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Thread: Why the name change from "Ascension" to "Ascendant" ?

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    Why the name change from "Ascension" to "Ascendant" ?

    I'm curious (partly because the new name sounds more awkward to me).

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    Probably to make it stand out more and easier to search for. And to distance it from Ultima Ascension.
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    Right, I'd forgotten there was an Ultima game with that title. That's a pretty good reason.

    It actually makes it seem a little odd that "Ascension" was considered as a name for this in the first place. Maybe they were simply as forgetful as me.

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    Perhaps an element of trying to forget

    Their forums still refer to Underworld Ascension but I'm sure it's only a matter of time before they get round to changing them.

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    While I'm not bothered by them changing the title, I can't say that I'm all enamoured with the name to be honest.

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    Yeah, it does sound a little lame. It's not outright terrible exactly, but it doesn't really roll off the tongue or convey a clear idea. Hopefully it's just a working title.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadowcat View Post
    Why the name change from "Ascension" to "Ascendant" ?
    This is due to a legal issue regarding the use of "Ascension", in relation to "Ultima IX: Ascension".

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    It was Ascendant originally.

    As others have wondered, why the switch *to* Ascension, and then of course back to Ascendant.

    EDIT - I apologize Brethren, the link is fixed.
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    Just wait 'til they change the name from "Underworld" to "Andromeda".

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    Quote Originally Posted by Goldmoon Dawn View Post
    It was Ascendant originally.
    The game was announced back in July last year, at that time it was called Ascension. Or are you talking about years ago? Your link doesn't work, btw.

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    My link? It most certainly does work. It goes straight to the rpgcodex thread.

    Or go straight to the source...

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    The link doesn't work for me, it goes to a Facebook error page. I'm using Chrome.

    I don't think the fact that they trademarked "Underworld Ascendant" in 2013 necessarily means it was the original title for this game. They also trademarked "Rise of the Underworld" at the same time. They could have just been brainstorming for ideas and/or thinking ahead for sequels and the like.

    They didn't register the domain until December of 2014. They registered 5 months earlier, back in July, when the game was first announced.

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    Actually they changed the name of the game to give pedants with too much time on their hands something to fruitlessly squabble over.

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