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Thread: Thief FM NewDark fixes repository

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    Thief FM NewDark fixes repository

    The topic with the FM NewDark compatibility reports is starting to get long and messy, and it would be nice to have all the fixes readily available at one place (stickied if possible, and maybe locked to keep the discussion in the original topic), so;

    Thief FM NewDark fixes repository

    The DML fixes assume a TFixed T1/TG install. They may, or may not work properly outside the TFix environment (pretty sure Calendra will be busted without the updated scripts, for example).

    How to install:

    download the archive with the same name as your FM and extract it into its root folder (found in the FMs folder). restart the current mission to make sure everything loads properly.

    Legal stuff: there were some heated discussions going on around the forums whether it's legal for random people to fix up, modify and redistribute FM files/packages, so (setting aside my personal opinion that preserving culture comes first, and protecting intellectual property last, especially if we are talking about abandonware) allow me to clarify - all the fixes in the repository are DML based, that means they are basically just instruction sets in text files that tell the engine what to do (or not do). so the question of whether distribution of fixed and modified FM content is legal or not is completely irrelevant, as no FM content is getting modified or redistributed in any way. if adding (text) files to the game folder(s) is illegal on your planet, then you are not allowed to run the FMs as well, and also use patches, updates and texture packs etc (as technically, by doing that, you are changing files in your Thief install). so anyone wearing the shiny armor of intellectual property protection is advised to go sparkle elsewhere.
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