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Thread: T2 FM: Exile (Being Thief 2) v1.2 - UPDATED 11/04/2014.

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    T2 FM: Exile (Being Thief 2) v1.2 - UPDATED 11/04/2014.

    3 years ago I started to build a spontan mission without any plots or tartgets, and Being Thief was the result, a city stealth mission about a Mechanist machine called BCOK. In this 2nd sequel the way of BCOK countinues in the other side of the City, in Westport. The mission is still a classic human-stealth adventure. After I ran into a deadly limit error in Dromed, I had to cut the mission in 2 parts, but make no mistake, there is only one mission which ending in a second part.

    This mission requires New Dark 1.21! Also FM Selector is recomended as FM manager, and "new mantle" enabled (see details in info).

    Take it and enjoy!

    I want to thank you for everyone who helped on Testing Forum, for Nickie, Nightwalker, prjames, skacky, Kurhhan, ffox, Ravenhook, Zoro, sycamoyr, Zaya_Ayame and bikerdude. Another special thank you for Nightwalker, Nickie and Bernie for helping on the texts, as usual; and for Tannar who made ​​it possible on Testing Forum to finish this long project season.

    Between the two versions below only the water settings are different! I hope there will be a solution for this water compatibility problem in New Dark soon. Until then choose the appropriate version.

    Version 1.2 with EP2 water set

    v1.2 - GOOGLE DRIVE

    v1.2 - MY SITE


    Version 1.1 with Tafferpatcher water set

    v1.1 - GOOGLE DRIVE



    Polish translation made by Raven4444, Flavia and Keeper Me.

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    (And to think I have just completed the first part yesterday - an amazing coincidence! )

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    Thanks for saving my weekend, Sensut!

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    Woa! A new FM! And a Sensut FM to boot! Enjoyed Being Thief - game on

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    Congrats, Sensut!

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    Thanks for the release! Going to be a great night tonight

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    Congrats! I think i'll replay part 1 first and then dive right in this one A thousand congrats to you

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    It's always a big event for me when you release a fm ! Sure, i will have a great sunday ! Many Thanks to you

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    Congrats on the release! This is an absolutely bloody awesome mission.

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    Congratulations Sensut and I agree with skacky - everyone's in for a treat.

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    walkthrough needed game is impossible

    Please could you do a walkthrough or hints as the game is quiet hard it is such a big area to cover been running around for ages cannot find anything. Also i could only find 8 posters.


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    Congratulations on the release, Sensut!

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigalexjones66 View Post
    Please could you do a walkthrough or hints as the game is quiet hard it is such a big area to cover been running around for ages cannot find anything. Also i could only find 8 posters.

    For posters, all but one are around the streets. One is in the condominium.

    What are you looking for in particular?

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    Great, Thanks Sensut

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    It's really a lot of fun but do expect to take quite a long time to play it the first time through. It's a large city with lots of things to explore so you need to be thorough. I had a wonderful time testing it but the first time I played it, it took me somewhere in the neighbourhood of 7 or 8 hours to complete.

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    downloading it now,so excited ty for a great sunday

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    First mission after the Contest set! Great, GREAT news! I'll start with the first part and then continue with Exile...

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    Congratulations Sensut! I'm really looking forward to this.

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    I'm playing this on expert and have completed almost all objectives except the one that I'm guessing will end the whole mission. I'd also like to meet the optional loot requirement though, if possible, so I'd love to get some hints on some of the most well hidden pieces of loot. I have collected 10500 out of the 13700 or so that the objective says.

    I'm assuming one of the bigger stashes is in the safe in the back of a bookshelf in the Mechanist library, however I can't find the gear that opens it. I have an unused gear called "central gear" or something in my inventory but that does not work in this lock. Could I get a hint on the whereabouts of the right gear? Or could it be that the mission bugged out on me and the gear I have should open the lock (seeing as there aren't any other unopened gear locks in the mission that I know of).

    As for what I think of the mission, well I'm utterly amazed by Sensut's knack for cramming such an enormous amount of fun into one single mission. I still haven't gotten over the shock of how flawlessly executed and perfectly Thiefy the whole thing is. To me Sensut is the one FM maker out of everyone here that seems to get the point and essence of a Thief mission in the most accurate and complete way. So, thanks for the amazing experience dude, you're the best!

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    Thanks and you're welcome everybody .

    @poronty: there is a sheet on the bookcase, above the safe, with a painting. You need to find that painting in the gallery above and check the marked part of it.

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    I was enjoying this, until it the game crashed on me twice in the same place. It happens in the Mechanist building, when I take the lift up to the first floor (European first floor), and step out into the corridor. There's a desk up ahead with a small servant behind it, and a corridor to the left, but the games freeezes before I can get there.

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    That's not something that happened to anyone in testing. Sensut might have an answer but you could try entering from the balcony instead? Just to see if the same thing happens. You get to the balcony from the top of the City Watch. I've sent you a pm.

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    I have no idea what may casuse right there a crash? Many problems happened but no one crash all the time .

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    My game crashed once at about the same spot, it happened when I turned a corner and got a distant view of the mechanist library; I assumed it must have been because my line of vision extended too far and this may have been too tasking for the game for some reason. So I tried to approach the library going sideways and backwards so as not to look in that direction, and that got me past the crash spot... just thought this might help.

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    Thanks. I managed to get past that point just now, turned left, picked open a metal door, and went out on to a balcony which I assume is the one accessible from the City Watch (which I haven't visited yet). But as I went back inside through the same door the game froze again. Mine is a pretty old system (running XP, so I'm not looking forward to 8 April). There is something it doesn't like about that area. Playing on Expert and loading from FM Sel, BTW.

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