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Thread: Happy Anniversary, Thief. You suck.

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    Happy Anniversary, Thief. You suck.

    Happy Birthday or Anniversary (or whatever) to Thief 2014. It's been a rough year for you, so I can sympathize a bit. But you still suck.

    You're still 70% on Metacritic.

    And Steam still has the nerve to charge 30 bucks for ya.

    But you also showed up in the new Humble Bundle, so you can be had for less than 8 bucks.

    In all seriousness though - I wonder where (if anywhere) will Eidos take the Thief franchise? Maybe I should have made this into a poll.

    What does everything think? Should they just let it die, come up with a sequel, reboot again, sell the rights to OtherSide. What's best?

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    That would be sweet if OtherSide got the rights, then hired Dan Thron again.
    My world would be complete.

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    I don't really have faith in Square Enix and Eidos Montreal to make a good Thief game. I'm not sure they can even make a moderately complex open ended stealth game. I seriously hope they can change the skeptic in me with the next Deus Ex, but I'm not really so sure.

    That being said, I'm still looking forward to Hitman 6 though. Partly because of the letter, and partly because Square Enix seems to give free reign to IO Interactive, according to some people at the studio.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Random_Taffer View Post
    That would be sweet if OtherSide got the rights, then hired Dan Thron again.
    Well, they got lots of the other folks back. If this first game can get through, perhaps a rebirth proper could be in order.

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    As much as I love all 4 Thief games, even the 3 that aren't nearly as good as TDP/TG, I'm sick of sequels, prequels, franchises, spiritual sequels, etc. I'm sick of them to the point that I'm not as excited about the new Underworld as I should be (I'm excited about the team, less so about the game - would be more excited if they were developing an original property or Deep Cover or something). I think there are some genuinely talented people at EM who want to make good games; I wish Squeenix would let them do their own thing and see what happens.

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    I would like them to give this new thief another go, now that they have some fan feedback to go with. As much hate as it gets (and most of it deserved) I think there were some good elements added as well…

    I would like them to retain the new engine, the swooping, the open city / shop element - but lose the contrived action sequences. I would like the levels to be more open so that you can always go back to the beginning, even when you are at the very end.

    But most importantly, I would like them to bring back the elements that made the original so good - the factions. Explain why the hammerites, keepers, and pagans vanished, and maybe have a new story that tells of how those orders are coming back into power again. Garrett was at his best when he was constantly playing one side against the other… helpful to all, but loyal to none… this new "independent brooding" Garrett is BEYOND boring.

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    Happy belated birthday, you Taffer !

    From story-perspective the game was pretty much born in a burial gawn.
    It would have been good to have an acceptable story development with some climax that you are heading to wards instead of
    coming across the Thief Taker General totally unexpected and getting rid of him in the very same room.
    And you did not even get close to the Baron at all. He just dropped dead.
    Nevertheless I enjoyed the gameplay in general once I had accepted that I should better forget what I know about the first 3 parts.
    Looking forward to replay it!
    But no sooner than I own a system that doesn't overheat even on the lowest possible settings on lowest possible resolution.
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    Nothing to celebrate about this anniversary. Sorry.

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