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Thread: Collectibles

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    I've never been into Collectibles for games but after seeing some reasonably made aftermarket figurines of some of the DS characters I've been thinking more seriously about getting one.

    smough and ornstein statuette

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    I wouldn't mind have a figure set of all the bosses from the game. Problem is, they're all massive and expensive. I'd want something a little smaller, so I could line them up on a single shelf.

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    I really dig the O+S statues. I'd love to have a big fat smough on my desk.

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    In an ideal world, my sprawling country manor would be scattered with scale models of the DS bosses (ideally with animatronics), each in areas rigged to trigger the boss fight music when you got within a certain proximity, but I'd settle for Games Workshop style small figurines.

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    For those of you into collectables you might be interested in the upcoming Artorias of the Abyss the first apparently official Dark Soul figurine being produced by First 4 Figures. Although I probably wont get it, it looks pretty sweet.

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