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Thread: Microsoft Hololens

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    We got one for the office a few days ago, only had a little time to play around with it yet. But I did spend an hour after work yesterday, after everyone else had left, playing the first case of crime-investigation game Fragments.

    Hololens Impressions

    Both the tracking(that is how well 3D objects stick to the real world) and the hand gestures work very well. Menu navigation is slick and I found the whole thing quite easy to use. Field of View is pretty limited, but not more so than any other AR glasses I've tried. It's easily adjustable in size, so it fits well on your head and feels stable, tho after an hour with it it was starting to get uncomfortable.


    This was good! Reminiscent of the crime scene investigations in Heavy Rain and LA Noire. Starts out quite hand-holdy, but quickly opens up and lets you do the actual detective work. It scans your environment and then builds up the crime scene using the walls, floors, and ceilings you've scanned in. In the video above some of the characters are sitting down but I didn't have any chairs in the room so everyone was just standing. Then, once you're in the investigation, you can jump between the crime scene, which you are seeing through some kinda computer-telepathy with the kidnapped boy, and the crime lab, where you can check clues you've found on the crime-computer. I actually ended up bringing a pen and notepad(physical, real-world pen and notepad, I should specify) to write things down on so I'd remember them later. Once I'd narrowed down the location of the suspect down I warped into the room with suspect and kidnapped boy, where I had to mark to location of the suspect and the padlock on the door, so the SWAT dude could shoot out the lock, jump into the room and then shoot the suspect. Once he'd fired the bullet the game went into slo-mo and I turned and watched as the bullet slowly flew past me straight into the badguy who EXPLODED INTO COMPUTER-GENERATED FRAGMENTS. Turned out he was some kinda HOLOGRAM! PLOT TWIST! The game doesn't stop there either, I gotta get back to it later and play the rest. Very entertaining.

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    not to brag, but... ok yeah totally to brag

    Skip to 1:55 in the video below to see glimpses of two of the Hololens apps I made this year.

    Maybe not super-impressive from the video alone, the video recording-resolution on the Hololens isn't as good as what you actually see in the headset, and also it usually ends up looking more jittery, and from a slightly offset perspective. ANYWAY, the first app displays fusegear and cable distribution cabinets and products. It was developed to be shown to visitors at a fair. The main input methods for Hololens are hand-gestures and voice, but since it usually takes a minute or two to get comfortable with those, we needed an even easier way of interacting with the app, that's why it's only using gaze-based input. That is, you look at stuff to interact with it. Turned out to work great. The second app is a bit more involved, it details replacement and maintenace procedures, overlaying animated 3D models over the actual real-world components.

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    Nah henke, that's really awesome. The possibilities for this tech are immense.

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    Pretty cool. Those computers you see in movies where they touch thin air can't be far behind. I liked the Google glasses too. That should have caught on.

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    Neato henke!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tocky View Post
    Pretty cool. Those computers you see in movies where they touch thin air can't be far behind. I liked the Google glasses too. That should have caught on.
    Free floating holograms of the type you see in Back to the Future are firmly in the realm of science fiction unfortunately. The holograms you see of Tupac on stage actually use an old mirror trick called Pepper's Ghost.

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