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Thread: Call of Pripyat mods

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    Call of Pripyat mods

    I am going to replay CoP, and as I last played it quite some time ago, I wanted to know if there are any good mods around? I dont really want to make the game harder, but things like graphic tweaks, bug fixes, better economy/trading.

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    I played it with Complete a little while back. It's good, but didn't make me really think it was necessary. CoP is pretty solid already so there's really not a lot for such a mod to do. The graphics are nice of course and that's where the main upgrade is. But nicer ground textures are mostly all it needed really unless you're mad for that sort of thing. I found Atmosfear spiced things up enough by itself, in looks and interesting weather.
    If you're looking for something to really alter the experience in a major way it's probably not those.
    There were another couple of little AI and draw distance mods I tried before, plus some others, but I'll have to check the other machine to remember.

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    The misery mod just posted a supposedly large update a few days ago. I'm downloading it now to give it a try, but when I tried misery last time I gave up because it was too freaking brutal. I felt the entire time like I was bleeding to death from the moment I started. I was so outclassed in combat that it felt like a joke trying to take on the Mercs, but I'm hoping that this version has evened things out a little bit.

    Besides that, complete seems like the best choice.

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    I had the same experience with the original Misery mod, Bear. It was so brutal that I gave up rather quickly and wasn't sorry I did. I'll be interested in hearing your opinion on the latest version of that mod, btw.

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    The "problem", if you can even call it that, with the Misery mod is that is completely changes the gameplay/way to progress in the game.
    Content is not gated by story or placement on the map but by equipment. This is now an RPG heavily emphasizing stats/equipment/weapon choice over skill.
    In "vanilla" COP you can get by with exceptional skill and/or good weapons. In Misery ALL you need to take care about is equipment, creating multiple stashes on the map and SKIPPING
    most of the content in the beginning. You have to do all the menial, boring tasks on the first and second map first. You have to buy extra equipment, traps, bombs for the harder missions.

    I don't really like that way of playing but I give them credit to sticking with it.
    In my opinion it takes away from the exploration and makes the maps feel smaller since you only have access to a few patches.
    Ontop of that some "encounters" are just artificially made almost impossible "because HARDCORE".

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