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Thread: T2 FM - Castle Michele (16 May 2015)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lucky Hand of Glory View Post
    Did not find evidence; only found 3 special jewelry.
    The evidence consists of the 3 diaries. Reading all three completes the objective and introduces a new one.

    Hidden Jewelry Locations

    1. One piece in kitchen.
    2. One piece in elevator shaft.
    3. One piece in 2nd floor bathroom.
    4. One piece in 2nd floor hallway.
    5. One piece in Robert's bedroom (rooftop)

    OH, NO! I forgot to wrap those in spoiler tags. Too late...I already hit Submit Reply.

    Also, servant quarter book cannot be fobbed. Basement loot cellar book also not readable.
    They are decoration only.

    First time, I blackjacked the servant, second time killed her with sword, 3rd time I blackjacked her, then drown her in the hot tub on top floor.
    Her diary mentions her hatred of spiders. Once you BJ her, hump her to the caves via the north side of the frozen moat and drop her into the invested cave.

    Getting up ledges at beginning in the snow forest was unusually hard, unless you make a running start.
    Turn on new_mantle, found in your cam_ext.cfg.

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    Thanks Ricebug, that was an awesome little mission!

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    I just downloaded it. Thanks.
    It will have to wait for a while due to testing another wonderful mission.
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    i have found a key in Robet's Room but can't find its lock, and how do i get his wealth?

    How can i make Belinda repay for the misery she has caused?~

    Nevermind, found the solutions in youtube Fenphenix

    I loved the Castle of this mission and the winter atmosphere, Great job guys !
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    Can't wait to play another mission from Terry...... Looks awesome.

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    Good Mission Terry, I really enjoyed it. I will admit, I had to look for a little help in solving.

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    Finished in 37 minutes, 5 (that's five) loot short. Writing this post to report something strange - Belinda's diary was in French!*

    * I'm serious! All other readables were definitely in English. Also when choosing difficulty I couldn't see text, i.e. "easy/hard/expert", just plain black space (clicking on it worked though). I have EP installed but I tried turning it on and off and didn't notice any difference in the mission. Running with Darkloader.

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    Just checked, and you're right, the diary is definitely in French. Strange. I'll fix it and re-upload.

    There's only one difficulty level, which is why those fields are blank.

    OK. It's fixed.
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    Great little mission Terry.
    I finished with just a loss of 5 loot.

    There're angels who playThief and angels who don't ........ both go to heaven ............
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    Can't leave the house

    I onlay can walk through the 3 rooms of the beginning.
    I renamed already ep.crf and ep2. crf too.
    And yes, I have version 1.23 of thief.

    I think, that the door must be frobbable (the metal on , not the two wooden doors)
    but there is noch change in den look if I come nearer.

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    Did you read the scrolls in the living room?
    Did you touch the really hot cup of coffee on the stove?

    If so, look on the floor by the front door.

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    Stuck - I "read" the woman's diary (it's not in French anymore, but it does get cut off). I placed it on Robert's desk, but I still don't know how to find evidence of Basso's claims (which, at this point, I can't even remember what they are). What's next? I've been to the cavern below, and grabbed a bunch of loot (even though there's not loot requirement, odd), but I didn't find anything else to do down there.

    Nevermind - I found the journal in the room with the piano, missed it before. That explains the loot in the caverns as well.
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    Reading the 3 diaries completes the objective to find evidence of Basso's claims.

    The beta team and I went back-and-forth on the loot goal. Rather than have the tried-and-true, "Grab 1500 loot," I opted for a more organic "put Robert in the poor house." The mission was rather small and so I wanted to let the player think out of the box.

    Guess I'll have to update the mission to fix that pagination problem. Sigh...

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    OK, I've fixed the pagination issue. Refer to the OP if you want to D/L it again.

    Hosts, I've updated the OP for you guys, also. Can you update the mission file on your servers? Thanx!

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    Great mission Ricebug (and company). I really enjoyed the stark contrast of the harsh cold outside to the warm coziness inside the castle. Ended the mission on Expert in 40 minutes with 100% loot and all jewelry pieces. Getting payback on Belinda was very satisfying! I did find a handful of rats floating above the pit like previously mentioned. Are there any plans to correct that? Was there originally something planned for Annie's plate, cup, and bowl? I find it odd it's specifically labelled, but I couldn't find anything to do with it.

    *Unrelated side note*
    Why don't people just use a separate install for fan missions? I typically have 3 for TG and TMA.
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    The idea for putting screen text for Annie's bowl, cup and plate was to reinforce the notion that she had been artificially separated and abandoned, thanks to Belinda's machinations. Robert was blind to all of this, of course.

    First time I was aware of the floating rat problem. The model has no Location/Rotation values, but I'm not sure that assigning them would do anything.

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    Finally got around to playing this mission and finishing it. It was a decent mission overall, with some bad adventure game logic and some tedious exploration being a bit of a downer. The strongest part of this mission is pretty much its presentation and the atmosphere of the castle and its surrounding areas. Honestly, I won't be surprised if this turns out to be one of the best looking fan missions of this year, even if it may not be the largest.

    On to parts I didn't like. I thought the doll and Belinda's diary were too well hidden. The initial path where you had to dodge the ice monsters felt pointless, because it was pretty easy to avoid them and there were long stretches where all I had to do was run straight and maybe step sideways into darker areas. Carrying Belinda all the way from her room to the underground passage from the castle's moat was also too slow for my taste.

    But besides that, it was enjoyable, and I liked how everything looked.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dev_Anj View Post
    Carrying Belinda all the way from her room to the underground passage from the castle's moat was also too slow for my taste.
    There's an old T2 mission, forgotten now. But it was HUGE. A luxury ship with some docks. IIRC, you had to carry someone through this massive mission. A real PITA. I swore if I ever made an FM, I'd never force the player to suffer like that.

    Figuring out what to do with the maid was a problem we saw early on in development. I didn't want to just have Garrett kill her in her room. Too pedestrian and not to a lot of players' tastes. She HAD to be punished and it HAD to be poetic.

    The whole mission was built and there was no story line or AI. Once we had a story, it had to be crammed in there somehow.

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    Can somebody tell me...WHERE IS THE DOLL???

    I have that left do do...but cannot find it for the life of me!

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    Where you've found Belinda's Diary, look under the desk

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    Thank you!

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    Where's the Key?

    To the door under the moat? I'm guessing that door leads to the castle. There's a pit with a bunch of rats and spiders that I finally got over, but how do I get through the frobbable door after that? Lock picks won't work!

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    The key to that door is in the bathroom in the castle.

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    Thanks Terry & Xorak! Had fun with this FM! Great graphics and I liked the storyline. Thanks again!

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    my one complaint is that there were no flares to get into the cave which is impossible to go through without hurting yourself! and it takes too long to wander around... other then that the castle is fab and would be great as another mission with a different setting!

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