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Thread: TDS vs NuThief...Fight!

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    TDS vs NuThief...Fight!

    It's a battle for 3rd place, as the community makes the case for the last two contenders.

    So which one will claim the bronze?...Will it be the controversial Deadly Shadows?...or will the infamous NuThief claw its way up the totem poll, and leave TDS wanting.

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    Deadly Shadows, of course. I'd be very surprised if most people didn't pick it over the reboot.

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    Why does this thread even exist? Because we all know Deadly Shadows will be widely preferred by the vast majority of Thief fans alone, simply because its set in the same world and continuity as the Dark Project and the Metal Age. But if you really want a list of reasons as to why I prefer Deadly Shadows more, here it is:

    -The story is much better written(revolving around a traitor within the Keepers that gradually builds up as the game moves along), ultimately leading to a satisfying conclusion to Classic Garrett's narrative arc.
    -The characters are a lot more likable and/or interesting, which is also thanks in no small part to the writing quality and the performances of the actors in question.
    -The setting(much like the Dark Project and the Metal Age), is a lot more original with plenty of fantastical and magical elements that helps add a greater air of mystery to the world(that the reboot continuity simply lacks).
    -Gameplay is a lot more fun/varied and isn't as forcibly scripted as the reboot is.
    -Deadly Shadows has more colour variety in its environments, unlike the reboot with its standard AAA game colour palette of brown, grey, black, blue and orange.
    -The enemy designs are a lot more imaginative in Deadly Shadows, in comparison to the reboot's generic selection of zombies, caged dogs/birds and cult members/guards.

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    lol fanbois

    Sorry folks but for me, NuThief wins. Even though Deadly Shadows has a much better storyline and level design, and on top of that animated cutscenes in a video game, Thief 4 has a detailed free-roam system that you can replay maps any way you like without using cheats and debug menus and on top of that there's much more gameplay details like upgrades, focus upgrades, weapon upgrades, trinkets and resources than there ever was back in Thief 3, which only had about 6 items which half of them were useless since there are arrows with the same effect and 6 arrow types and two main weapons with one of them almost never used and you can guess what weapon it is.

    In Thief 4 everything can be so customized it's nearly out of limits except the absolutely abysmal level design that unfortunately cannot be customized and neither the soundtrack as well without circumvention which sucks Mike Bay balls. I turn off all the HUD in that game so it feels real and put on some good The Dark Mod and CoSaS music running and you'll forget you're playing a stealth version of Mirror's Edge and instead i feel like i'm playing CoSaS again but in really high definition steroids.

    In any case, Thief 4 is much better than Thief 3. And i'm comparing the vanilla versions, not modded versions like Thief 3 Gold which is naturally unfair since one day Thief 4 can also be modded the same way one day. And people once said that modding in Thief 3 was impossible.

    I feel like i'm
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gabriel Loup View Post
    I feel like i'm
    I feel like i'm...??

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    Having played all thiefs, recently i played the 4 on a cousins xbox and ohhh the graphics. The beggining was a bit weird, but enjoyed it nonetheless. Want to play it so bad.....

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    I don't like Deadly Shadows for technical problems and general design cuts but still it is TTLG Thief game. New Thief is absolutely another game inspired by old Thief. IMO it is epic fail due to plot inconstency and stupid cliches, otherwise it could be quite good but it can't reach old game level

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    Quote Originally Posted by Durinda D'Bry View Post
    I don't like Deadly Shadows for technical problems and general design cuts but still it is TTLG Thief game.
    There you go confusing TTLG with Mastertronic again.

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    For me: Thief: Deadly Shadows
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    In terms of just pure gameplay I actually think Thief 2014 wins. But Deadly Shadows simply has a far more interesting story, characters, and just better writing in general. Much better visual design too, as a couple of people above me have already gone into. I'm also more invested in Deadly Shadows, because of the events of the first two games.

    Overall I'd have to go with Deadly Shadows.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gabriel Loup View Post

    In any case, Thief 4 is much better than Thief 3. And i'm comparing the vanilla versions, not modded versions like Thief 3 Gold which is naturally unfair since one day Thief 4 can also be modded the same way one day. And people once said that modding in Thief 3 was impossible.
    Modding Thief 3 was possible practically from day 1. Config files were left open for us, and some crafty people were able to whip up apps to replace sounds and graphics fairly quickly.

    Building new levels was definitely impossible, due to the lack of a level editor. Without T3Ed, people would not have been able to construct new missions or stitch together the original missions into single maps.

    Thief 2014 had a couple of minor mods, one removed the smog around the edge of the screen, but each new patch Eidos released would cause the mods to stop working. Unless Eidos suddenly decides to support the community by releasing the Thief 2014 level editor, then it will never be possible to do the level of work done on Thief 3.

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    Very true, my friend...and of course, there will never be a NuThief editor, due to EM/SE's callous disregard of the community.

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    It's not only that, at the German Games Convention 2013 I was told that with a lot of the maps consisting of large 3D objects made with external software, people could just as well take any editor and make things on their own. It is much less a construction kit approach like with T3Ed or even more DromEd.

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    I think Thief4 looks better, but TDS wins on everything else. Or maybe "win" isn't the right word, but it beats T4 anyway.

    In any event, the real spiritual successor is Dishonored, which has both beat to a pulp.

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    I haven't yet played Thief 4, but once I got the Sneaky Upgrade to work properly (it didn't at first due to user stupidity), I'd happily call TDS a worthy successor to the first two games. I'm still no fan of the city interludes - they're far too limited for what they're aiming at - but if you just look at the regular levels, they're generally very good and contain some of the series' high points.

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    I prefer TDS to Dishonored. It's the writing. I like writing. Dishonored has no verve in that department. I mean can you actually recall any of the dialogue in it? There's nothing to hold a candle to the zombie conversation in TDS. Or the drunk owl guard.

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    Dishonored is kind of a mixed bag for me. Some of the worldbuilding stuff is not too shabby and I thought the DLCs were overall pretty good, actually. And the main game has Granny Rags, at least. But a lot of the rest of it can be outright bad and/or boring, such as pretty much all the Outsider stuff.

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    Gonna go with TDS. As we've clearly seen in Thief 1-2, graphics don't make the game, level design, interesting narrative, solid gameplay, and a nice story do. Most of which, is lacking badly in Thief 4. In fact, Thief 4 almost feels like a direct ripoff in some levels. Moira Asylum for instance, was a cheap jab to try and recreate the haunting atmosphere of the cradle. It failed horrendously, using classy jump scares instead of creating a decent atmosphere. And that really goes for most of the levels. Thief TDS, really nails the levels design, moving from places that favor the steampunk flavor of the previous titles, to completely unique and different areas. The game is a bit buggy, i'll admit but there's a fix for that, and thats the only thing I ever saw wrong with the game. So in synopsis, Thief 3 is all around a better game.

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    Basically, Deadly Shadows is the third game, while TEEF is the turd game.

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    Something about dishonored fell flat for me. I should like it. Whale-oil-punk is such a cool idea! But something about the jolly art style use for an absurdly dark story just mixed like oil and water for me and I couldn't get into it despite enjoying the core gameplay and the thief references.

    P.s. Dishonored's art style reminds me of team fortress 2.

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    As terrible as TDS was in many aspects, it did one thing right: giving me a beautifuld round-a-round ending to the first two parts.
    So all is forgiven.

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    It took me a long time to collect enough Steam Trading Cards to afford Thi4f so I wouldn't have to waste a single cent getting it, and it also took me a while to see every flaw the game has to offer, but my Steam review of it is finally complete! Well... not really "complete" per se, because of the 8000 character limit. I was planning on listing everything that is wrong with it, but I had to get rid of the more subjective parts to get the review to fall under the character limit. So no mention of taffing around with the lore or making characters nonsensical.

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    That looks wonderful. And damn, what a list. A list of fail. I will enjoy it.

    If I wasn't so lazy I would compile one about TDS to compare (though I doubt heavily it would be nearly as long) but here should already exist one?

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    considering a bunch of that list is self imposed nitpicking (there are some valid points, but most is just complaining about non issues and some are even flat out wrong) i could easily fashion a similar one for TDS

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheDuriel View Post
    there are some valid points, but most is just complaining about non issues and some are even flat out wrong
    I appreciate constructive criticism. Which parts are wrong? I can amend the review to change those parts. And there is no "nitpicking" -because even the small things I mention are things that are worse than their equivalents in the previous games. As far as I'm concerned, there is absolutely no excuse for any part of a game with a AAA budget and 6 year development cycle to have aspects about it that are not as good as a previous installment from 1998.

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