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Thread: Stilt Fella :D

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    Ah, new StiltFella features... All is right in the world again.

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    Weeklong -25% sale just started!

    Still tweaking a few things for the update, will release it on Friday.

    Quote Originally Posted by Al_B View Post
    How long until "FellaVision" supports VR mode?
    Heh, I get that question a lot, but no, ain't gonna happen. I know I say this every time a big new Stilt Fella update comes out, but after this I'm DEFINITELY DONE with this game. Except console versions that is, but I'll have someone else handle those.

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    It has to be said: that's one fine birthday trailer, henke.

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    I hadn't played the release version of Stilt Fella since I bought it a while back, and I came to say that now I have, and it is very good. The only prior time I played it was the version, and I used a keyboard. This time, with a proper controller on Steam, I think I felt how you're supposed to feel... on stilts.

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    Thanks guys!

    Well today's the big day. My lil fella is turning 1 years old! And the update is OUT!


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    One year old! Wow, it only seems like 12 months ago that you released this.

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