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Thread: Videos: Let's Plays, Walkthroughs and Previews

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    Quote Originally Posted by cavador_8 View Post
    Not videos, written walkthroughs. Here is my Thief 2 walkthrough website:

    Hey Cardia1, I have created walkthroughs on my site for some of your missions too. You create some really good and unique missions.

    Thanks Cavador those are really good walktroughs i wasn´t aware you had done some walktroughs for my missions, i will post a link of the walktroughs in its respective missions. Thank you for the compliment and for playing my missions.
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    Quote Originally Posted by FenPhoenix View Post
    Sorry, I didn't know you wanted me to keep you up-to-date. I figured since I put up new series so frequently it would just be spamming you up if I went and told you every single time.
    It wouldn't be and I do rather depend on people to keep me updated. I forget to do things as well and my failing memory needs all the help it can get.

    Quote Originally Posted by Judith View Post
    Actually, I'm using Darkfate for screenshots (they're doing better job of promoting FMs than the authors here IMO). . .
    I think that pretty much all the screenshot links in the Mission by Type thread come from Darkfate, and clearing is so good at finding them if we're missing some that I wouldn't be surprised if he doesn't take a few himself to fill in the gaps.

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    Alrighty, here goes:

    Thief Gold:
    -The Crazy Priest

    Thief 2:
    -The Fever
    -Flowers For A Friend
    -When Angels Refuse to Die
    -The Library of Babel
    -Christmas Present
    -The Drymian Codex
    -Mortuos Liber

    -Being Thief
    NOTE: There is an entry already on the list called "Exile: Being Thief", that should be changed to "Exile: Being Thief 2" as it links to my LP of that. The first FM in the series is called "Being Thief", the second is called "Exile: Being Thief 2".

    -Cryptic Realms

    -Rocksbourg 1-3 (the new versions with LP commentary):
    NOTE: The ones in the current list link to my very old non-commentary playthroughs. The following are the new ones I recently released with commentary. If you could either add them alongside the old ones or replace the old with the new, either way would be fine.
    -A Night in Rocksbourg 1: A New Beginning
    -A Night in Rocksbourg 2: Discovery
    -A Night in Rocksbourg 3: Ink and Dust

    -Canvassing the Neighbourhood
    -Double or Quits
    -Forty Eight
    -Half-Assed Wedding / Half-Assed Marriage
    -Secret of the Keepers
    -The Cash Box
    -The Music of Sibel
    -Mansion 48
    -The Last Lighthouse Keeper
    -The Rustler
    -The Farm
    -Mine Saga
    -Lost Souls
    -Keeper of Infinity
    -A Thief's New Year
    -Third Time's the Charm

    Thief 3:
    -The Cabal Part 1: Furious Flames

    The Dark Mod:
    -The Transaction
    -Home Again
    -The Lich Queen's Demise

    And a minor correction: Schizophrenia should be Schizophrenica

    Thanks! I'll be more frequent with the updates from now on!
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    That lot should keep me quiet for a while - thank you (I think).

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    that reminds me, its about time i checked up on Nexus Letum's recent outpourings
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    While not a member of TTLG, Bobbin Threadbare has been covering some Dark Mod missions to compliment his Thief 4 lp, and he's really good at it. He's covered quite a few Dark Mod fan missions as well. Anyway, here are the links:

    Tears of Saint Lucia:


    The Knighton Manor:

    In the North: Part 2:

    La Banque Bienveillante:

    The Beleaguered Fence: Part 2:

    The Glenham Tower: Part 2:

    The Transaction: Part 2:

    The Phrase Book: Part 2:

    Home Again: (More coming soon).
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    Quote Originally Posted by Garrett View Post
    Unfortunately, I live in a country where most of the youtube videos are blocked. Would you mind posting the other videos also on mega? From this OCH I can download easily. Thank you in advance.
    I'm so sorry for this late late reply. Took a Thief break and haven't been around in quite some time. Didn't think there was any interest in non-youtube versions, so stopped uploading them when I started playing FMs, but it's no problem, I can upload them on mega. And will do in the close future.

    This should be the link to the drive:

    Couple more new folders should appear soon, Thief 1 FMs and Thief 2 FMs.

    Quote Originally Posted by Garrett View Post
    Do you plan more ghostish walkthrough for thief2? Is it possible to request a mission?
    Definitely planning more, that break from Thief already lasts way too long.

    And sure I guess about requests...

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    (Thief Gold)
    Gems of Provenance:

    Thief 2:
    All For a Night's Sleep:
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    Added those - thanks Fen.

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    fen to be honest i think you been going soft on missions,i challenge you to play the hardest setting on rebellion of the builder all missions,if you dare

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    yes fen i want to hear you whine as you play ,make you a deal you can skip the first mission,but you must play the rest

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    @nickie: Shadow of Doubt campaign is for Thief Gold, not Thief 2.

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    Thanks - it's already in the T1/G section so I've no idea how it got into T2 as well. I'll remove it now.

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    Sperry was working on porting it to T2 and updating it a few years ago, so maybe that's why? Although I don't think he ever released it.

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    Hmm - what do you want, Yandros? You're usually telling me I'm nuts, not making excuses for my aberrations.

    Added those, Fen.

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    More :P

    Thief 2
    The Curse of the Skull Goblet:

    The Dark Mod
    Lord Edgar's Bathhouse:
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    Thanks, Fen! I love watching all of your videos, but I'm really looking forward to watching you play Wicked Relics. That mission may have been the most intensive, grueling testing experience I've had. 13 or 14 beta versions over 5 months. But the end product was worth it, I think.

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    It was certainly the funniest testing experience I've had - as Fen rightly surmises in Part 1, Katy has a wicked sense of humour.

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    i think its cool how all the people who do walk through are all different in how they do there thing,for example nexus does older missions/demo/alpha/beta=real cool to see,fen is just cool to watch as he is funny,and he gave me a shout out before in a video,i also like dale a lot too as he reminds me of how i use to play when i was more fresh,one great moment is when he was doing a mission and the spider toward the end become friendly and he did what i would have done,made it a pet lol,and of course i wont forget the guy sorry i don't recall his name right now,but he does the ghosting/supreme/elite/master/etc,takes a lot of time for some of those missions to even think about pulling that off,and anyone else i am forgetting, you all do a pretty damn good job,and i find my self watching them all

    thank you all for the great work,also cool they linked to board here

    these dev's on this board are good they have done everything i mentioned to make board better,so a big cheers to them also,and of course i will never forget the amazing people who make fan missions

    special shout out to cardia and bbb for being my fav 2 mission makers,just replayed lord matt tonight,forgot how big it was for only 1.8 mb,and i know soon cardia got a mission coming soon then he can make part 2 of the best mission ever.

    final thanks to dewdrop and gloria and all of the ttlg for being so cool

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    Quote Originally Posted by downwinder View Post
    and of course i wont forget the guy sorry i don't recall his name right now,but he does the ghosting/supreme/elite/master/etc,takes a lot of time for some of those missions to even think about pulling that off
    Klatremus' Supreme Thief Site - Walkthroughs, Loot Lists & Ghost Reports
    Let's Supreme Ghost Thief - YouTube Channel with Thief Let's Plays

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    Hey Klatremus, do you manage to Supreme Ghost all the contest missions? That may be fun!

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