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Thread: TG FM: Endless Rain (09/08/2014)

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    TG FM: Endless Rain (09/08/2014)

    Hello taffers,
    My third large FM has arrived and will take you to the soaked rooftops of Stonemarket to steal a precious gemstone from its Warden. It is a loose sequel to Between These Dark Walls, and while there is continuity between the two, this mission can be enjoyed on its own.
    Mirror #1: (Thanks Brethren!)
    Mirror #2: (Thanks Lord Soth!)

    You will need to patch your copy of Thief Gold to 1.22 using TFix 1.20a, and it is recommended you make a clean install before playing. Make sure you have New Mantle, Weather and Fogging activated. I also strongly recommend you disable any texture packs such as Thief Gold HD or the Enhancement Pack before playing this mission; the texture and object choice is deliberate and I will also not provide any support in case of conflicts or bugs with these packs, you are hereby warned. Please note that this mission is resource-heavy so weak computers may experience slowdowns in certain areas!

    FMSelect is the loader of choice for this mission but people who prefer Darkloader will have to do the following:
    1) Install the FM in your FM archive directory as usual.
    2) Launch Darkloader and select the FM, but don't launch the mission. Instead, close Darkloader once the FM is selected and shows the T2 gear icon.
    3) In your Darkloader directory, open the file named darkloader.ini.
    4) Search for endless_rain, it should be at the very end of the file.
    5) Replace the line type=2 with type=1. Save and close the file.
    6) Launch Darkloader again and the FM should appear as a TG FM with the TG flower icon.
    To activate FMSelect, make a shortcut of THIEF.EXE and add -fm in the command line, and then launch it. Once you have set the paths you're good to go!

    I would like to thank my great beta-testers:
    - Bikerdude
    - cardia1
    - DrK
    - fibanocci
    - Fortuni
    - Nightwalker
    - Peter Smith
    - Squadafroin
    - Yandros

    Have fun!
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    A new skacky mission, pure blisss...

    Here's a mirror:
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    Congratulations, skacky - I'm so looking forward to this.

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    Congratulations on the release. I've also been looking forward to this.

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    L'architecte de Rocksbourg
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    You MUST play it, Skacky delivered a masterpiece once again. Probably my favorite FM from this year.

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    Yaaay! Time to stop whatever I am doing and fire up Thief!

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    Registered: Aug 2009
    Thanks a lot! I'll get on it right after I finish Death's turbid Veil

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    Location: Germany
    Thanks for a new Gold mission!
    Unfortunately trouble starts for me right at start.
    The rain-sounds produce only static noise. Is the audio format truely compatible with Thief standards?
    Seems like I have to delete the SFX sounds altogether.

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    Location: Lyon, France
    Hmm. This has never been mentioned during beta-testing. The files should be 24bit mono and thus should play fine in Thief. I probably messed-up somewhere (very probable) but I find it odd nobody reported that.

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    I can't state on that. And I am not an audio expert either. Not even for the DarkEngine specific issues.
    Hmmm.... made an experiment and downloaded Audacity.
    Edit2: Hmmm... I re-exported the original sounds without just any modifications (using default-settings) and they work fine now.
    However, the filesize is significantly different. No idea what Audacity did change under the cover, but I wonder if the 'Ramirez' voices might have the same issue.
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    darkloader.ini. ?

    cant find any file called darkloader.ini. anywhere on my computer ?
    does it have a different name

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    There is no need to have the darkloader.ini around unless you are using Darkloader as your mission launcher.
    I suspect you are using FMSel, so you can just forget about it.
    Otherwise you should know where you installed that launcher - or ignore the '.' after '.ini'. It's not part of the filename that you are quoting in your post!

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    am using darkloader

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    Registered: Mar 2011
    Location: northwest u.k.
    cheers I will have a deeper look after work

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    L'architecte de Rocksbourg
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    Was the audio problem only with the rain sounds ? I suspect it's due to the 24 bits PCM sampling that would have been used. I've seen a couple videos from Fen where he had similar problems.
    Personally I never had any issue with these sounds.

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    Registered: Mar 2011
    Location: northwest u.k.


    I "install only" in darkloader and went to "darkloader configuration " file and changed type=2 to type=1 "
    Everything works cheers

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    Registered: Sep 2004
    I've seen quite a few complaints about 24bit audio not working when watching Fen's FM LP's lately, he always solved the problem by converting to 16bit. have 24bit sounds ever worked for anyone, ever?

    //ah, DrK has already mentioned it.

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    L'architecte de Rocksbourg
    Registered: Nov 2005
    Location: Narbonne, France
    It worked for most of us beta-testers too. If I remember correctly, only biker mentionned a similar problem but he solved it on his own.
    It seems there's also a codec problem. I've worked on it with Skacky, hopefully tomorrow the issue is solved.

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    Registered: May 2009
    Location: Germany
    Quote Originally Posted by DrK View Post
    Was the audio problem only with the rain sounds ?
    Don't know. If I would know where to find that one (?) Ramirez character and fly there via DromED and check.
    Since skacky's missions are usually quite large it might take me a couple of days to meet him.
    Send me a PM with his exact location and I can check tomorrow morning.
    According to Audacity, all sounds seem to use 32 bit - including the original sounds in Thief itself.
    I am a noob on these audio topics.

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    L'architecte de Rocksbourg
    Registered: Nov 2005
    Location: Narbonne, France
    Audacity can't read properly, it says 32 bits to every kind of audio file.
    It seems the problem concerns the rain audio files only, which are 24 bits. I converted them to 4 bits with the codecs used by the original game, and no quality loss in the process.
    Ramirez sounds are 16 bits so it shouldn't be a problem, and the 2 files in Garrett's folder are 4 bits as they come from the original game.

    Skacky should check them out tomorrow and provide a fix available to all.

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    Amazing! Played three and a half hours, and I feel like I've just scratched the surface. However, I found, among other things:
    my way to the main target some fifteen minutes into the mission (retreated for now);
    a gas arrow on a parapet;
    a way beyond the locked portcullis near the start (although see below);
    a speed potion, and a way to gallantly jump down to a lady's balcony;
    the pagan artifact (and what a climb it was!)

    Some things have proved to be a mystery:
    the courtyard next to the start, with the butcher's place - neat, but it became a problem for an otherwise successful ghost run since I can't go up the lit passage without alerting the guard and I can't climb back up;
    in the thieves' hideout, a door is slightly ajar, but can't be opened - probably a blocked off area?

    I shall continue tomorrow.

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    This is awesome I had a little problem getting it to run though, after unzipping the NewDark 1.22 files into my Thief1/G directory I forgot to replace the Thief.exe with the new Thief2.exe and rename it back to Thief.exe. After I did that it is working fine!!

    Thanks Skacky: This looks amazing!!

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    Congratulations on the release, skacky! This was such a fun mission to test because it never got boring at all. Enjoy exploring everyone!

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    Location: Siberia, Russia
    Congrats on the release! Thank you, skacky

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    for some reason i cant get textues to work,nothing in inventory works,i had same problem with his last mission,was able to run around map but not interact with anything,most textures were black,so sad

    i got latest 1.22 also taffer patch and ofcourse i run the thief gold patch where my t-1 runs tg fan missions=that could be the problem

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