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Thread: T2 Campaign - Keeper of Infinity 2: Mission 1 - Bad Venture (6 Jan 2016)

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    T2 Campaign - Keeper of Infinity 2: Mission 1 - Bad Venture (6 Jan 2016)

    So, folks, Soul Tear presents two new missions: reworked Bad Venture and Raven's Nest
    Thank you, MoroseTroll for your translation!

    I know that you played in Bad Venture last year, but the new version has changed dramatically: new storyline, gameplay, areas, textures. I strongly do not recommend using a cheat-combination for skip 1st mission, otherwise you will get a lot of problems and do not understand the plot. You will not have any tools at the start of the 2nd mission. You can collect tools (including new quest items) in the 1st mission.

    Full version 1.6:


    Only mission 2:

    Keeper of Infinity Lite
    (Significantly reduced count of objects. It contains only one file: miss21.mis. First download the main archive and then overwrite miss21.mis.)

    Please be sure that you read FMInfo-Eng.rtf, especially pay attention to the red lines.
    Please don't ask me about things listed in the readme, if you didn't read the readme.
    Please choose 'Expert' only if you an expert.

    I hope you enjoy this stuff.

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Bad Venture Part 1

    Bad Venture Part 2

    Bad Venture Part 3

    Bad Venture Part 4

    Raven's Nest Part 1

    Raven's Nest Part 2

    Raven's Nest Part 3

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    Congratulations, Soul Tear! I look forward to playing it when I've finished the contest missions!

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    Congratulations, Soul Tear! I have been waiting anxiously for this. I greatly enjoyed the first mission, and look forward to this new offering. Those screenshots look wonderful!

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    Congratulations Soul. A huge amont of work finally comes to the end. Superb job.

    PS : I must say that I heard some time ago english voice acting to those missions, and this is also great job. Full professionalism.

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    Мои поздравления с релизом

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    Excellent. This is my chance to play Bad Venture again without all the early version issues I had

    And those screenshots look great.

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    Congrats! Still have a few recent missions i need to finish first I'll play it as soon as i can

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    Oh, sweet. The first version had... issues. I'm anxious to see how it improved.

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    Congrats on the release Soul Tear !
    I enjoy so much the first chapter that I was very impatient to play the second and it's for now... Thank you !

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    What a fantastic time for a Thief fan, many great missions and now this masterpiece got a sequel!!!

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    Awesome. Can't wait to try it out!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Soul Tear View Post
    Thank you, MoroseTroll for your translation!
    You're welcome . And I would like to thank the people who helped me to translate: nickie, Nightwalker, fortuni. Thank you guys !

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    I am in the lower level of the silver mine, with the staff and patrolling mage. I need a pickaxe, but cannot find one and cannot mantle back from the hanging vines into the area immediately above, which is where I came from. What to do?

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    What Great News this morning! Loved the first mission last year and those screenshots have me drooling! Can't wait to play tonight!

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    Can't wait to check this out. Also, hooray, first FM of 2016. Here's a couple of mirrors:

    Keeper of Infinity 2: Raven's Nest
    Lite version
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    Thanks for this mission!
    Unfortunaltey Garretts Diary in the first mission was heavily truncated and mostly unreadable.
    I went ahead and checked for more texts with issues.
    Those should be the fixed versions:
    Simply extract into the books-folder - whereever the mission was extracted to - and overwrite the existing ones.

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    Thanks Gnartsch for the update
    I`m also stuck in the same place as Marbrien some help pleaseee

    Great Mission...

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    I am looking for the key and pawn shop location?
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    Thank you, Soul Tear! The original was one of my favorite fanmissions ever, especially due to perfect atmosphere and graphics. And this is even better, not to mention that there's two missions now !

    The intro is awesome.

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    Wow, the screenshots are just amazing! I´ll give it a try.

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    The screen shots are wonderful, I had to do a double-take because they almost look like the Dark Mod missions.

    Download 2 link is giving me 'This webpage is not available'

    So both missions are in this one download?

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    For those with irritable bowels of the earth: I got out of the place with Faraj by going up the slope on the back of the mound of earth. From the front of the mound, with your back to the pile of rubble, you go to the right, then climb up where there's a bunch of stones. You may need to mantle and crouch a bit to get up, but it wasn't too fiddly. When you're back on top of the mound, shoot a rope arrow into the root next to the place where you came in.

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    I am stuck very close to the beginning of the first mission (on highest difficulty).

    Do I need to look for another way into the castle? The two possible entrance routes available in the previous version of Bad Venture seem to be off limits now. I see/find nothing by the sewer exit that holds a rope arrow, and the means to lower the chain on the main gate seems to be lacking as well. Or maybe those flags are still climbable and I need to figure out another way to reach them? Hmmm.

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    Examine the banner supports in front of the gate. They are made of Wood. Shoot a rope arrow, climb up, then like in the first Edition, climb the Banners.

    hope this helps,

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    @Urumo: Thanks!

    (I like when my reasoning is at least somewhat on target...)

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