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Thread: FMs - Ghost/Perfect Thief Results [SPOILERS]

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    Final mission of Rebellion of the Builder is the most exciting mission of all of them. There is falling buildings, lots of explosions, crazy karate civilians, Mechanists with guns, guards with light sabers and a lot of Cyber Demons showing up from walls and falling from ceilings. Wow, that's a lot.

    No loot requirement again. No screwdrivers either. Only Advanced Lockpick will get transferred. Even so there is one more lockpick to find. Also this mission is impossible to be ghosted. Let's start.


    You begin on stairs. That's safe place, but not for long. Run as quickly as possible on roof while ignoring 3 Cyber Demons falling on your head (ghost bust #1, #2 and #3), mantle to left roof and run as far as possible from roof exit you used. There will be explosion that will alert a karate servant below. Wait for situation to calm down and go on opposite roof. Go along and drop+mantle on roof exit of another building. This way you avoid destroying a building.

    Do a jump to next building. Looking at Mechanist go on left side of building, jump to last roof and hide left from stairs. Observe Mechanist. When she will turn in another direction - climb and immediately run left and go behind Mechanist. You also need to time everything with guard patrolling corridor. Mechanist near door only moves when you climb stairs. Also it's a good idea to look behind when you go through entrance door to see if stationary Mechanist really didn't saw you.

    It's possible to get loot from purple box from first room, but only if Mechanist not alert sleeping lady. It's possible. I did it on my test run, but I couldn't recreate that on my ghost run. So I'm skipping this loot. Instead go to next square passage. Hide in corner. When guard go left - go behind him, crouch and go to shadow on stairs.

    Go on left part of shadow near bottom of the stairs. Here you are safe from patroller. You have stationary guard on left and patroller on the right. When stationary guard looks left and both patrollers are away - go right and descend to window. Jump over chasm, open window and get inside.


    You are in one of the Hotel bedrooms. It's dark and you have sleeping Mechanist on bed. Open door to corridor. Corridor is patrolled by fast Mechanist and super fast priest. To do anything you need to KO super fast priest (ghost bust #4). Go behind other patroller and near white door go on her other side than she turns (this woman alternates between left and right turns frequently), so he will turn around without noticing you. Then use lockpicks to open door left from white door. You will not have enough time to do it once, so go to wall near corner and when guard will pass, go behind him and repeat everything. In the room is stationary priestess. You only need to grab Jointed Lockpick from desk (it looks like a flute). Leave and go downstairs.

    Here is a Bugbeast under door and one patrolling corridor. You need to use 2 lockpicks (second - Jointed) on left door. Wait for Bugbeast, then lockpick dor for 5 seconds and returns to stairs. Inside near dead engineer is Bedroom Key #1. Go upstairs. Open opposite bedroom. Be careful of stationary Mechanist. On box is a Bedroom Key #2. In bathroom is some loot. Leave and go downstairs. And if you didn't figure it out yet - in this Hotel you will be going up and down few more times. That's a little annoying.

    Downstairs I was forced to KO patrolling Bugbeast (ghost bust #5). Stationary Bugbeast I nudged to the left and inside apartment. Nudging Bugbeast is a little different than other nudging. I was kinda standing behind her and her movements push her to the left. Anyway in next room guarded by Bugbeast is dancing Crayman who kinda second alert to you (ghost bust #6), but ignores you. But still he can alert Bugbeast. That's why I nudge her to left room. Grab Bedroom Key #3 from shelf and go upstairs.

    Go to room on the right. Here is sleeping Mechanist and Bedroom Key #4 in bathroom. Go downstairs to right room. Stationary woman isn't a problem. Noble is. His patrol route is short. He enters this room and leaves to the bathroom, then quickly returns. Bedroom Key #5 is close too, on desk. Just time him, quickly grab key and leave. There is also a chance that he will stay in bathroom and walk into door. Go upstairs to white door.

    Last room is the worst. Two stationary Mechanists, but that's not all. There is wounded noble that can also see you and alert Mechanists. He looks to the left. First nudge right Mechanist to the right corner as much as possible. You can actually nudge her very close to corner. Go over left lamp and quickly go on left side of other Mechanist. Nudge her as much as possible to the right, so when she stand on desk, you will have a place to mantle on left part of desk. Slowly nudge her right nad to the corner near other Mechanist. Then go on desk and to the right side of window. Descend to roof below.


    Go on top of roof entrance and jump on next building. It will start falling (ghost bust #7). It's a huge damage property and even if it will not show in the stats you killed hundreds of families. Avoid explosions and jump on ladder. Explosions will alert karate civilian. First check if you can mantle on top or you are just jumping out of the ladder. Then reload and wait for civilian to walk back normally. Then quickly mantle up and run behind roof entrance. Jump on another falling building (ghost bust #8) and to last roof with portal. Entering portal will finish this amazing mission and the whole campaign.


    Time: 46 min 44 s; Loot: 1670/3140
    Pockets Picked: 0/0; Locks Picked: 2
    Back Stabs: 0; Knock Outs: 2
    Damage Dealt: 2; Damage Taken: 0; Healing Taken: 0
    Innocents killed: 0; Others killed: 0
    Iron Beasts Destroyed: 0; Disabled: 0
    Secrets: 0/0



    That was a blast. Unfortunately it's over. I had a lot of fun to replay this campaign once again. It sure aged well. Thanks to ghosting I learned few tricks here and also noticed some easy solutions that I didn't notice earlier, because of my noisy approach. Like for example sneaking through bot corridor in Mechanist Temple. Or even before that - 4 Mechanists on a bridge that previously I was luring down with noisemaker arrow.

    Ghosting fire elementals in Mission 2 was also interesting. All the time I was using fire arrow, this was the first time for me to use flare to light timed torch. My biggest achievement was definitely 5 switches security from Hammerite Church. Also finally ghosting my way to Mechanist Lab was really something. Figuring out the mystery of opened door in Basement in Mechanist Lab and beating Cyber Demon without using Christine Sword. I never thought it was possible. Also ghosting last Hotel room in Mission 5 was very tricky.

    I was surprised that I managed to ghost any mission at all. This is very crazy campaign with really tight patrol routes and a lot of mean traps. And I managed to ghost two long missions. Though I suspect in newest version Mission 1 is impossible to ghost due to not disabling alarm fast enough. Mission 3 is still possible though. Ah, that was really amazing experience.

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    I played this series long time ago and it was fun. But the reason why I decided to try ghost it now is because I noticed that there is a training mission. And I wanted to replay it, but I forgot the name of FM. Training mission in Thief 1 was very basic and didn't really teach about many core mechanics like using blackjack and elemental arrows. This training is long, but it's still fun to play.

    First test is simple - just stay in shadow. Guards ignore you completely, but stepping on light will fail this objective. Second test is also simple - just crouch and slowly sneak on the other side. Don't let people even first alert to you.

    Third test is a bit tricky. Grab bow and wait for comment to end. If you shoot targets before that, you may not get "Good shot" comment, which will fail objective. Then grab fire arrows from chest and shoot them in 6 torches (one of them is above entrance). Nugget will spawn on table. It's worth 100 and after loading game it will vanish out of your inventory nad return on table. Grab a key, unlock door, block it and lock it. Return key and leave.

    Fourth test is the hardest. You can slowly enter , douse 3 torches on the right and go to SE corner of the room. From there douse torch above door. You will get 4 first alerts. Sneak to last guard and nudge him a bit, so you will exit. Together it gives 9 supreme busts.

    Slashing banners in next room is excused by objective. Next you need to KO guard without any first alert from him. Then jump through window to Pond. Frogs don't react to you. Grab nugget, mantle on lilly pod, jump on land, ignore key and jump to window. In next swimming test you need to use 1 breath potion, but it's not a supreme bust, because it note on wall says to use it.

    Rope/vine arrow is very unique challenge. Wish this kind of gimmick was present in more of the missions. After you finish rope arrow challenge - retrieve it and go to next room. Crouch. Now you need to shoot rope arrow up in the water, so it will not get destroyed. It's tricky, but possible. Grab vine arrows and then retrieve arrow from water, which will change into vine arrow.

    In the next room don't forget to put back a key. Pickpocket a guard from a key, open door, block it and lock it. Then return key on patrol route. This for some reason doesn't alert guard. In gear room use lever to open gate, then use it again and run under closing gate to next room. In treasure room jump over red tiles and put sand bag on pressure plate. Save and grab treasure. Sometimes plate may go up anyway and then go down. This will fail objective, so just put sand bag on different part of pressure plate. Then go to exit.


    Time: 20 min 3 s; Loot: 300/500 (actually: 400)
    Pockets Picked: 1/1; Locks Picked: 2
    Back Stabs: 0; Knock Outs: 1
    Damage Dealt: 1; Damage Taken: 0; Healing Taken: 0
    Innocents killed: 0; Others killed: 0
    Iron Beasts Destroyed: 0; Disabled: 0
    Secrets: 0/0


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    This mission has been ghosted in the past. But since it's part of the series and I think it will be weird to skip this one, I decided to try to supreme ghost this mission. I'm also gonna try to not trigger few objectives that would bust supreme. As for ghosting - it's problematic. Patrollers can hear through walls, so most of the time I will need to move slowly. Also there is a lot of people first alerting to doors. This means some areas will not be accessible for me. And there are few damage properties involved.


    I skipped abandoned house, because of planks in my way and Brothel on the other side, because of first alert when opening door. I visited Armorer and Weaponsmith. Baker is inaccessible, because Baker alerting to picklocking door. But I visited Grocer without problem. Then I went behind Hammerite (you don't need his key) in front of Bank and went into Keeper's place. Later I learned I could just rope up directly to balcony. I read Keeper Assignment and took Inn key. Then I dropped on street and opened door of Mr Twieldier (which is a problem: there are patrollers on street, patroller inside and I believe there is a patroller on higher floor that can hear you).


    First floor isn't any problem. I went to Basement. Spider area is inaccessible, because of first spider. Keymaster's key is in secret passage. Getting out after obtaining it, forced me to destroy 2 wooden planks and it second alert drunken ghost that vanish (ghost bust #1 and #2).

    Then I went on Second Floor. It's a very small, but complicated case. Corridor is patrolled by archer and you are nowhere safe on corridor. If you are walking too close to archer, he may hear you. First go to right to east room and grab loot. Then you need to wait for archer to go north back to staircase. Unfortunately when archer go to crossroad, he will change direction randomly, so he can go back to place he patrolled a second ago. That's frustrating. You also need to be fast. Don't run, because people can hear you through walls.

    Quickly sneak to locked door, picklock it, it will open towards you. Go inside and close door. Archer can notice open doors, he will first alert and go close them. So don't leave any door open. Inside take every loot. Time to go back.

    Now your target is east room and you want archer to go north to staircase. You can't leave door open, so just lean forward and listen. When archer will leave and close door, save. Get inside and go to door. Unfortunately archer can go back or go to east room. That's not good. If he go north, you can't open door immediately. He must go away door or he will first alert. Go to corridor and close door. Be careful to not accidentally open chest instead. Look up when closing door. And then you must be fast enough to get to east room. Return to staircase is much easier. Wait for archer to go south and quickly run to staircase. Go to Third Floor and loot it.


    I skipped him, because I thought I need few crates from MR Twieldier's house in order to mantle to pipes and to window. The solution is easier. Black texture under window is wood. You can rope up and mantle into window. Open door. Inside is enginner that can very easily get alerted by any sound or vision. Wait for him to turn in another direction and sneak for his Metal Gear. Return to room, drop to pipes and on street. Open front door and use Metal Gear. You can't close door and Metal Gear vanish. Grab loot from purple box. You don't need 3 gears from here.


    Take crate from Mr Twieldier's house and rope up to Dockmaster's house. Here is Lockbox #3 key, which you don't need, because only this lockbox don't contain any loot. Above elevator is a lever opening secret passage. If you go along left wall and stop at the last line on floor, you may avoid first alert from green spider. Go down. Here is hell. I spend here more than 1 hour. I managed to nudge green spider to little spider to the left from door (supreme bust #1) and with crate I nudged little spider standing in front of door as much left as possible (supreme bust #2). It was very difficult. In the end picklocking door.first alert spiders (supreme bust #3). If you go very slowly you can enter room and get Map of Docks.

    Very slowly leave to ladder. Now you need to time your climb with green spider above and mantle on his left. Go along left wall quickly and stop on last line on floor. You may avoid first alert. Close secret passage. Shoot rope arrow into beam of opposite building in shadow and descend on street. I decided to return crate to Twieldier's House. Then I roped back to Dockmaster. Take rope arrow and shoot in wooden beam diagonally left from here. Jump to rope and mantle into window, which may be hard, because Garrett likes to get stuck on window.


    I grabbed 2 keys from safe and used a switch. Then used secret passage to go to noble room. I pickpocket his key and nudged him to door on the right (supreme bust #4). Then I went around the room and slowly entered fireplace. I need to shoot rope arrow into wooden beam. But this alerts noble. That's a very interesting mechanic. If you shoot rope arrow in the way that it will hit wooden beam during it's falling, rope arrow will not alert the noble.

    You need to shoot not directly into wooden beam, but in air in front of it. And don't use full power. Instead shoot it lightly. Grab key, loot and Pin Number. Then descend on fire, use Miner's House key to leave. Also I'm leaving rope arrow behind. I will collect it later when I will return keys. I also roped up to window above Restaurant for 2 rings and avoided alert from drunken guard. Then I just dropped to street.


    I went to Empty Shop and read notice on wall. I went to Watch Barracks. Here I needed to behave quietly, because bathing woman could hear me. Upstairs is turning guy and on top of floor is log. Then I descend and found Ltn. (guy in Metal Helmet) and stole his Lockbox #4 key. I'm not gonna return this key, because there is objective to get it.


    Go to front door and wait in shadow for archer to get inside. Leave this door open. When archer will leave hide behind door and observe walking bartender. When she will go to next room go behind her and steal her key. Then I collected secret loot. Leave Inn and go to Dockmaster's house front door. On opposite building (Inn) are 2 windows. Rope up to left window for urn. Then drop down. I also realized that I don't need Inn key. I can rope up to my room (right window).

    Then I visited Taxidermist and obtained his Lockbox #1 key and his Pin Number. I also realized that I will not have enough many, so I picklocked Baker's door. He first alerted to me (supreme bust #5). Also he stood on table and looked left. While normally he's standing in front of table and he's looking right. He's new standing allowed me get Baker's key from purple box without any further alerts. I locked door, because NPC don't alert to door opened by a key. I got Lockbox #7 key and loot from blue chest. Then I went to Barracks near start of the mission.


    Go to left room and grab 3 fire arrows from chest near door. You need only 1 fire arrow though. Go to upper floor. Go on second step. You need to time right Hammerite to look south. Mantle up and slowly go to stone fence. Mantle up when this guard don't watch and go to edge in corner. Here you are safe from patrolling Hammerite. You need to go to NW part behind Hammerite. In order to do that you need to time both stationary Hammerites to look south. Also there is patroller here, patroller below and Mechanist also visits floor below. You also can only run while crouching. Also stationary Hammerites can look south into fire. That's not good enough. They must look south, but not diagonally south into fire.

    From there you need to jump+mantle quietly on red roof while Hammerite looks south. Move quietly to thief's hideout and get loot. To exit you need to crouch and drop to the pipes on the left. Mantle to it and cancel mantle. Surprisingly I didn't made any noise. Go to Bank through Barracks.


    Loot Bank Manager's Office, then go to Vault. There don't read note on wall. New objective will result in many more first alerts, so I'm not gonna trigger it. Grab everything you can and go to Empty Shop.

    Get secret loot from second purple box and go up. Get all stones and one explosive barrel. You need to destroy banner and wall (ghost bust #3), which is damage property and second alerts everyone nearby. Take body and notes from Bank to Keepers for 1000 loot. Loot objective completed. Drop also Inn key. It first alerts the Keeper, so I put a key on Keeper Assignment. The best would be not take the key in the first place.


    I don't need to return Keymaster's key, Lockbox #4 key and both Pin Numbers, because they are connected to the objectives. Go to Mr Twiedlier's house, to Basement to Pagan Ritual place. Use elemental stones to create Sword of Balance (bonus objective. Then rope up to Taxidermist to return Lockbox #1 key and go to Baker. Return Lockbox #7 key and Baker's key (I managed to put it next to purple box). Unfortunately baker alerts this time to closing door near him, so I decided to let them barely open (supreme bust #6).

    Then go to Bank to put Eluen's key back to Lockbox #4. Locked the lockbox and locked 3 doors. Then I decided to go to Inn via front door again. I put the Lockbox #8 key at the end of woman's patrol route. Then I roped up to General Manager. I put into safe Lockbox #2 key and Hunter's House key. There is no way to close safe. Then I used secret passage to go to first floor and put into chimney safe Pin Number Safe key.

    I took a rope arrow from beam and from ladder jumped diagonally to the west part of fire. This way I didn't make any noise. I blocked front door and returned to fireplace.. From there I put on floor in front of fireplace Miner's House key that was on noble. Then I just roped up to my room in the Inn and finished this very long and hard mission.


    I got surprised by how tight is loot objective. It's rare when I need to bust ghost just in order to complete loot objective. Also vanishing doors were really annoying.


    Time: 3 hours 24 min 56 s; Loot: 5532/7527
    Pockets Picked: 4/12; Locks Picked: 20
    Back Stabs: 0; Knock Outs: 0
    Damage Dealt: 0; Damage Taken: 0; Healing Taken: 0
    Innocents killed: 0; Others killed: 0
    Iron Beasts Destroyed: 0; Disabled: 0
    Secrets: 4/4


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    Predecessor of Errand Boy. Map is very similar. I play Gold version, so my Gamma works. So what changed? Part of Abandoned House gone, there is no Brothel, little park, Clock Maker, Armorer, Weaponsmith, Empty Shop and Watch Barracks. Baker and Grocer are switched, but both are locked. Barracks are called Duke Darius House and Bank is called a Temple. Other places are a bit smaller. Like for example Mr Twiedlier's house has no basement.

    There is less keys. And objectives are different. For annoying stuff - places are very well lighted, there is long picklocking of chests and doors and loot objective is very tight - I will need to get all the loot in this mission. That's very annoying.


    First go to Keeper balcony. Thief is friendly. You must have papyrus in your inventory. You don't need Inn key. Go back to starting point and go to Barracks. I don't know why it's called Duke Darius house. I'm gonna call it Barracks. First go upstairs. Here are 2 patrollers and 3 patrollers on walls. 3 patrollers have purses. No stationary Hammerites. You can get them if you go on stairs and take it while under wall. It works well with pair of patrollers, but if you have 3 patrollers pack, you will need to do something different.

    You need to go on stairs and drop on edge of torch. You need to time it with 2 Hammerites below. Wait for purses and grab them. Don't move until 3 Hammerites will pass you. Then drop and hide in shadow. Go to south room and grab Office key. Go downstairs.

    This is one of the most annoying parts of this mission. 3 Hammerites are random. They have purses too. Open door and leave it open. First go to left room and close door behind you. Then your target is Office. Grab urn and open safe behind banner (supreme bust #1). Grab note and 2 loot pieces. Then close safe. Go to Kitchen. Picklocking door will first alert servant inside (supreme bust #2). Grab vase and return to Office. Go to Shrine and lean forward for Golden Hammer.

    Now you just need to leave this area and close all doors behind you. Good luck. Random paths of these Hammerites is very annoying. Go upstairs. Go to south room and put Office key on book. Go to Bank (Temple in this mission). There is 4 patrollers, 2 of them leaves this room sometimes. You need to go to NW part of this room. Go down and mantle on right metal hammer. Sneak to NW corner and cut banner (ghost bust #1). This will also later second alert Hammerites patrolling nearby. Enter tunnel and cut another banner (ghost bust #2). This will let you into Keymaster's house.


    You are on third floor. Grab 2 goblets and vase. Go to Bath. Grab 5 golden bottles, 2 candlesticks and 2 goblets. Some of the stuff is on floor, some in water. You will need to drop on edge to take loot from water.. Grab Keymaster's key from under body without moving a body. Body is floating on water. That's why I don't call it exploit. The rest of floor is easy. You just need to get golden Hammer from little shrine and go to staircase. Go to second floor.

    There is no shadow and corridor is patrolled by a guard. Guard have always the same path. Go to right room to get golden plate. Now go to right wall near crossroad and wait for guard to go left. If you don't move, he will not first alert to you and he's slower than archer from Errand Boy. Go to room with locked door. You can't hide on bunk, because when guard enters the room he turn towards bunk. Door have long picklock, so just picklock for 10-15 seconds, then go near chest. When guard go left, go across and hide under wall near crossroad. Wait for him to turn and go to your previous hideout under wall. Repeat that few times and you will enter the room.

    Grab 3 coin stacks and use Keymaster's key to open Vault. Grab all the loot from shelf and don't forget about tiny ring on the left. Now you just need to go to room where golden plate was and wait behind door. When guard enters room with bunk - close doors and leave to staircase. Go to first floor.

    Grab golden bottle between crates. No shadow in corridor. There is only room with 5 treasures. There is shadow in storages. Front door can be only opened by Keymaster's key. That's why I needed to cut 2 banners to enter this house. Now let's go to Inn.


    This time opening doors don't alert anyone inside. You must kill Inn Keeper. Hide behind door and when he will go to storage, run over counter and quickly KO him. Then kill him (he doesn't make any noise). Grab 4 golden bottles hidden behind crates. Go to Dockmaster and rope up to him.


    Grab nugget from under wardrobe and papyrus above elevator (objective completed). Ride down and grab tiny ring from windowsill. Then return to beam and jump left from beam to beam to General Manager's house (objective completed).


    Grab loot from safe and rope up to secret passage. It's not a slide anymore. You need to use rope arrow. Unfortunately noble below can spot you when you descend. Lean right and shoot rope arrow into right side of wooden beam. Slowly descend and drop on coach. This guy is hyper sensitive.

    You need to drop on edge of couch very slowly and very slowly nudge him until you will manage to drop on floor without any alert. This is very hard. I actually nudged him while crouching backward. Don't be greedy - just do one step at a time. When on floor you will nudge him on higher ground of fireplace, so you will need to go on this higher ground with him. Otherwise you will bounce out of him. He doesn't react to opening/closing door, so just nudge him to the staircase and close door. And by the way nudging him is a supreme bust #3.

    Go to fireplace and shoot rope arrow. Get loot and Miner's key from safe opened by Keymaster's key. Drop down. There is no way to drop without making noise. Luckily noble is near stairs and he will not hear you. There is no way to open front door, so you need to return upstairs. I'm leaving 2 rope arrows behind. I will collect them later. Shoot into beam, descend, grab rope arrow and drop on street. Time to go to Taxidermist.


    You need to rope up to him. Grab goblet and open safe with Miner's key to obtain Hunter's key. Shoot rope arrow into next beam, descend and mantle to Keeper's Balcony. Grab rope arrow and drop on street and go to Bank.


    Problem is that 4 patrollers inside Bank after noticing destroyed banners, they are hyper sensitive. They can spot you from far away, even if they shouldn't see you. You are safe only if you are walking behind them. Entrances via Keymaster and Barracks were out of question. I needed to go to main entrance and rope up. Then drop on wooden beam inside. Be careful, falling can still alert them.

    This time you can open doors with Keymaster's key. There is some loot in offices and in Vault, opened by 3 keys, you will get last loot (2 objectives completed). Time to leave. The entrance I used isn't possible anymore. You can kinda drop on Hammerite, but I think it would still be supreme bust. I also had luck, because 4 patrollers formed 2 pairs of patrollers. I went to stairs and mantled up to shadow above banner. From there I went to double metal doors and hid in shadoqw under wooden fence to observe any alerts. I also had luck, because 4 patrollers formed 2 pairs of patrollers. Then I left and hid in shadow.

    I left Barracks. Last loot is in Abandoned Building, but it requires damage property. I'm gonna skip that. Now it's time to return 3 keys and grab 2 rope arrows I left. Afterwards I'm gonna finish this mission.


    I had no problem with returning Hunter's and Miner's key. Keymaster's key I managed to put in water above body, not under like it was before. And before that I locked and blocked front door, so I could exit that way. Few doors started to vanish, so it was a little annoying to prevent that from happening. Then I went under Dockmaster and rope up to right window of Inn.


    Time: 1 hour 52 min 20 s; Loot: 3674/3774
    Pockets Picked: 7/8; Locks Picked: 5
    Back Stabs: 1; Knock Outs: 1
    Damage Dealt: 11; Damage Taken: 0; Healing Taken: 0
    Innocents killed: 0; Others killed: 1


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    Location: Phoenix, AZ, USA, Earth
    Game: Thief 2
    FM: Death's Cold Embrace - Act 3, Scene 1: The Ritual

    Ghost - Success
    Perfect Thief - Success
    Supreme Ghost - Success
    Perfect Supreme - Failed
    Time - 1:22:52
    Loot - 1815/1815 (Supreme: 1765)
    Pockets Picked - 1/3
    Secrets - 1/1
    Locks Picked - 0
    Backstabs - 0, Knockouts - 0
    Damage dealt - 0, Damage taken - 0
    Healing taken - 0, Other Kills - 0, Bodies Discovered - 0
    Consumables - None

    See the entire report with screenshots here!
    Loot list here!

    This is another pretty good mission. It’s the fourth time we visit Dayport, with no real change to the previous layout. Although these streets are becoming a bit tedious to navigate for the nth time, this is a highly necessary mission to further the plot, and there are enough newly accessible buildings to make it enjoyable. The ritual itself is very cool, and it showcases just how far NewDark has taken this engine. The thick fog made this a tougher ghost run than first anticipated.

    Our first and only goal was to bring Julia’s body to the secret entrance in Fairbanks’ manor. We would probably receive further instructions then.

    Bringing the Body
    The thick fog immediately made it more difficult to spot patrollers from a distance. Occasionally I would hear an alert without even seeing any enemies. Luckily I knew the layout so well I could anticipate the most dangerous areas. Listened to the conversation outside the chapel first. To avoid backtracking, I wanted to get into the chapel right away. One of the hammerites involved in the chat headed in there when he was done talking. I could block the door from the shadows, and I thought this would prevent me from having to pick the key off the outside sentry. Unfortunately, the door closed on its own, so there was no way to leave it open without being locked inside. The lock was pickable, but then I was back to square one, as Supreme then required it to be relocked. I accepted needing to steal his key and headed inside.

    The only places of interest were Nathaniel’s bedroom and the restricted library. His bedroom door was pickable, which of course I wanted to avoid if at all possible. Not that it is required for Supreme, but it feels more Supreme-like. After some experimentation, I managed to mantle the balcony railing from a rope arrow into the chapel beam (see image above). The jump had to be absolutely perfect, in addition to dodging all the chapel patrollers in bright surroundings. I started by saving in the southeast corner of the altar. There was a safe, dark nook there. An archer had two spots in the chapel where he stood for a long time before resuming his patrol. Fortunately, he mostly faced west, or away from the pulpit. I then snuck over so I was placed directly underneath the middle of the balcony. It had to be exactly the middle, otherwise the jump wouldn’t be perpendicular to the balcony and I wouldn’t make it. Next, the rope had to hang as far away from the beam as possible, meaning the arrow had to hit the beam straight on. This was only possible by lightening the tension on the bow, making the arrow have a higher arc. I saved at the top of the rope so I could retry the jump quicker. Even still, I needed about 10-15 jumps before nailing it. It seemed like it had to be pixel perfect, only then would I reach the balcony high enough to catch the top of the railing. Of course, I couldn’t leave through the bedroom door either, so after taking the key I silently dropped from the balcony onto the railing by the altar stairs. The library was easy to pass and the keystone simple to obtain. There was a lit candlestick in there that had to be skipped for Supreme though. Too bad. Removing light sources is not allowed for that mode. Next I had to make the balcony jump a second time, in order to put back Nathaniel’s key. I returned it to the top of the nightstand, as it was physically impossible to place it back onto the ledge underneath (see image below). The priest kept sleeping, so no worries there. Left the balcony once again, and retrieved my arrow when the coast was clear.

    Back outside, I dropped the chapel key by the guard’s feet and brought Julia towards Fairbanks’. Entered by way of the cellar chute. It was a bit fiddly to operate the lift while closing the shutters and frobbing the body. Got new objectives once dropping Julia. She ceased to be frobbable at this point.

    Keystones and Such
    The only area of interest in the city from now on lay north of Redleaf Square. I needed three more keystones, the last page from the Book of Shadows, and three types of paper from the bookstore. Getting to that area of the city involved passing the jeweler’s, where Jill Black could spawn having set off the alarm. She would run east, alerting 4-5 guards along the way. They quickly settled, but were on edge following this incident. At least one guard spawned as a part of that whole debacle. I found a way to get through the square without spawning miss Black, but I’m not 100% sure how. I snuck from Fairbanks’ back door heading north, quite close to the fountain. If coming from the southwest, she usually spawned. Same when approaching from the east.

    The bookstore and the keeper compound were both easy to ghost, the latter of which had no way of busting even, from what I could see. That area provided two of the three keystones. The scene on the roof was quite spectacular, to say the least (see image below).

    The final keystone was in the freezer at Ingram & Sons, but I had to get the freezer key from the mech center first. Entered through Cavador’s office window on the west side. There I found Vilnia’s key in a lockbox. This was needed to obtain the freezer key downstairs. A stationary female guard was positioned right outside Cavador’s office entrance, so I had to enter the hallway through the windows further east. The ceiling lights made a pattern of shade on the floor that was quite simple to follow. The doorway closer to the main staircase however, had some sort of blue light emitting from the doorframe. Creeping through it slowly triggered a comment from the aforementioned sentry. Instead I had to inch up closely in the western corner of the doorway, then rush through and come to a crouched halt on the north side (see image below). Occasionally I would do it so fast the light gem wouldn’t even trigger, therefore avoiding the first alert. Neat! Both the library and Vilnia’s office downstairs were easy. Plenty of shadows or hardcover to exploit. The metal key carried by Gorrick upstairs unlocked the door to the alley with the homeless guy. However, I always avoid picking keys off pockets if I can, so I retraced my steps and left via Cavador’s window instead. Of course, after taking the keystone, I had to return both Vilnia’s and the freezer key for Supreme. No issues there.

    The Ritual
    Headed back to Fairbanks and assisted Thaddeus as needed (see image), with the inevitable tragic ending that pursued. Following proceedings, I spawned back at the high priest’s residence. I could end the mission there if I wanted to, but the bonus objective of obtaining Fairbanks’ payment required me to head back there one last time. I had to creep crouch down Thaddeus’ front door steps and around the corner going southwest. The slightest speed enhancement caused a comment from the hammerite guarding the chapel. Fortunately, the streets were currently quite empty. Found his gem collection in the upper bedroom (see image), before I returned to Thaddeus and finished the mission.

    - Skipped a gold candlestick (50) in the restricted library at the chapel for Supreme.
    Klatremus' Supreme Thief Site - Walkthroughs, Loot Lists & Ghost Reports
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    First thing I noticed - there is no loot objective. Second - no KO and backstabs objective. Not a big problem in this run. Third - I have Sword of Balance. In Errand Boy getting Sword of Balance was a bonus objective, but looks like author maybe planned to update Errand Boy to make it the must objective. Lastly I noticed that this mission uses completely different map of docks than the one that I was obtaining in the previous mission. Damn, I spend more than hour of nudging the stupid little spider and I registered 3 supreme busts and this map isn't even used?

    Now let's talk about objectives. No KO and backstabs is straight forward. Other objective of crossing river will fail by a story. So it's not a bust. But that's not all. This mission do some really nasty trick with objectives. It hides them from player and show them only after beating the mission. I forfeited my first ghost run because of that.

    So we must get Mask Collection, Dockmaster's Secret Storage and help 4 Brothers from Brotherhood of the Sword. First two are pretty easy, but last one requires using invisibility potion to sneak to tombs. Place is too well lighted and there are 4 Haunts watching altar. Ghost priest doesn't react to you though. Obtaining it is supreme bust #1 and using it is supreme bust #2. After helping we are getting secondary entrance to Ruins, much safer than main entrance. We get some loot too, but we can get to it from the Ruins (it's probably thanks to new mantle).

    There are also 3 other objectives about a way of your trip. You can only complete one of them, other two will be listed as failed. I can hide in crate, hide in compartment near bed or use teleporter. The first two require Secret Compartment key from Temple of Spring. Last one needs Ancient Coin from Ruins. Crate hideout is out of question, because you are forced to destroy some planks. I'm gonna use hideout near bed, because after trip there is some loot nearby and trip from Submarine to ship is very difficult.

    The mission itself is pretty easy. It's nothing compared to Errand Boy. There is a lot of entrances to areas. You can use main entrance, roof entrance, ventilation, etc. There is some tricky situations. For example - from starting point you need to drop on street. I usually go to Docks and from there immediately visit Burrick Caves. You need 4 Souls (elemental skulls). One of them is there. But there is a bit more tricky nugget, where Burrick is looking at you. But if you go slowly while crouching you can obtain it and return to shadow near skull.

    Other tricky situation is grabbing gear from Altar in Mechanist Warehouse. I went slowly along left wall, then very slowly sneaked to SE corner of altar, very lightly lean forward and grabbed the gear. Then I went to storage at the south and roped up to second floor. At north is ventilation shaft that will take you to Brotherhood Area and Docks. Leave the passages open.

    For supreme don't forget to relock lock after opening Secret Compartment. After trip locks and levers vanish from ship compartments. After trip to get into water you can use rope arrow to slowly descend into it. Swim to room with 2 chests (in one of them is loot). Now you need to drop into water and swim to Submarine. If you swim while starting in water, you will not gain enough speed and you will drown even if you are strafe swimming. That's interesting mechanic. I never noticed that before. Also stay away from surface. It's impossible to get to Submarine from there without any potion and it's very difficult to return to the bottom of the ship.

    Submarine is also tricky. On lowest floor you can hide in Cargo Bay 5 (don't close door or you will end the mission. Just lock it and block it, so you will later return this key. You can also hide in Control room in shadow near lever.

    On higher level there is shadow near ladder, near chest, on next ladder and in shadow behind some metal machines. You also need to grab Ancient Coin from chest and after returning all keys, put it back here. You can't put it inside, so just put it on chest. Then go to Cargo Bay 5 to finish this mission and find out if you complete it well.


    Time: 1 hour 27 min 27 s; Loot: 4379/4479
    Pockets Picked: 2/5; Locks Picked: 12
    Back Stabs: 0; Knock Outs: 0
    Damage Dealt: 0; Damage Taken: 0; Healing Taken: 0
    Innocents killed: 0; Others killed: 0
    Iron Beasts Destroyed: 0; Disabled: 0
    Secrets: 1/1


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    In this mission we are going to explore ancient ruins. Mission is much tougher than Shore Leave. Also I'm starting with Cargo Bay 5 key (which is only needed to exit starting point and Bent Ancient Coin (which is absolutely useless). There is no hidden objectives like in previous mission.


    Beginning is easy. You just need to leave Submarine and go south. Then use elevator to ride to top level for purse. Then to middle level for a key in small house. Then ride back to ground floor. Go to right house and get 2nd Tri key. Climb up to the top of this cave. Go to golden skeleton tomb and get 1st Tri key. Use lever to get out and after your leave lever will return to previous position. Go on the pipe to the rooftops of Stilt Village.


    This area is patrolled by 2 thieves who randomly go to north teleport area. One of them has a key you don't need. Run on rooftops left and drop under Bar with 4 thieves. Slowly go to window and mantle inside. While inside slowly go to thief near counter, while in full shadow lean forward to grab his key. Go left behind another thief to grab some coin stacks from table. I couldn't get all of them.

    Return to window and drop near door. Go to opposite house and mantle on window. Drop on table and loot it. Leave and rope up on roof. Go on the other side of village to metal door. That's Friend Tessara house. Grab Ancient Coin and Northern Teleport key from chest. Loot also opposite house. Time to return keys.

    Rope down to ground to return copy of key to small house. Then rope up. I couldn't return Chest key back to Bar. I left it in opposite house, which is supreme bust #1. Rope up on roof, jump on guard post roof and enter tunnel. Use both Tri keys and Northern Teleport key (it will vanish). Activate teleport and use it. Unfortunately there is not enough time to return Ancient Coin (supreme bust #2).


    Your enemies will be Apes. Blue Apes. And they behave like sound and attack like burricks. Wow, that's weird. Also there is no going back anymore. Go into left tunnel to the top of walls. Go north and cross long metal beam. Rope down and sneak to green snake head. Go back to walls and go all the way east. Rope up to pyramid and drop for red snake head. Leave through window, jump over lava to next building. Inside is pressure plate that opens secret storage. To relock secret passage simply stand on pressure plate. Now you need to do jump to wall on the north and hide behind obelisk. There is a good shadow there. Run over gap north and enter cave.

    You will see 2 Apes. They will vanish in east tunnel. Go behind them. Normally to cross river of lava you need to use Bridge Tri key, but you can do strafe run+jump on the bridge. You don't need to turn off light mushrooms to cross to the Temple. Just go slowly along right wall. Continue to temple and sneak behind Ape from the right. Go inside and grab loot, then go to next room. 2 other Apes appear and will go to observe cave you entered. Grab white snake head and go slowly to cave entrance along wall. Turn off light mushroom (supreme bust #3) and leave. Again do strafe jump over lava and go to west tunnel.

    Ignore 4 pedestals and go to next cave. Here is another troublesome Ape. Go along left wall. When you see Ape returning to torch go quickly into building on your right. Go to top and grab last blue snake head. To leave you need to run behind Ape standing near torch, prey that when it restart it's patrol it will not turn towards you, wait 1 second and run to shadow. In next room use red, blue and green snake heads and in the end white snake head. This will summon 6 Apes in front of the Temple and open the passage inside.

    Mantle on the side of Temple and get inside. Ignore Bridge Tri key and rope to wooden shelf below. Mantle on it and start dropping on these shelves and finally quietly drop on metal floor. There is a sleeping zombie. Even a little noise can wake him. Grab 3 pieces of loot and use lever. Unfortunately you can't use lever and get into passage. Well, you can, but you will block passage from closing. That's a supreme bust #4 for me. Also dropping into water second alert the zombie. So that's the one and only ghost bust in this mission.


    Grab nugget from powder kegs storage. Ignore hole in water and check tunnel. Then go back to hole and rope up to wooden beam above and also a wall. Climb up. Descend on ladder. Now you need to go behind green spider into next room and mantle on higher ledge. Loot this room and go into ventilation shaft. It will bring you to the Attic.


    Avoid spider and go down to Office. Loot it, pick up key, use it on front door and return it. Here is one Hammerite patrolling area. Go to blue sign and use it. Enter secret passage to finish the mission.


    Time: 1 hour 12 min 55 s; Loot: 3627/3789
    Pockets Picked: 2/3; Locks Picked: 2
    Back Stabs: 0; Knock Outs: 0
    Damage Dealt: 0; Damage Taken: 0; Healing Taken: 0
    Innocents killed: 0; Others killed: 0
    Iron Beasts Destroyed: 0; Disabled: 0
    Secrets: 0/0


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    No loot objective again. Also I'm starting with Golden Skull, item that I completely skipped in previous mission. Also map page can update itself based on what floor you are. A very interesting feature that I never saw being used before. Too bad I'm not gonna see that, because in this supreme ghost run I'm gonna completely skip map from the beginning of the mission.

    Mission itself is pretty big, but just like in Mission 2 it's easy to ghost. That's why I'm gonna mention only the most important situations. There is a lot of keys too, some of them are completely useless. I don't need: General Office key, Gem Warehouse key (can go through vent there), Cell keys (this means I don't need Key Maker Form and go with it to 3 machines in Track Station), Well key, Prison Guard Control key. My Footlocker key and Apex key vanish after using, so I don't need to worry with returning them.

    The main problem in the mission is getting into Old Miner's Village. There are 3 ways. One - through well, but dropping into water will second alert nearby zombies, so it is out of question. Two - through Cell #3 in Prison, but you need to make a key, then steal Control key, sneak to Control while avoiding slave woman that very easily go into hunt mode. You can climb probably from under with crates. Then open lock and use lever. Problem is reusing lever will close cell and you don't have enough time to drop below. That's too much trouble. Three - through Cistern (you need code). Problem is that resetting code will close doors on both sides and you can't block them with crates. Also that's the passage I'm planning to use.

    Closing these passages would be possible if I will manage to drop into well in the Village without any alert. This way I can open passage to Kitchen and gain fourth way into Village. Afterwards I'm gonna reset the code, which will close this entry to Old Miner's Village.


    Architech doesn't alert to noise of opening door, he's just standing on bed by default. This means that getting his key and later returning it on bed is easy.

    In Office Block 2nd Floor you can sneak under guard to the other side of room.

    My route is Old Mine first, climbing the Chimney to Upper Mine, getting passage to Old Miner's Village via Cistern, meeting with ghost, using Village well to get to Hammerite Temple, going to Upper Mine to get to Apex and resetting code and in the end going back to Village through secret well in ? area near Kitchen, then meeting with ghost and finish this mission.

    In the Village after getting new objectives from ghost, first objective for some reason fails. I wonder if it's a bug. Anyway, it's not a bust.

    Dropping quietly into water of the well in the Village is very tricky. There is spider patrolling nearby. You need to crouch and drop into well in the way that you will touch the water without making noise yet, mantle and immediately cancel mantle. Very difficult trick. I managed to do that relatively fast - just after few tries. But it took me many more tries to recreate that.

    For red hammer doors grab key from patrollers, because it's easy to return.

    Getting out of 2nd Floor Office in Hammerite Temple may be difficult. If you are standing in front of door, you may not hear any Hammerite sounds. Just move on carpet to check if Hammerite see you.

    There is some loot on altar in Chapel. When you enter Chapel go along right wall. Slowly go around altar while leaning forward for gear and golden hammer. Then return.

    I skipped 300 loot from zombie room in Crypt. This room have several zombies lying and 5 standing zombies. One of them turns. It's not fully shadowed room. I couldn't sneak even to first loot. This room can't even be ghosted.

    In Gem Warehouse if you open metal gate, it spawns diamond worth 100, but it also changes max loot to 6403. In this run I skipped this piece of loot, because I noticed that after finishing this ghost run.


    Time: 1 hour 55 min 21 s; Loot: 5903/6303
    Pockets Picked: 3/12; Locks Picked: 16
    Back Stabs: 0; Knock Outs: 0
    Damage Dealt: 0; Damage Taken: 0; Healing Taken: 0
    Innocents killed: 0; Others killed: 0
    Iron Beasts Destroyed: 0; Disabled: 0
    Secrets: 0/0


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