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Thread: Thief Deadly Shadows Gold – Version 1.0 released!

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    Congrats on the release! I can't wait to give it a play this weekend.

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    Can't believe I hadn't heard about this before! Looking forward to these fixes. THANK YOU!

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    - Including proper briefing videos like this: (artists, volunteer!)
    - Including proper hand-drawn maps (artists, volunteer!)

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    My art would probably take too long and not cut the mustard.
    But I can do any fancy After Effects-ing they might need.

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    I think I should revive one of the intro movie threads and create one for the maps, both in the T3Ed Guild. A German Thief veteran also showed some interest, so it's best to concentrate that here on ttlg.

    Edit: Here we go.
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    Looks like the word is spreading from RPS:

    (From the Eidos forum.)

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    OMG congrats on the release, I didn't think it would come this fast!!!!
    Amazing community work here, keep up the good work. <3

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    Marvellous! Thanks for the hard work! This goes a long way towards making TDS a better Thief game. Replay imminent.

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    I just noticed that the news have spread several other gaming news sites. Especially two German ones (here and here) came up with the "information" that we improved the AI. Well... we haven't. What comes closest to it are fixes of buggy patrols (not pathfinding!) and (forthcoming) options to adjust the awareness (!) of the NPCs which should make them appear more intelligent, given that the actual AI programming in TDS isn't bad.

    But otherwise: Feel free to spread the word and enjoy the game anew!

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    Found a weird bug here:

    In St. Edgars, the game crashes if I quick-save after looting the Cat O'Nine Tails from the chest in the High Priest's Room. It's only the looting of this one item that has this negative effect; not unlocking the chest it is in, nor reading the scroll inside. And strangely enough, if I make a normal Save Game through the (Escape) Game Menu, and then reload that save, quick-save works again.

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    I can have a look at it, maybe there are weird scripts linked to that. Unfortunately, I can do little about the saving process itself. Does it happen for the rest of the map after you have frobbed the scourge?

    PS: Install information added to the first post.

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    @Eilhan: Can you upload the last save you have from before the problem occurred?

    In order to make it easier to supply savegames with bug reports, here is a small tool to rename savegame folders to the names they have in the in-game saves list. (The renamed saves will of course still be usable.)

    • Download the archive linked to above
    • Find the T3G installation through the start menu: Programs / Thief 3 Sneaky Upgrade / Installed FMs, enter the T3Gold_1_0\SaveGames folder
    • Unpack the archive there
    • Click on t3saves_to_plaintext.exe. The weirdly-named folders will be renamed. A log file listing the changes is left behind.
    • Sort by date, ascending, to get the correct order
    • Select the relevant save(s) and make a zip file

    The tool can be run again later to convert more saves. New changes will be appended to the list. Or switch to the readable format for new saves by setting PlainTextSaveNames=true in SneakyOptions.ini.

    All the tool does is rename the folders, the files within are not changed. Still, backing up the SaveGames folder first can't hurt...

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    This mod sounds pretty cool, thanks for all your hard work.

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    @snobel: I've uploaded two saved games here, one at the start of the level, and a quick save I made while standing right in front of the chest containing the Cat O'Nine Tails.

    To reproduce, just load the quick save, loot the whip from the chest, and try to do a quicksave. Result on my PC is crash to desktop. But as I mentioned, making a regular save via the game menu seems to fix the problem - after doing a normal save it's safe to use quick save again, and the problem doesn't happen again.

    I reinstalled the game and started a fresh run to check if that would help, but it didn't. Apart from the latest Sneaky Upgrade (v1.1.3.4) I've installed no patches or tweaks.

    By the way, didn't there use to be a scripted sequence where Lord Ember walks out to talk with the guard standing on the ledge above the garden?


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    Thanks, I can reproduce the crash. Would you mind if we took the bug reports/discussion to the T3G beta test thread?

    Lord Ember only talks to the guards in the corridor AFAIK and those are not full conversations but only his vile remarks and the subversive replies from the guards. This worked the last time I saw it, but I can have another look.

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    Sorry for double post: It turns out the section about the custom tweaks for widow Edwina Moira has wrong information. In order to apply the tweaks, you must change the first of the four numbers of the specific lines in the Ints.txt file, not the third. I've adjusted the section in the first post here (now in bold) but the shipped read-me files still have the outdated version.

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    Nice "Patch"...

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    FKA Buccura
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    The second mission, the mansion, crashes when I try to load it, but the first tutorial mission loads just fine. Anyone else having this issue? I tried loading other saves and I have the same problem. And yes I did start a new game.

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    Sneaky Upgrader
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    Sounds like the FM hasn't been set up correctly. Did you follow the instructions in the first post and use FMSel etc?

    The Inn mission is not (yet) changed in T3G and is not included in the archive, that's why you got the problem only on the second mission.

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    Should I try this mod for my eventual first playthrough of TDS?

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    What would you do if no one could give you advice? It definitely isn't the vanilla TDS experience but hopefully only with respect to some of its original shortcomings. The bugfixing progress and other improvements within the "fat" version of the Sneaky Upgrade will still take a few months.
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    Wow! I just noticed this. Thanks guys, sounds like a dream come true. I actually liked TDS and you've only made it better! Cheers!

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    A small bump to point to a few updates in the first post. The main reason for today's update is that the major bug with the empty endgame has been fixed... and that it's Christmas. The Thief 3 Gold journey will continue for some time still, but we can more or less safely say that most stuff is done and you get the full or even expanded TDS play experience. Thanks as always to snobel for preparing the installer and having an eye on the stuff I give him.

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    "How Thief: Deadly Shadows should have been."

    Replaying the game with this, feels great not having to wait for loading zones during missions. Definitely keeps the immersion up. Amazing work. Well done! Hope it gets better!
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    Hey I got a quick question. If I buy Deadly Shadow off GOG, can I apply this to it?

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