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Thread: Help with walking too fast

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    Help with walking too fast

    I made a minor discovery, recently I was plagued with the walking too fast issue. I downloaded a program called (Wise Care 365) the free version and after running the registry cleaner system cleaner and registry defrag. I have a normal game again. 10 minutes and fixed! I hope this works for everyone

    I am running 10-64 on a rather old pc. I built 7 years ago. AMD 555 processor, AMD 5700 graphics card and HD 250 Gb velociraptor drive.

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    Did the program require you to reboot after running the cleaner? From what I understood the walking speed problem was related to the length of time the system had been running - rebooting would fix it. Not wanting to dismiss the utility but it's worth considering if it was a solution in itself.

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    I would recommend using Arx Libertatis in any case -- among other things, I believe the movement speed bugs have been properly fixed there.

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