certain they should. All in all, I'd say it's worth it for people who like games like Chuchel, games that are toy-like and charming, but I would only suggest getting it if it's below US$10 (or even US$5) and if you have a high tolerance level when it comes to VR jankiness that could've been reduced or even removed if the developers hadn't left it at 'good enough'.

    I also played some more Beat Saber and I really enjoy the new song ("POP/STARS"). It's great fun to play and makes you feel like you're a rhythm master (when really you probably look like a bit of a knob). There's another seemingly new song just underneath it on the list; I can't remember the title, but it's boring to listen to and boring to play. It makes me wish you could just hide certain songs.

    Finally, I've now committed to playing a couple of hours of Skyrim VR until I tire of the game. The VR implementation is janky, but it does make a huge difference to be immersed in that world, to look up at misty mountains and to be enveloped by the night. I've only just made it to Bleak Falls Barrow and the game has well and truly sucked me in (with some judicious mods, obviously). Also, the more I get used to Natural Locomotion, the better it is; for me, it makes a huge difference to be taking those steps myself, even if I'm just walking in place.

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    Oh, anyone looking for a good VR scare? Here's a... remake? riff? ... of that P.T. demo, made in Unreal - and if you play it while your headset's hooked up, you can play it in VR. Neat, huh? (Get it while it's hot and hasn't yet been taken down by a C&D letter from Konami.)

    Disclaimer: I haven't played this and I never may, since I quite like having a heard that beats and a sphincter that does its job.

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