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Thread: Million Units Contest Screenshots

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    Million Units Contest Screenshots

    Here's a collection of some screenshots from works in progress for the contest. If any authors would like me to add screens to this thread, either just post them or send them to me (PM/Discord) and I'll post them anonymously.

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    Canít believe I am this hyped about fan missions for a 20 years old game but here we are.

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    These all look absolutely amazing! Looking forward to contributing my own and seeing more from others

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    wow those are amazing screen shots

    1st screen shot i love the moon/sky

    2nd screen shot omg a amazing lantern

    3rd screen shot i love how each building is differnt

    4th and 8th screenshot been a long time since i seen a ship and mechinest woohoo

    5th screen shot i love lost city textures alot=exploration :P

    6th screen shot omg i love the art pieces cant wait to look at them all

    7th screen shot ready my bow/sword i got to kill some spiders :P

    9th screen shot is that a fireplace on right that om picture is very nice

    10th screen shot omg i see that tile floor/crouch and tap gentle forward with blackjack at the ready with lean forward at the tip of my finger :P

    11th screen shot massive fan of windows

    12th screen shot the city looks almost barable from here,love the textures also, the fresh air/hope there is a healing fruit in that vine plant :P
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    There's some seriously good work in these shots. Nice job!

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    L'architecte de Rocksbourg
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    Awesome stuff!

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    WOW! I feel truly excited (nearly like I was 12 years old) and each and every screenshot looks very promising to me! Various moods and unique styles are presented here, all in a compact size world, this will be Thief at its best!! Keep up the good work!

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    WOW to be honest, when brethren told me about his contest idea I was like "meeehhh...let people finish's too early bla bla bla"...but now that I see those amazing screenshotst...I'm really looking forward to this.thanks to everybody who's creating missions for this contest, can't wait

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    just stunning, some of these scenes are better than anything I have seen in TDM so far, well done map authors!

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    Here's a couple from me:

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    All looks great! Feel like a kid at Christmas looking these over. Wife said the same thing Username mentioned. Hard to believe a 20 year old game can look this good. A real testament to the work and care the Thief community has put towards this series.

    Since I'm not versed in Dromed, what's the measurement in "million units" referencing?

    Is there a rough ETA for when this contest will be posted?
    Hopefully not before I upgrade to an OLED tv!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Corsair View Post
    Hopefully not before I upgrade to an OLED tv!
    Don't worry: we'll gladly wait until you update. Why not?

    31st of December

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    Quote Originally Posted by Corsair View Post
    Since I'm not versed in Dromed, what's the measurement in "million units" referencing?
    A unit in Dromed is very roughly analogous to a foot. So about a million cubic feet. If you've played any old contest missions such as Small Stock Resource, or KOMAG's ones, it's about twice as much space as those.

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    These autumnal missions literally make me scream from excitement. I can already feel the rustling of the leaves beneath Garrett's feet. I agree with downwinder, his analysis was overwhelmingly accurate and I hope that at least one author will put a (frobbable!) dewdrop to their mission. Good luck to all mission makers, you are true Keepers of Thief who keep this game alive. May the Builder bless you.

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    The screenshots show impressive places, well worked , I see we're going to have a contest filled with high quality missions. I can't wait for this.

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    Looks Great, nicked!
    I dont think i need more anonymity for this Contest.

    Here are my Work for the Contest.

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    Some truly awe-inspiring work on display here!

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    These all look great! Looking forward to everyone's submissions!

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    Ooh, such a delicious mix of screenies. Very good work going on there. I too am very much looking forward to getting my tap shoes on to go pilfering in the dark. Great job so far everyone involved

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    Quote Originally Posted by -Terra- View Post
    I'm pretty sure I've seen him in my sleep a couple of times. We seem to be on somewhat a first-name basis by now.

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    I'm looking forward to it These screenshots look incredible!

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