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Thread: LGS's Forgotten Creatures Project

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    I actually think the antennae would fit the bugbeast much more. would definitely throw such a model it into the TFix resources should you (or anyone else) ever decided to make one.

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    Desperately Dodgy Moderator
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    Looks nice Jordan! but I didn't notice whatever special thing about them was in the video. Just me being daft probably.

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    DromEd Archmage
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    yes Yandros! ^^ We cannot see it like this, but trust me!

    Download the models and put them near the original ones! They are clearly less squared than the original! ^^
    Plus, they got antennea ;P

    @Voodoo47: What you are asking will be off topic if I publish them here... Because I already made the original bug beast.. A kind of nicked bloody woman...
    But why not? Let's see if I got time! ^^

    HEY Squadarofl!! I think that you will be finaly happy! Perhaps I'll finally create my own ogre next time! xP

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    That is just mindblowing
    Glad to see you're back at it I'll be sure to use these cool creatures in one of my missions

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    DromEd Archmage
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    Haaaaa dude, you know, it's just a question of time and patience... ^^ When a vertex is taffing away because it's a bit too close to another part of the model and that you just can't find the problem after 100 tries... The madness is oftenly in you! xD

    But I like it so I don't mind! ^^ A simple break and I'm back

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    My congrats FireMage, very cool. I hope to make some custom motions for beasts, they are really needed. The craymen side stepping and parley(not sure if right word) stance always urked me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FireMage View Post

    HEY Squadarofl!! I think that you will be finaly happy! Perhaps I'll finally create my own ogre next time! xP

    I CAN'T wait

    Perhaps next you could try to redo the apebeast the way it was supposed to be

    Spiked helmet, red robe, straps on the arms; There is a unused skin of a nude apebeast in the TG files that have straps, perhaps you could redo this one too !

    Next, the original concept of the hammerite were much detailed

    Look ! An armored version of the hammerite templar ! Isn't it cool ? Plus he's having an eye contact

    The crossbowman is cool too, but I don't know if it's possible to do this one

    Finally, the original hammerite priest have a long red robe instead of a hoodie (?) and a very strange electrical device

    Good luck !

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    I can see these are inspired by original LGS sketches, but I stumbled across this artist and got some creature inspiration. I'm thinking of utilizing the tree beast motion schema for a mechanist mech suite, as inspired by this artist.
    Just wanted to share. Oh he did more thief outside of that gallery

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    DromEd Archmage
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    A new creature has been recreated! The Oger!
    You must know that I have hesitated a lot before working on it. Just because this monster in not a part of Thief Universe, but Dark Camelot to me.
    Plus someone else already rebuilt it I'm sure of that... But I can't find his work again...

    So, after month of thinking about this creature, I finally said to myself and change my mind to accept this one in Thief universe because after all, LGS has let it skin hidden in Thief: The Dark Project. It got a style very interesting and I know that mappers love weird big and dangerous creatures ^^ Plus, my mission is to rebuild LGS Creatues and the oger is one of their creature so it fit with my quest!

    About the guy who did It own oger, If somebody know where is the link to his version I will thank him to publish it!
    I don't want to monopolise anything and I think that It could be fun to compare our works!

    Let's give you a show as usual:

    And the file!

    Additionnal notes:

    To create this creature in you gamsyst, it's easier with TG!

    Create in beast archetype a new one named Oger.
    Rewrite all apebeast's properties but change/add some stuff:

    -Shape>Modelname: Ogre |Ogre and not Oger because I named it .bin file in French ^^''
    -Game>Damage Model>Hit Points:32
    >Max Hit Points: 32

    -Creature>Time Wrap: 0.65
    -AI>Attributes>Defensive: Null
    >Aggression: Well Above Average
    >AI Core > Vision Description: Increase all angles +100 to get something more realistic, don't forget that it have two head that looks at different ways
    >Ability Settings>HtoHCombatDistances:2.1 - 6.5 - 12

    -Class Tags: CreatureType Haunt
    -Speech: Voice: vburr (I though that burrick voice sounds good even if creating it own voice could be better ^^'')
    -Links>Weapon: BugClaw (it is an unused powerful weapon presents in the Gamsyst)

    Once you did that you can invade your maps with a dangerous creature... And trust me it's hard to kill it. The best method is to run around it to strike it back!

    Don't worry if you find it torso weird in some pose it's just because Dark Engine motions don't like fat humanoid... But I suppose that Ramirez is the only man in the city who can understand this pain...

    Finally for the curious taffer who looks at my skin:

    It have been made from A to Z. The mapping was hard you just can't imagine... xD You can change my oger hands, back of hands. And it feet, bare feet, legs etc as you wish to! All skinners can edit it with no bigs trouble!
    You'll see also a skirt with alpha channel. I wanted to add it to the oger to give him more style but alas, Thief do not like alpha channel, and the skirt looks horrible in-game so I removed it completely from the model. So the skirt presents in the skin can be removed with no hesitation because it won't affect anything

    That's all! Have fun!

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    Good work, Jordan.

    I believe the Ogre can also be found in DEDX. I think it was the one made by Dark Arrow and can be found here:

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    DromEd Archmage
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    Yes it is it! Thank you Random_Taffer!

    I'll put his oger download link in the main page! Then people will choose their favorite or put the both! (imagine a mission where Garrett is in an Oger Village! )

    Woups, I missed the two previous post.. :/

    @Squada: Yeah, I think about redoing the Apebeast! ^^ You know, when I did it I actually didn't know yet this artwork!
    BUT: Because the apebeast is a monkey who still wearing his clothes when it was in human form, I manage to put in their head the helmet without the spike.
    The rest I'll do like in the artwork

    About Hammers... Hmmm... I don't know if it will be easy to put an armor on the guard... If you could know how the mesh models works to apply their motions, you'll surely know that you are asking me is impossible... :/ Especially about the shoulders' metal plate...

    BUT: For the arbalester It is possible! I just need more times to create it motion set ^^

    About the priest, yep, like T3 priest ^^
    Perhaps the electrical light is a kind of magical staff which was supposed to emit sparks & bolt instead of fired hammer?

    @Gamophyte: Could you send me more details about what you have in your mind? I don't understand clearly what you imagine... ^^''

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    That's an excellent Ogre Firemage, but I see the nipple chain is missing (don't worry I'm joking, the whole bdsm thing is stupid )

    For hammerite paladin or whatever, I know dromed is quite limited so I was more thinking of a custom skin than another armor model... But just for references, if I'm not mistaken, there is a use of an armor attached to a mesh in The Night Watch campaign, fourth mission; Lots of though guys in heavy armors

    You're making a custom motion set for an arbalester too ?! That's fantastic ! I hope we can see that in action soon !

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    Yeah that Hammerite crossbowman is definitely an AI I'd like to see some day. Great work on the Ettin too. Just needs some really creepy sounds rather than Burrick/Haunts schemas.

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    Desperately Dodgy Moderator
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    There are several Hammerite crossbowmen in the HMDK, but of course they don't look like the concept art.

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    Isn't there some thing about clerics/holy men etc. and edged weapons? Something about shedding blood.. That's why they use hammers.

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    Desperately Dodgy Moderator
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    That's D&D. This is Thief.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Squadarofl View Post
    The crossbowman is cool too, but I don't know if it's possible to do this one
    Well... i believe we can. I have had new crossbow motion for AI in mind for long time. This thread made me dig it up from my old computer and see if i could finish it some day (building over 300 frame motion from scratch is quite a chore).
    I made it to work for unarmed AI that has decorative crossbow attached to its right hand. I don't know if weapon like that would really work otherwise.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	dump002.png 
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Size:	818.3 KB 
ID:	2074

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    DromEd Archmage
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    I'm working on it don't worry!
    Everything seems ok!

    The three hammers are in making. I have finished the Heavy Hammerite with the plate as Object for DetailAttach link, and the priest.
    The Arbalester is done, just the motion is missing but not for long now

    @Giga: Yeah I have seen this set of motion! It is a good job! ^^
    Alas, when I look at it I saw that it fit perfectly for an armed civilian but for a Guard or a Hammerite it won't be good because of the way the guy is caring the arbalest. Guards are not really intelligent but they perfectly know how to use their weapons as the hammerites so the adequat motion will be a motion where they care and use the arbalest with a pose that looks more experimented like a shotgun... :/

    But don't worry! We can combine our works and then get something interesting if you want to give to community a set of motion and arbalester that will help mappers to put Unexperimented and skilled users! ^^

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    Sorry, I won't speak like a hammerite like in the Youtube description to present what I did... ^^'
    (I got enough problems to speak in normal english so no rush to the old one! xD)

    So I did everything like in the artworks! And I really said EVERYTHING like in the artwork!

    This is a zip that contains:
    -A priest with a hood and a dress. Nothing really special, just a model and it texture.

    Now let's talk about something a bit more interesting:

    -A Heavy Hammerite. He is like in the artwork with an armor and gauntlets. The shoulders protection is although separated from the model as an object that you ay join to the model with ~DetailAttach Links From the hammerite to the object. The thing interesting with DetailAttach is that OBB objects keep their hit bow. If you do the shoulders protection from an static iron object and adjust correctly the hitbox, you'll get a guard nigh impossible to hurt with powerful sword strikes if you don't strike his head.

    The offset to put the protection correctly is: Joint ; Abdomen ; X:0.23 ; Y:-0.05 ; Z:1.177 | Keep the rest as default.

    And now, let's talk about something again more interesting:

    -The Hammerite Arbalester. It is perhaps not the best set of motions of the world but I spend the whole day on it... I just don't want to work more on it! ^^""

    MSchema files are included to allow to add what I did to your works!
    To put the Arbalester: Put a bowman or crossbowman or create your own bowman. Change it shape model name to use the Hammerite Arbalester model and replace the motionset: WithBow by WithArbalest

    Your are free to apply this set of motions to all models of course! If you can create your own arbalester just take care on how your mesh model hold the arbalest and it will be okay!

    The video:

    And the link!

    Enjoy it!
    Last edited by FireMage; 26th Aug 2018 at 21:05.

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    Bloody fantastic. I know exactly where I'm going to use these.

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    Earlier I was saying the crayman motion is odd, they side step and fight like a sword wielding human. Would be nice to see them act differently and more beast like.

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    Did you consider remaking Ramirez's guards? I know they exist already in DEDX but just like Constantine's, they have a completely different look (they don't wear a metal helmet and they look taller than other guards)

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    These are awesome creations, FireMage ! Especially these recent Hammerite additions.

    Here's hoping some modders will find a place for them in at least a few FMs. You're right that the crossbowman is just nothing but animations right now and we'd need a proper new AI model for him, but other than that, this shows extreme promise.

    Are you still working on the creatures you've tried your hand at earlier ? I liked several of them. A final version of the sweels could be fun.

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    I would love to have sweels for underwater excitement ...

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    Thank you all very much!

    So, so, so...

    For the moment I'm quite busy with my contest mission, but once I'll finish it, I'll continue my quest! ^^

    @gamophyte: More motion for craymen, that's an idea... But not a priority... Maybe I'll do it once I'll finish the rest such like the official bugbeast model with antenna as someone asked me.

    @DarkMax: Yes it is! I though it wasn't so important but now I'm looking at DEDX model... We reconize Rumford's guard with Ramirez guard skin on them that don't look as we want them to be. I definitly add them on my "to do" list

    @Petike the Taffer: Thank you again! ^^ So for the Arbalester it will be a job not only for me but all modeliser imagination! They just need to put correctly the weapon in guard's hand!

    About my previous redone creatures, I'll keep them downloadable (in the case if someone prefered my previous version than the newest), but I'll redo some of it because you'll probably think it funny but my modeliser skills has changed slowly models after models ^^'' So it reconize that some of my first job wasn't perfect... Plus I was't aware about motion edition secrets... Then I'll redo some of it!
    The previous creatures to redo are:


    The others seems to be correct

    @LarryG: How I would love to do that! But there is a problem... I can create a motion that will fit perfectly underwater but how to apply it with no bugs in-game?
    I think that giving it the Apparition creature type will be the key of success in this situation but when I'm thinking about water depth (if the sweel model do not fleet) we are looking for trouble with dromed... Hmmmm.... Test needed but I can't make any promises on that point...

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