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Thread: Thief Gold & Thief The Metal Age Soundtracks

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    Thief Gold & Thief The Metal Age Soundtracks

    Hey folks,

    I thought it was the best idea to open another thread after all since especially the links for my Thief Gold sound track are somewhere in the middle of said thread...

    Anyway, as promised I want to share with you my (the "official") compilation of ambient sounds a.k.a. Sound Track for both Thief Gold and Thief - The Metal Age as high quality fully tagged M4A files (256 kbit/s). The soundtrack for Thief 1 has been remastered and doesn't use simple resampling to recreate the high frequencies, but frequency shifting for a cleaner sound.


    The soundtracks come in two formats:
    Single Tracks
    One gapless audio file plus CUE sheet (for compatible players)

    Original sounds: Eric Brosius
    Sound track compilation: Child Of Karras a.k.a. JayB

    Have fun!
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    Thanks. Can you upload the source audio from the movies (without noise reduction and Garrett's voice)?
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    I could. But wouldn't it be easier if you just dropped the video files from the CD in Audition yourself? With me there was no trouble extracting the audio tracks by that method.

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    Thank you, this is great!

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