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Thread: Fms that won't work properly with New Dark - Summary of Issues in OP

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    Quote Originally Posted by lupus View Post
    Moth to a Flame
    Newdark issue
    couple of windows don't open causing you to miss a large part of the mission (obj 526)
    save needed
    Window object 526 works for me. Can't see the problem
    Saints & Thieves
    Objective problem
    I made a dml for this. fortuni is testing it. Will post it soon.
    Way of the Sword
    Newdark issue
    can't re-frob the rosary once you have blessed it in the water
    save needed
    There's a switch in this room. It doesn't work without the switch.

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    I checked some more FMs

    - Horns of Canzo - Sceptre of Krall. It's working fine. Sceptre needs some treatment (blessing) first.
    - Garrett Younger Years - I don't get stuck in that window. Savegame needed for the other issue.
    - Last Lighthouse Keeper - Savegames are not available any more

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    A small bug in Hightowne Museum. Not game breaking.
    Not really appropriate for this thread either, but what the hell.

    The upper floor hatch to the crystal seems to raise and disappear in newdark.
    Reflipping the switch makes it reappear and lower.
    It should flip up 90 degrees.

    Here is a youtube video showing appropriate behavior.
    Around 13:15

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