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Thread: SYSTEM SHOCK 3 - It's happening!

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    Hell, even Underworld Ascendant has aspects that are pretty damn great. The sound design, the atmosphere, the spell system, for example. Had they had the money to add factions and NPCs and all the things they had to cut, the whole thing would have turned out very different.

    And, btw, Update 3 is still coming and there's talk of an update 4 to fix more things and maybe add a few NPCs, even, resources permitting. The game is in a much different state than it was at launch. The AI is much less braindead, it's less buggy and crash-prone, there's a central staircase now that you can use instead of portals, so the world is a much more cohesive whole, etc.

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    Yeah I think UA mainly suffered from being too ambitious for it's budget, just like tons of immsims* (Stalker, Vtmb, Alpha Protocol). Rather than blame management I think we can thank them for keeping development going for 2 months after the publisher money ran out, and even after release. The management at lots of developers would've cut their losses and ran much earlier.

    *using the term very loosely, let's not get into an argument about what constitues an immsim again.

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    So back when they'd be sending out the KS updates about the games development, I recall reading that they were going to have reactive systems in there. Like X action = this change in how a race / faction behaves etc. Is that in there?

    For example, a quick search on their KS page brought up this update went into it a bit (under "A Dynamic, changing world").

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    Not really. You have a standing with the factions and what you do can influence it, but there are no factions in the game, effectively.

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    Quote Originally Posted by henke View Post
    Yeah I think UA mainly suffered from being too ambitious for it's budget, just like tons of immsims* (Stalker, Vtmb, Alpha Protocol).
    Stalker turned out to be great nevertheless. I love it even riddled with all those bugs from the vanilla version. And the Stalker mod community is probably one of the greatest I've seen. Stuff like Lost Alpha or OGSE are amazing.

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