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Thread: Post-Kickstarter funding

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    Post-Kickstarter funding

    It's now been more than a month since the Kickstarter campaign ending, and the way how the fund-raising has been going after that has been quite a disappointment to me. Now, I obviously wasn't expecting the activity to be anywhere near what it was during the Kickstarter campaign, but the drop in interest has still been way bigger than I expected.

    During one month on Kickstarter they managed to raise about $860,000, which is a nice sum of money, but ever since it ended they've only managed to raise a little more than $20,000 (according to the counter on the official website). That can't be many pledges per day. The rewards are still the same (I think?) for the PayPal pledgers and the stretch goals are still there too, so I'm a bit surprised and sad to see the current progress. I was hoping that we'd get somewhere closer to the one million dollar...

    ... mark and closer to the more interesting stretch goals, but all that seems like a distant dream right now. OtherSide's PR and marketing guys and girls still have a lot of work to do, but hopefully they'll get some more publicity and new pledgers soon enough. Oh well, at least there's still plenty of time left and I'm confident that they can deliver even with the current funding, but a little extra funding obviously couldn't hurt.

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    As far as existing backers are concerned, we were sent an email advising us not to try and up our pledges until the backer survey was ready:
    While we know many of our existing backers will wish to up their pledges over the coming months, please do not do so until the backerkit survey has gone out.
    Given that this only went out last week I'm not surprised that were few persons wanting to donate without getting anything directly in return for it. As for everyone else, there has been almost zero publicity since the campaign ended and it is difficult to know how much interest there would be for a sequel to a game that many people only know by name.

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    Last I checked the localization stretch goal was down to 10k off. Been slowly chipped away at. I think they could have made notice of the pledges page alot better which would have brought in more $$$ quicker. Can't say that localization interests me that much but the stretch goal after that of a new area does. More content always welcome.

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    Localisation is really important -- it greatly expands the audience for the game, and the more paying customers Otherside can reach, the more chance they'll make a healthy profit and continue to be able to bring us games like this.

    So although the original language is all I'll be using, I'll be excited to see them pass that goal.

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    And that goal was met a few days ago. Now onto the next one. I have low expectations of that one being met, considering how long it took for localization to get the $$$ it needed.

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    Well, they are getting ready to show some more polished prototypes soon*, from what I gather, so there might be more interest after that. Right now people aren't really talking about the project, but that might result in a fresh batch of articles and threads in forums.

    * September...ish, maybe.
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    I think they need to bring far more attention to their funding pages. That way they`d get far more in the way of $$$.

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