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Thread: Object Repository

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    Quote Originally Posted by gamophyte View Post
    You've been around long enough to know to be more specific than that. If you want, use the readme in the zip and tell us precisely where the breakdown is.
    in the moment you try to add the object in dromed it fails, instead it appears this familiar edge shape form, i've edited the model in blender, and i was able to finally have the candle, but there was still flaws in the model, as on can see invisible parts in the object.

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    So the readme also says there is a new version, though I don't know where it is, or what it addresses. And for this instance I'm not sure what " instead it appears this familiar edge shape form" means.

    If you have edited the object in blender, I can't offer any assistance there. If you can see through the object, that reminds me of when the "face" of the polygons were reversed. But can't be too sure.

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