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Thread: The Complete Loadout Store Tutorial

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    The Complete Loadout Store Tutorial

    I recently learned some, at least to me, new things about the loadout store, so I started experimenting like a madman to see what else I could come up with and here's the result: A complete loadout store tutorial:

    It starts by covering the absolute basics and then it moves forward into more advanced territory. I have tried to cover everything, but if I've missed something that you think should be included, I'd be happy to know. The included exercises are mandatory for everyone!

    I also built a test campaign where all the techniques explained in the tutorial are implemented:

    The test campaign is playable through FMSel, as any campaign, with functioning objectives and mission to mission progression, so that you can test the different loadout stores for real. I cannot guarantee that it works through DarkLoader, but I've included the standard DarkLoader info file.

    I hope you can find some use for it.

    MediaFire used to be without ads, but, since last time I used it, they have started using pop-up/under ads (when downloading) of a kind my adblocker can not block, so I am forced to take these files down until I've found a better place to store them in.

    Edit 2:
    I have moved the files to google drive for now, so the ads are gone, but you need to enable javascript to be able to download (Click the "File" menu and then "Download" (or press Ctrl+S)).

    Edit 3:
    The tutorial has been moved, but new links are provided above.
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    Thank you! I won't be needing this with my current campaign, but I have plans ...

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