Recently, Steam sold all the Thief games for around $20. Being a fan, but never able to play, I went ahead and bought it. While I was having some issues with TFix, I decided to go through the newer game and discovered me actually wanting more. Only catch was, I just wanted more of the story behind Ector's side missions.
The only missions I really enjoyed were "A Man Apart," "A Friend in Need," and "Dirty Secrets." However, this thread isn't about that. It's about Ector.

My first clue to this being an interesting story was when Garrett said that he didn't trust where this was going, but would do the job anyway. I found it really engaging--especially in the last mission--to find all the notes and letters Alfonso, Clockwise, Ector, and I think the Engineer all wrote to each other. Piecing together a story through hints is something I'm a fan of.
One of the other most memorable things I found there was during the Clockwise mission for the automaton's heart, where you got to see some sort of rune puzzle. I'm sure they just added it there for a little challenge, it would make little sense to build something like that in my opinion, but it was still pretty nice to see it.

There was also the really neat collectible in "Dust to Dust" which was the automaton's soul. I do love me some mystery, gears, and sprockets, and from my little memory of the original trilogy, that's around the same theme.
I finished these missions just over a month ago, so my memory is still a bit foggy, but I'd have been happier to see this as the main story rather than what we got. Considering it also involves several engineers, it would be sensible to add some puzzles throughout the game just to make it more challenging.

Despite this being a very empty discussion page, it would be interesting to hear everyone's thoughts on this as well. It's simply my opinion that Ector was more engaging, but I want to know if anyone else felt similarly.
And can we keep in mind that this is more story oriented and less about game mechanics? I noticed a lot of old Thief fans may occasionally complain about that.