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Thread: SYSTEM SHOCK 3 - It's happening!

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    Yes, she says, "I re-examined my priorities", a clear departure from the clinical third person narration. Also, contrast with the first announcement she makes in the game where she has not a shred of her new personality and no hint of self-awareness. The difference between the XERXES-like SHODAN in charge of running the station and the SHODAN that was unleashed is pretty obvious to me, at least.

    As for inventions, she was making nothing on the scale she made after her transformation (new life forms, altering reality), or else it would have been big news. Also, there is nothing to indicate that she was in charge of any projects, at least nothing that indicates the capabilities of a self-aware AI. In fact, the wiki says she was
    designed as a semi-intelligent self-sufficient data network, which could carry out routine duties aboard space stations, guided by an intricate series of logic and moral programs, and a personality that would allow her to challenge station decisions that affected her functions. The guidance software had security platforms so that SHODAN's own programming protected her self-governing capabilities.
    Stop being so kneejerk about perfectly reasonable inferences.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JosiahJack View Post
    Kind of wierd with the timing though. 2085 is before 2114 of SS2, so this is SS1.5 instead of 3, not an actual sequel? I hope that part is just a backflash chapter or something and we actually get to see what happens with SHOBecca.
    Yeah, I was wondering the same thing especially since early interviews with Spector stated that SS3 would be a direct sequel involving all the survivors from the previous two games.

    Here is the article I'm referencing for those who may have missed out on it.

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    Well SHODAN stands for Sentient Hyper-Optimised Data Access Network, the 'sentient' part does rather suggest she's already self-aware.


    That said, there's nothing to suggest she was doing anything than maintaining station operations, and certainly not developing weapons technology or virii as that would have been against her ethical restraints, which, presumably, would have been about prioritising the preservation of human life.

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    Most animals are sentient, but very few are self-aware to the point that they can pass the mirror test.

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