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Thread: New T2 FM: Breaking the Stone - NewDark - Mission 3 Discussion (6/14/2014)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Esme View Post
    Working out where the potion needs to go to be destroyed was harder work than I thought ...
    What you are really looking for is lava. There are two patches of lava, one in the middle of town and one on the outskirts which is less likely to attract attention.

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    LAVA!!! I completely forgot about that {insert facepalm smiley here}

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    Old thread, I know, but I'm just getting to it now. On mission 3, I've fed the elixer to Val, gotten my gear, replaced all three of the blue crystals with yellow, and nicked the potion and destroyed it in lava. I have left to do (so far on the objectives list) severing the portal -- on which I'm drawing a complete blank -- and blowing the whistle on this whole thing. I've been pretty much through the demonized city, but I don't remember seeing the Dryad in this mission, nor have I tripped over any talismans.

    I think I'm missing a bunch. Can someone clue me a bit?



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    You need to go into Meliae Manor, deal with Valeria and then look for a cave entrance in there.

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    I dealt with Valeria straight off; she drank the thingie and died, didn't she?

    I'll look for the cave entrance. Thanks!

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    Right said Fred...

    All right, did the stuff in the cave and got the key from the other Dryad; have to sever the portals. But the only portal-like thingies I've seen are the ones in the small cave near the collapsed windmill, and they don't seem to be doing anything now. Yeesh.

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    There is another door in the manor. Spoiler: If you look through the hole in the attic where you, presumably, entered the manor, you can see it.

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    Thanks, Tannar and Nickie; got it done now!

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    Just finished your FM. Excellent
    Great assets, good story, thrilling atmosphere !

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    Playthrough of Breaking the Stone: Missions 2 & 3 in 4K

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