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Thread: Thief 3 Level Editor Installation For Steam Version.

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    Thief 3 Level Editor Installation For Steam Version.

    To whom it may concern,

    I am having a lot of trouble having the Thief 3 Editor installed. There are tutorials on how to install it but it explains the disc version and installing it in the game section. I have the Steam download version and I can not do that because Steam will not start anything if the game is not detected. I would love it if someone gave me a tutorial on how to install it for Steam.

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    The Steam version is not very different from the disk version - and the only important difference is wiped out anyway when you copy in the files from the editor pack.

    But it's important to get the game out of Steam's control, which you do by copying it to a neutral location and installing the editor there. You should have separate installs for the game and editor anyway...

    I'd recommend following Komag's tutorial until part II, but instead of reinstalling T3, copy it from (probably) C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Thief Deadly Shadows to C:\Games\Thief3Edit. Go with sound fix 3. Also, instead of part I item 10 (Thief3Launcher), install this. It will make the editor install fully independent of the game install, so you can use both as you please as long as you only run one at a time.

    At this point (when you've verified it's working) it's a good idea to use 7zip or similar to make a backup - will save you time later if you screw something up beyond repair.

    And then get mapping...

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