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Thread: Thief 2 - Blackmail - hint please

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    Thief 2 - Blackmail - hint please

    Hi all,

    Really enjoying Thief 2. ("First City Bank and Trust" is hard innit?)

    Anyone, I just wanted a hint about proceeding the level after that, "Blackmail".


    I've cased pretty much the whole of the 1st/2nd floors/basement and outside, gathered 900 gold so far, and triggered the "investigate murder" quest. So my task is to get to that room.

    As far as I make out, there are two ways in:

    1. From the west side of the house, up two spiral staircases from the grand staircase. The second floor landing of this area is brightly lit with two guards and the doors to the staircase seem to be unopenable by the Estate Key and need to be picked.

    2. From the centre of the house, up the stairs accessible via gadgets which need gears. There's two guards outside a door here. However, even trying to go invisible and go through this door past those guard, the room beyond that is packed with people (4-5).

    Now, my question was - is there a way in I've just missed? Or is in indeed one of these two routes I have to take?


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    i think a walkthrough video via youtube would best describe it :3

    I use the Balcony way ;D

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    Hi, when you say "the balcony way", is that a third way not mentioned (I'm familar with the balcony on the second floor)?

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    No Third Floor with balcony.

    After the Guards are talking about the dead truart, when the guards are running on the second floor, keep left :3

    (you can also reach the attic over it)

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    Thanks. I ended up getting to the 3rd floor balcony from the 2nd floor balcony. It's tricky but you can fire a rope arrow into the top _underside_ of the window rim, climb up partway, then mantle the remaining distance!


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