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Thread: T2 FM The Farm (12/12/2014)

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    According to my notes, you have to knock out the farmer before the bomb in the well - which you can't disable - explodes, and carry the farmer into the cellar. Do the same to Ida, who should be lying behind a bed and halfway in a secret passage in one of the rooms. Two bonus objectives should tick off. Save your game now, then lock yourself up in the cellar, and a cutscene should play. The large bomb in the well should have detonated after that.

    Now, grab all Healing and Speed Potions you can get in the cellar, then hurry out, race to the point where the mission began (the gate at the end of the path through the farm area), and snatch the medicine stored in a metal box. Grab the one behind the box as well, it's the one for Garrett himself.

    Be a fast doctor now and heal all diseased (including Ida, AFAIK, and most likely including Garrett as well) in five minutes. If you're too slow, archers will appear and perform their own, bloody solution to the problem by using fire arrows. Other killers will aid them. Anyway, once everything is done, Garrett has to hide in the cellar again - where he'll stay for about six months. Without a toilet... yuck!

    A feast is in progress. The newspaper in the large barn tells you what happened six months ago.

    Most likely, you also have to find Ida once again, who now has a hideout in the upper level of the ruined farmhouse. It's possible that you have to knock her out once again, and carry her out of the ruins, where she should free herself again. If the archers have killed all the diseased before, little Ida will run amok and slaughter almost all of the people here. A "bonus goal" will then tell you that you have just achieved the worst possible ending.

    Anyway, you can then collect everything of value you want before heading for the starting point again. Stay as far away as you can from the archer near the gate while passing by behing his back and slipping out through the gate. Depending on whether Garrett healed himself before or not,
    the woman there will say one of two possible sentences, and then the mission should end.

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    Danke dir, fibanocci hat mich auch schon per pm informiert
    Hast du das happy end schon mal versucht? Ist es dir gelungen? Ich muss es erst noch versuchen, aber Das Zeitlimit ist ja sehr eng

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    Yes, I once achieved the Happy end, but only after reading some tips from fibanocci. Most likely, they're available on TTLG.DE in the mission's thread. And even then, I needed several tries until I really did it.

    Of course, I also wanted to know what Evil Ida is capable of, so I checked out the super-bad ending as well.

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    Samantha where did you download this mission from? The links on the first post don't work, and thiefmissions doesn't have it.

    Never mind. I found it at TTLG.DE.
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