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Thread: SYSTEM SHOCK 3 - It's happening!

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    I prefer Shock gaming on this nice big 27" Dell u2711 screen I have, sure it's 5+ years old now, but it grants a great picture. I'll keep my eye on VR though.

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    I also liked the cyberspace segments. Added to that tension of feeling extremely vulnerable in the beginning of the game & all throughout the rest. That last boss fight in cyberspace was always a defining moment in System Shock for me. All the weapons & ammo you amassed throughout the game meant nothing against shodan as you had to fight her on her turf. I still love every moment of it.

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    The final SHODAN battle was about 30 seconds of flailing around while clicking like mad. It was almost more a denouement than a climax.

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    Terri Brosius is confirmed. Let's hope her husband isn't far behind.

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    That'd be a fine juletide gift for everyone!

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