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Thread: T1/TG Walkthroughs

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    Excellent collections! I'm going back through old missions & realizing just how much I've forgotten. Thank you for all your hard work!

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    Updated All T1/TG walkthroughs:

    A few number of new maps included and all lootlists have been amended to make all loot items names the correct Dromed nomenclature to make them consistent with the T2 lootlists.

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    This is Awesome, fortuni. Thanks for your work.

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    Could a moderator sticky this post, so it does not become hard to find?

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    We can't sticky every thread as it gets far too congested at the top of the forum. When looking for something like this, please check the Thief Fan Missions Information Links thread at the top of the forum. You'll usually find what you need in there.

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    Thanks, fortuni!

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