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Thread: My T2 Mission Donations

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    My T2 Mission Donations

    For years to come, all my free time must be fully dedicated to another project, so the T2 missions I was working on will be delayed indefinitely (and I will most likely never finish them), so instead of just seeing them waste away and gather dust, I'd rather donate them in the hopes of someone else wanting to use them as a base or inspiration for their own mission (so long as they credit me as the original creator):
    • Cave complex
      This has the terrain I am most satisfied with, but it might be hell to room brush properly.
    • City
      This is the one closest to being finished, but it still needs a lot of work (loot, AI, objectives, (auto-)map etc...) and you probably will want to retexture everything. Some extras included.
    • Monastery/Library/3D-maze
      This one is very confusing to navigate in, but with the right navigation aid, I think it could be turned into something worth playing.

    The main focus is on terrain. Mainly stock resources and no custom resources to speak of. More info in the included readme in each zip.

    I forgot to add that the files are provided mainly as they were when I stopped working on them a couple of years ago.
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    Thank you for the donations, qolelis! I'm sorry to see you stop dromeding, but I'm relieved to hear that it's because you'll be working on another project and not due to something dire. Good luck on this new endeavor, whatever it is.

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    Thanks for the well-wishes!

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    These maps are fantastic, I love those caves!
    Best of luck, qolelis.

    Spot on, Chris.

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    Good luck with whatever is taking all your time. I hope it works well for you. We'll miss you, so do drop by every now and then to say hi, OK?

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    Thank you, I will probably stop by every once in a while to check what you lot are up to (and maybe even post an update myself when the time is right). I really wish I could have finished what I started, but I know myself well enough by now to know that that wouldn't work. I will miss DromEd, she's been an interesting companion over the years.

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    Just out of curiosity, what is your new project? Is it game related? I'm guessing it's not work related because you mentioned it taking up your "free time."

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    It's work related, but that's all I can say at the moment.

    I wouldn't have minded continuing with these projects, because, to be honest, I still love the idea of working with this twitchy dame called DromEd, and there's no shortage of ideas, but, as it is, it just can't be combined with the kind of work in front and ahead of me.

    I'm glad you like them and thanks.

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    Hi Oh Unpronounceable One

    Your contributions here have been amazing. Your fans here will never forget you. Wishing you great success in your work project!

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    This is starting to sound an awful lot like a eulogy, but thanks.

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