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Thread: 72 Hour Build Contest Contest Entries Released

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    72 Hour Build Contest Contest Entries Released

    So, we have four entries for the 72 hour build contest, they are as follows:

    The Swindle Job, by Sevenrocks. Update: This version has been updated to version 1.1.
    Vanishing Point, by anonymous.
    The Wooden Box, by Dire Page. The author requests all players read the included readme file carefully. Also, this mission requires scripts from this file: woodenbox_Scripts. Extract its contents into your main Thief 2 directory.
    Dirty Money by anonymous. NEW, Dec 20th.

    There should be one more entry coming later this week. If anyone else is close to finishing, let me know and we can add you too. The 72 hour limit still stands though.

    Have fun...

    Edit - Added a late entry (Dirty Money), see above...
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    Congrats to all the authors Really looking forward to playing them all
    Design your Dreams

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    The Swindle Job crashes after the loadout screen for me. No matter if I use DarkLoader or FMsel

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    Quote Originally Posted by FenPhoenix View Post
    The Swindle Job crashes after the loadout screen for me. No matter if I use DarkLoader or FMsel
    Crashes for me too.

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    No crashes for me here. Weird. What could be causing it?

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    Crash for me too. I though it was because of the dark.cfg but it still crashing.

    I hope the author will fix this quickly


    This is very strange... I just opened the mission with Dromed to find out what is wrong. The mission is not too complex in matter of visual or cells and Dromed succeed in opening it. So it is not the fault of the machine in matter of particles or graphics.
    But It is impossible to launch the game without crashing

    I don't know what the author did in this mission but I suggest him/her to check if all the files are present, if there are no abusive use of stimulis somewhere, or looping trap. I suspect a "memory problem" because such problem make many computer crashing and it is easy to make it happening with Dromed if the author is not enough cautious.

    Of course we can see the overall of the mission with dromed that may allow to vote correctly but it is better to discover the mission with a single run!

    If hope this report and suggestions will help this anonymous author ^^'
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    Looks like I found the problem, the author forgot to unload unused textures by accident. Will ask him/her to fix.

    Well, that wasn't it. However, the crash log says this:

    Brush 355 (face 7)
    Brush 355 (face 6)
    Brush 354 (face 4)
    Brush 354 (face 4)
    Brush 114 (face 4)
    Brush 150 (face 4)
    Brush 354 (face 3)
    Brush 355 (face 5)
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    Hmm, have to admit that I hadn't actually fired up any of these missions before starting this thread. But I just started Swindle with no issues. Running 1.23 here with FMSel. I took a look at the contents of the zip, and on the surface it looks OK.

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    DromEd Archmage
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    Dumb question : Is this mission really made for T2? Not TG? And about Mods? Did the author used a mod to create this mission?


    Before crashing dromed mono send a message Error about falind loading cloud texture then I removed the celestial, clouds and distant art and BINGO!

    Dear Author: Remove all your clouds, distantart and celestial and change them with something else as original game texture and then your mission crash no more!
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    It shows up in Darkloader as a Thief 2 mission, so it should be made for it. Why would mods used to make it not be bundled with it?

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    Well... if anything, this whole episode shows that even with New Dark, Dromed can *&^% your work up in the most unimaginable ways possible! I'll ask him/her to fix this fast.
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    DromEd Archmage
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    Because of texture pack! As I said the celestial texture were the problem because the mission wanted to use DDS texture in the sky, but the original file game have no dds files but PCX and some TGA. Plus, some machine & games hate DDS textures for celestial and skies that causes sometimes a weird "retro vision" bug to missions.

    It although another interesting thing to remember for further mission! Dromed hate when you are playing with the sky ^^"

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    Alright good news, the fixed mission file should be coming very soon. The author just responded right now.

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    @ Brethren

    It may be a good idea to start a separate thread for each of these missions in order to keep mission queries and comments separate

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    The Swindle Job has been updated to version 1.1, see OP for download link.

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    Congratulations, and thank you, to all the authors! I'm greatly looking forward to playing your missions. And thank you, Brethren, for hosting the contest!

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    Yes, thank you to the authors, and Brethren for organising this. I'm glad to see that they appear to be quite short so I have a chance of being able to play them and vote.

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    Is there going to be more beyond the one still outstanding? Will voting be with categories or just a vote for your favorite.

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    Downloading now..

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    So when is the voting going to start? It's close to the end of this week, and the new mission hasn't been released.

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    We have a late entry to the contest, the title is "Dirty Money." See OP for download links.

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    Good to hear. When will we get to vote on them? Any more entries planned for the contest?

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    I still have to figure out the voting thing with some of the TTLG admins. We'll get something rolling this week, hopefully....

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    Mike, is it possible to vote for two missions?

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    any news on the voting?

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