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Thread: FMs - Ghost/Perfect Thief Results (Part 8) [SPOILERS]

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    Quote Originally Posted by klatremus View Post
    One thing I noticed, there is no need to separate a report into multiple posts, even for long missions. In fact, it would be best to keep it combined into one. Marbleman and myself sometimes split them only because a single post can only have a certain amount of screenshots (8 or 10 i think), but this is really not desirable. Keep up the nice work though!
    Ah, so that's the reason. I thought report are being split into few posts to not make thread pages too long. Thanks for info.

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    This one is easier than Patriot, so I decided to try to Supreme Ghost this mission. And so, this easy city mission started to be rather problematic. In whole run I'm getting only 1 key: Old House key and return it after I don't need it. Also I fail in finding all the loot.


    - guard near tavern: I had problem to go upstairs, because guard no matter where he look, he always noticed me. Luckily mantling on stairs helped me to avoid first alert. To get his purse I needed to wait for him to turn NW. And to get passed him I waited for him to look East, then I ran into shadow next to him. I went along wall on left and switched to wall on right and went behind corner. Then I roped up and jumped on wall. That's where you are safe from him. He has quite a range of seeing. Also for some reason I couldn't cross this path in opposite direction - this guard always first alert to me.

    - archer first alert when walking past drunkard. Not a bust.

    - couldn't close the gate with bracelet. Gate is unfrobbable and lock can be opened only with lockpicks.

    - I avoided event with vanishing homeless person sleeping in the sewers.

    - event with ghost woman opening unfrobbable door in Old House is the only way inside Sealed Section. I count alert of woman ghost as a script, not a bust. Also there is no way to relock unfrobbable door.

    - Westbury Manor: skipped loot (65) from wine cellar near stationary guard. Guard first alert when you try to open door with lockpicks. These 2 pieces of loot must be skipped on Supreme.

    - I had problem in thief house in Lord Kensington area. I entered via ventilation. I had problem with dropping on wardrobe. I made noise which was alerting thief. Luckily I realized that if I don't crouch, but stand, I can quietly descend on wardrobe.

    - Lord Kensington Manor front guard another stationary guard with unbelievable large range of view:

    A) first of all, he's only approachable from West, you can forget about going from North - too much light. Go along his wall. On the other side you will see shadow between windows. When guard turn his head towards North, run there. Slowly go along wall to garden gate. Slowly go to him and steal his purse.

    B) there is loot in locked garden near this guard, but you can't use lockpicks. It alerts him. Wait for him to turn North (by the way, all the time you do something, he should be turned North. Mantle on gate, crouch and descend on the other side. Then strafe run right and get loot. Now you just need to return the same way. Each step of getting loot and getting out took me many tries. It's so easy to first alert this bastard.

    C) 1 piece of loot in metal door house in the kitchen isn't available for a Supreme. The house is north from the guard and no matter if you use door or pipes above street, he will always first alert to you. So for Supreme I skipped this 25 loot).

    - couldn't relock treasury in Ashford crypt (I believe there is no way to do that).


    Time: 2 hour 59 min 06 s; Loot: 4113/4400
    Pockets Picked: 5/7; Locks Picked: 23
    Back Stabs:0; Knock Outs: 0
    Damage Dealt: 0; Damage Taken: 0; Healing Taken: 0
    Innocents killed: 0; Others killed: 0

    I think it's POSSIBLE.
    I skipped loot from wine cellar in Westbury Manor and loot in house north from Lord Kensington front guard. I skipped 90 loot.

    The biggest mistake I made was assuming that I don't need to activate ghost event from Old House. Instead I took sewer key. Unfortunately I needed to activate this event, which made sewer key completely useless. It forced me to get again Old House key that I returned previously nad make quite a detour to bring back sewer key without activating exit.

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    This mission is on the easier side. That's why I decided to try to Supreme Ghost it. And on my test run I registered a lot of problems. To solve them I found the ways around them. This run is probably my ugliest run in this campaign, because I break it in this mission the most. Also I'm not gonna take any key or unblock shortcut door. Lightning can reveal your position, so be careful.

    There is one bonus objective to get that requires killing, but it also erase the slowness effect of the house. I wonder if this lack of slowness can be counted as a ghost bust. I'm not gonna do that. Though I'm gonna mention that in the stats. There is also Alchemist Shop, which must be visited in order to get to bonus mission. This means few optional supreme ghost busts.

    Also there is a situation with evidences objective. I need 14. To get to the Cathedral, I need 13. In the Cathedral is 14th and after it is 15th. So you can only miss 2 evidences before to enter Cathedral. But on my test run I had problem with 4 evidences. So I needed to find a way to get to final evidence before entering Cathedral (which was something that I found on my first playthrough, though for supreme ghost run, it needed some extra steps). Also I found a solution for one more evidence, which may not be pretty. But that's the only thing I can think about. That's why I'm gonna list all evidences in my run.

    One more thing. In this mission there are neutral NPC including guards. They can still alert if you bump into them. I'm gonna avoid that. To few of them you need to talk to get evidence. So I'm not gonna count for a ghost bust being seen by them if they don't make any voice alert comment.


    You are in Garrett's house from the beginning of the game. Don't take sheet from wrecked room. Check table (evidence #1). In this part of town there is patrolling policeman named Tommy (evidence #2). Find climbable vine and get into house. On desk is book with drawing (evidence #3). If you go down you will notice door blocked by broom. Don't use it. Return outside and open house on the left. Go to garden. You are on the other side of blocked by broom door. Mantle on door you used to get to garden. Mantle on red roof and look on roof next to you. You will notice broadhead arrow, dead bat and letter (evidence #4). If you wish to get to bonus mission - grab broadhead arrow. This is first optional supreme ghost bust. Leave house and go east.

    Talk to guard near locked gate (evidence #5). On the left is Pub and unfortunately on Supreme Ghost this place is impossible to enter, because opening door first alert guard in front of it. This is supreme bust. There is another way into second part of city, but by skipping Pub you miss 1 objective, 1 evidence, 1 secret and some loot. This is really unfortunate, but I can live with that. Go north.


    Here are neutral patrollers. They can still first alert if you run behind them. So just crouch. Go to house near Police Station. Go from the side of steps via metal floor, not from the front, because stationary guard will first alert to you. Open left window. For ghost just use moss arrow on red roof. For Supreme Ghost you need to do super difficult jump to the right side of red roof. If you jump to left side, then you will be blocked from going to right side by... I have no idea what's the obstacle, but to clear it, you need to jump. Jumping on metal roof makes huge noise. Also you need to time it with policeman walking below. This is extremely difficult jump, but it's possible to do without any noise. Good luck.

    It's funny, because it took me just few tries to do this jump+mantle on red roof. I remember that during my test run I did around 100 wrong jumps. So positioning and not too long run jump is needed. After you do jump, go backward to ladder on the right. Climb and go down. On your right is door. Enter it. Take loose plank and put it on the side.

    If you are ghosting, then it's the best moment to go to entrance and take it. Then hide in shadow. Entrance door is being opened only after you trigger the conversation by putting down loose plank. You can do it later, but it's a bit harder, because guard will go to Entrance and stand in front of permission. Conversation is evidence #6.

    So now, you have evidence, but you also have a hole in floor. You need to put plank back to cover hole. Unfortunately perfectly fit plank will fall through hole and that's a second alert from guards below. This solution isn't perfect, but that's the only thing I could think about.

    Grab plank, stand in front of painting, crouch, look max down and drop plank. By turning left and right, position plank. The middle part of plank is solid. You need to push it to cover hole. You will not manage to cover whole hole, but most of it. That's my solution. It's not perfect, but it's better than nothing. Is it a bust? I don't know and I'm gonna assume it's not a bust for this run. But correct me if I'm wrong.

    In the room below there are 2 guards. One of them holds a key for guard house in last part of city. But this guard house is too well guarded and too well lighted to enter this place. Also opening door first alert guard with key.

    It's time to leave Police Station. Wait for patrolling guard to open locked door to balcony on the left and block it from closing. When guard will leave this place, enter balcony, close door and jump over railing to roof. I think it's possible to drop down without losing health. I went for Keeper house though and from the window I got kinda "teleported" down.

    To enter East side of town - go to locked gate where you talked with guard. On the right is giant gear. Mantle on it, then jump on wall. Go to wall on your right. After crossing canal, drop on barrels and mantle on stairs. This part of town is also available for regular ghost only via this unintended route.


    Enter house and climb on rope with clothes. In pants is key for second house, but you can't return it into pants. See window below? You need to drop there and mantle inside. Here is evidence #7. You get out through the window, but this time you must mantle under angle. This way you will not get stuck on the other side of window and you will manage to crouch and quietly drop on street.

    Return to first house and to the barrel. From there you can drop into canal without any alert. Swim at the middle, after crossing under bridge, swim on the right side until broken boat. Go around it and swim to the ladder on your right. From now on guards can smell you, so don't get too close to them. Go east.


    To get to Crazy Philip's house go to it's north side. You can mantle on bushes and then jump to balcony. Inside you will notice that all door are moving super slow and you too are moving super slow. Find Philip and KO him. This will kill him and also complete bonus objective. But also slowness of this house will vanish. And I'm not sure if it's not a bust. You may ask - why did I completed this objective? I avoided optional objective of destroying bot in Mission 3. Well, unlike a bot, Philip actually thanks me for this act of mercy. That's the only reason I did this.

    Using blackjack on Philip reduce damage dealt to just 1, also I get 1 knockout and 1 innocent kill at the same time. Now that slowness vanished, loot this house and touch candy wrapping on floor in room below (evidence #8). Go to attic and open left window. Jump across to second house.

    Here is evidence #9. You need to grab loose plank to notice it. unlike plank from Police Station there is no hole and also dropping plank while looking max down will actually create noise that will alert guard on street. So crouch and just look slightly down. Position plank and drop it. The result again isn't perfect, but at least plank covers the letter in the place where it should be. Now jump back into Philip's house.


    When jumping across you probably noticed doll below. That's another evidence. Not only that putting doll on table in Garrett's house is yet another evidence. You can take doll by mantling on north fence from north side. But you can't get out of this place. There are only 3 crates available in this mission (all in Garrett's house), but it's not enough. South fence is impossible to mantle and also south side of north fence is impossible to mantle. I didn't found any way to get this doll and get out without rope arrow. So these 2 evidences must be skipped on Supreme Ghost.


    In Philip's house return back to balcony and drop down. Return back to ladder on the canal. From here find a small alley with unfrobbable crates leading north. Mantle over them and go right. You will overhear conversation (evidence #10). By the way, this pair can alert to noise and guard on the other side can alert to your smell, so don't get too close to metal gate. There is also 3 patrollers walking this way.

    Go east to door leading to Cathedral, go along Cathedral wall to metal fence. You will notice wheelbarrow. Mantle on it and jump into window. You are in the Bakery. Behind wardrobe is evidence #11. There is one more tricky secret here. Mantle on bucket with body and then on wooden beam. Go into hole. You are in secret room with giant rat. Here is a secret purse. You don't need to throw rack away. Just mantle on chimney and then on wooden beam. Go into hole and return to window. Time to return to the ladder on the canal.

    Now the target is to get on the other side of canal. There is a pier with broken boat on left. Jump there quietly. You you need to perform strafe jump towards street on the other side of canal without barrier. It's hard, but it's possible to barely jump on the edge without touching water. But even if you touch water and mantle on the other side, nobody will hear it. Unless there are patrols nearby.


    Go north. On the right is a bridge with 2 guards. You can't use the path nearby and go behind archer. You will need to go in opposite direction and race him north. Crouch and run along wall and nobody will notice you. If you got a doll, then on the left is wall to first section of town. Remember about it, because soon we will return to it. Anyway, go north and when you see archer passing you in order to climb on stairs, drop down behind him. North is a brick wall. If you don't care about bonus mission, then go over it. But if you want to get to this extra mission go west.


    You will notice stationary guard and light in front of it. Actually it's still dark there, but in order to cross it safely, you need to go on the edge of canal. To do that you climb on lower part of stone barrier near canal, go behind it and just walk slowly backward. After passing guard you can walk over the stone barrier and hide in shadow. Be careful of patrolling guard though. Go to the end of canal with crates and opened window.

    In order to get into Alchemist Shop, you need to shoot broadhead arrow into metal blockade holding the window. This is second optional supreme ghost bust. Shooting it may create noise, which will second alert stationary guard nearby. But it's also possible to do precise shot into blockade without making any noise and without even first alerts. To be honest I was surprised that this is possible.

    Getting into shop triggers a secret. Take Alchemist Book from bookshelf (it's needed for bonus mission) and leave house. By the way, you can't close window. But I don't think it's a supreme bust. Jump on stone barrier near crate and go this way to stationary guard. Go behind stone barrier and walk backward to go on the other side. Return to brick wall and go over it. Go to blocked gate. It activates evidence #12.

    EVIDENCE #13

    Descend on vine to lake. On NW are bushes. Mantle on them twice, go to wall, mantle on it, step back and mantle on invisible wall. It's a metal wall, so be careful. Jump on the invisible wall on the other side of wall. Jump left on the bushes. You will be stopped by something invisible. Step back and jump over it. You are in front of abandoned chapel.

    Go into chapel and grab dagger (evidence #13). Cathedral is accessible now. But first let's find murderer. But here is a problem. If you drop down, then you need to cross very well lighted area near big metal gate. There are 2 guards there that will first alert to you. Also here is door opened by key from Police Station. But it's impossible to get inside even in regular ghost.

    From abandoned chapel find wheelbarrow. Mantle on it and then mantle on bushes. Go left to the wall and along wall to the right. Drop on ledge, crouch and go west. In the end drop on slope and get to Murderer's house.

    Be careful, when close Garrett use light dagger, which reveal our position. So be sure that patrolling guard isn't nearby. Inside you will register 1 more damage, 1 knockout and 1 other kill. All at the same time. It's excused by objective. Return back to slope and mantle on ledge. Go back and mantle on bush, go right. You are back to abandoned chapel.


    Right now you need to return to Cathedral. In order to do that - drop down on steep slope and go right into building. Go into water and get out from lake. Climb vine and go over brick wall. Go behind patrolling archer on the right and mantle on right side of wall. Here are bolted shortcut door leading to first part of town. You can avoid using it by dropping on the edge of roof on your right. Also be careful of lightning.

    Now run to giant gear and do all the ghosting to ladder on the canal. Go over crates in alley and open Cathedral side door. Here you need to be quiet. Talk to priest (evidence #14 + evidence objective completed). Wait for priest to return and drop Catacombs key near him. Loot Cathedral and catacombs. Leave Cathedral via side door and jump over canal and over brick wall. And return to abandoned chapel.

    Behind it is Keeper door. Open it with Keeper key that you start the mission with. You can't relock door, because it uncheck the objective. After using key, hide it and simply close door. Mission completed.

    For regular ghost - after getting evidence behind brick wall, get back to first part of city and place doll on table. Then go to Cathedral and through a passage get to abandoned chapel and Murder house. Then just return to abandoned chapel and finish this mission.


    Time: 1 hour 23 min 38 s; Loot: 550/700
    Pockets Picked: 0/6; Locks Picked: 8
    Back Stabs:0; Knock Outs: 2
    Damage Dealt: 2; Damage Taken: 0; Healing Taken: 0
    Innocents killed: 1; Others killed: 1
    Secrets: 7/8

    On regular ghost all secrets are possible to get. On supreme ghost pub secret must be skipped. Also Alchemist Shop also must be skipped. I didn't do that in this run, because I'm going after secret mission. But this area is completely optional for Supreme Ghost.
    Evidence: 14/17
    I skipped Inn Keeper evidence and 2 evidences connected to doll. On ghost all evidences are possible to get.

    If there is any loot in guard tower in last part of the city, then getting all loot is impossible. I didn't found there anything though, but I didn't find all loot either.
    I was forced to skip loot in Pub.

    POSSIBLE OPTIONAL GHOST BUST: erasing slowness effect after completing bonus objective. I'm not sure if it's a bust though.

    1. Grabbing broadhead arrow.
    2. Shooting broad head arrow to open window of Alchemist Shop.

    Also I'm not sure if my covering holes with loose planks isn't a bust. Because it's not perfectly covering the holes. Especially in Police Station. Plank from attic with bats is placed better, though letter under it is still visible and it wasn't before grabbing plank. On ghost these 2 evidences may be skipped.

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    This mission is really complicated. That's why I'm going back to regular ghosting. The main problem in this mission is guards placement. Which is very tough. Many times I will need to find a detour. Also many close calls can be solved by slowly walking backward. Another problem are special events. Both these problems combined makes this mission impossible to ghost.


    Ignore 2 little houses and go along giant gate at south. Go behind guard and wait for guard to pass near you. He will first alert, but that's all. Go all along outside wall to the hatch leading to basement.


    Oh boy, this place is tough. Here there is a Mechanist on short patrol between double door and first crossroad. There is also engineer walking further and bot on longer patrol. Go behind Mechanist and open right door near crossroad. Enter the room and go to right corner. Don't close door or else the stationary bot behind door will spot you.

    From corner go slowly to shadow behind turbine and then go to corner. Mantle on generator, drop on desk, mantle on another generator and drop into corner near door. Be careful, this room is visited by engineer. From next room take fuel can. It will be needed very soon. Exit room with bot the same way you went through. After you leave go all the way right to the storage room. You can hide behind statues. Go to elevator.

    Kitchen has 3 pieces of loot and also 3 cooks to worry about. 1 in small room, 1 other - stationary will not be a problem, but the third is walking between 3 places. Also this place is visited by servant and through door you can get spotted by stationary guard. While on elevator look up for a cook. When he will walk away, ride up. Go around fireplace and hide in corner behind fireplace and near door to small room. Enter small room and quickly grab bag of spices from shelf. Then run across to wash room. Near door is cutlery on cupboard and inside also in water. Then just wait for chance to return to shadow behind fireplace. When cook go near wash room, run to elevator and return to first room with 2 crates. Put one crate under grate and take other crate to the outside.


    Go left. Put crate under wooden fence. Mantle on it and mantle on fence. Drop down and grab crate through fence. Now I need to get into house, but both doors are blocked by planks. Destroying them is damage property. There is attic window luckily. Take crate to barrel. Move barrel under fence. Climb the fence and go until it will change direction. Put crate there. Mantle on it and do a strafe jump+mantle to roof on your right. It's not easy. Open window and you are in house. By the way, you don't need crate anymore.

    Go to basement and use fuel can on machine, Use switch to turn on lights and find secret switch. Inside is key to Citadel (objective completed). Go closer to painting to watch Count's story. Leave house the same way you came in and drop on the other side. You are near starting point.

    The reason for that is the rest of the house isn't accessible from the basement yet. You need to find another way in. Go back to giant gate at south and go north. West terrace is patrolled by a guard and there is a camera far away. There is also door leading to Servant Quarters. You need to go there. Open door and very slowly sneak inside (there is guard on your left behind door. Go right.


    Go to door leading to stairs. Behind pillar on the right is a switch for a secret passage. Use it. Here you can go to Valet's room. Inside you can disable watcher in front of Tower and get Valet's key. It doesn't only open this room, but also some other doors on 2nd floor and Scribes room. Other choice is North Gallery. Here are 2 watchers and patrolling guard. Sword on statue disable watchers. Use it, then go behind guard and grab the loot. Return to Servant Quarters.

    Go to Carpenter and grab note to Jake. Then go to Laundry Room. Mantle on table and then to higher floor. Loot rooms and go south to stairs. Mantle and drop down. Use the secret passage and enter Conservatory. Loot Trophy Rooms at west and return to Conservatory.

    You need to use elevator, but you can't bring it to yours floor. That's third biggest problem with this mission that I forgot to mention. Open Gardener's room, mantle on door and climb on higher level. Go to elevator and ride to 2nd floor.


    This area is easy. Loot it. Take notice that in north part is entrance to attic. I will return here after getting Attic key. It's just for loot though. Afterwards you need to return to Servant Corridor. To do it faster - open red door with Valet's key and descend from balcony via vine. Now you just need to sneak to red door leading to Servant Quarters. Go to Hall.

    Be careful of guards at main entrance on the right. I'm gonna skip Temple for now and go across to stairs. Go under it and choose right door (door that don't lead to Library, but to Art Wing).


    Open door close to the guard, block closer part of door and open second half. Very slowly enter Gallery. Go left to storage room to get tapestry and disable watchers. If you don't care about bonus mission, then leave and use other double door to enter Theatre. If you want to continue, wait for guard and run south to small room. Climb on victrola and use lamp above your head 3 times. You will break lamp. This is optional ghost bust. Get Phoenix painting, open wall behind it and grab Phoenix Ashes.

    Now leave Gallery. No matter what door you use, you will be forced to sneak near guard. Go to Theatre.


    Go into Sufler place and grab Angie's note and Pump Room key. Now go west to Barracks. Very slowly go upstairs and enter first door. Here you will notice 2 guards in front of Chef of Palace Guards room. From what I know, further guard after few hours will move forward. I hope that second guard will do the same. I will need to enter this room later due of some event. Time to leave Art Wing and go to Library.


    Here is 1 patrolling around Mechanist and another looking kinda into Scribe's room. Take glasses near lamp on the right abd go left. Grab Scribe's petition and mantle on golden vase. From there jump to wooden railing on west. Under railing is switch for secret passage containing invisible potion. I don't know if I'm gonna need it. Close passage and drop down.

    Go to elevator and ride up. Go east, drop down and take golden quill from desk. Mantle on right desk and mantle on railing near door. Open door with Valet's key or Scribe's key. Here is a "Secret Passages and Dungeons" book. I think it's needed for objective of getting info about secret passage to Citadel. Leave room and this time don't drop. Go to middle bookcases. You will get first alert from Mechanist. On east middle bookcase is a switch opening secret elevator to underground passages.

    Don't use it yet. Drop down and leave library. Go to stairs. You will hear conversation about blocked passages. That's the first event. To be honest I don't know what exactly trigger it. Something what I did in Library. Go closer to stairs and watch Baron's arrival. Now Hall is blocked and we will need to finish this event. So return to Library and use secret elevator. Ride to Attic.


    Go to second elevator. East of it is treasure chest with 1 rope arrow. Shoot into wooden part of elevator shaft and descend to elevator. Ride up to recover rope arrow and then go to bottom.

    If you are supreme ghosting this mission, then it's possible to get to this elevator without rope arrow. It's much more complicated though. First use "0" switch to bring elevator to lowest floor. Climb wooden fence that go around elevator. Drop on it's edge and go into SW corner. Turn north and drop. You will bounce from north wall of elevator shaft, turn right to mantle on east side of elevator shaft. It's hard, but possible. Bring elevator to Attic and drop on it. Ride to bottom.

    On spike trap is ring. It's needed for bonus objective. Also I don't think there is a way to complete bonus objective without busting supreme ghost. Anyway ride to middle floor and go through secret passage to Guest Wing.Open door with Valet's key. Now you have a choice: red door to the left or right door. Choose right door for now. I'm gonna return to this red door later.

    You are in dark corridor. For bonus objective you need to go right. For that you must douse gas torch. Inside behind wardrobe is Lady Faul's letter and Attic key. Return to corridor and sneak left. Loot apartment with some noble lady inside and continue left.


    Douse another gas torch near guard and sneak into corridor leading to stairs. There is a goblet on top of stairs and to my surprise it is possible to obtain it without drinking invisible potion. But you will hear lots of first alerts and this is just loot, nothing super important.

    In front of Royal Apartments on your right is guard. Sneak very slowly left and enter 2 nobles room. On your left behind curtain is some loot. Then crouch and walk past nobles to shadow near table near door. Take purse from noble and open double door.

    Here is another guard in front of Royal Apartments. You will need to block one half of door and sneak left. Crossing wardrobe can be tricky. I crouched and did strafe run behind wardrobe. Kinda tricky, but you can avoid second alert. Then open door and cross it. You will get first alert from guard near stairs looking at you. Slowly go along wall to goblet.

    Now you just need to return. Getting to double door is easy, but this time strafe run don't work. And that's because you run towards guard. I decided to mantle on wardrobe and crouch. Now run, drop silently on the other side and crouch. Slowly get into dark corridor and you are safe. Congratulations, you manage to do some really tough ghosting. Remember red door. Get back to it.


    You are on east balcony. Here is a guard walking from door to door. Go on the side of balcony with into shadow. Let guard walk past you to red door you used. Go to another red door. Here slowly sneak around rack to door on left.

    You can enter Hospital without rope arrow. Just mantle on lamp and then jump to wooden beam. To get out mantle on cupboard and then mantle into hole. Also don't go near body. Next find room south from Great Hall and climb ladder.

    After scene with Count and Baron, blockade in Hall vanish and Great Hall gets accessible. But only on first floor. Return all the way to Library and go to double door leading to Great Hall. Thanks to that, all door in Great Hall gets open. This is the point where you have the most of freedom. You can go to Tower to continue story, but there is also few other stuff you can do. First go to basement to Pump Room, second to Temple to complete bonus objective and third to west attic.


    You can do it later, but since you are close you can go to basement right now. Loot Great Hall, then use big door to enter Kitchen. Use elevator to go to basement. I decided to sneak through Wine Cellar to Pump Room. Here read a note and go to Pool. Try to open Control Room. Drunk guard will give you coin and bottle. Sometimes bottle spawn behind you. Drop it into water and then drop it near Control Room door. It's kinda picky, so you may need to try few times. Hide and turn on blue lights. Go back to Pump Room to get a code. It's randomly generated. Note it and return to Hall. Also grab 1 moss arrow from logs in Coal Room. It will be needed for bonus objective. Now enter Temple.


    Here is very troublesome Mechanist. Sneak into shadow under golden child and use switch on the side of bench. To complete bonus objective you need to put both ring from spike trap and Lady Faul's letter from her apartment into secret compartment. The problem is that putting ring on metal second alert Mechanist. Putting ring on letter inside doesn't work. You need to shot inside moss arrow.

    First return to shadow near entrance. Wait for Mechanist and go behind him to secret compartment. Take loot and shoot moss arrow inside. Return to shadow near entrance. Wait for Mechanist again and put both items inside (bonus objective completed). Return to shadow. Close secret compartment and leave Temple.

    Now go to second floor on west side of house and loot Attic. Afterwards return to Conservatory and go North through Trophy Room. Sneak near guard into Tower.


    Go into ventilation. Mantle upward. This can be annoying. You will activate new event and get new objective. Climb to third floor and grab Appendix B (objective completed). Go to Attic and enter ladder shaft. Drop on elevator. If you can't go through hole, then grab ladder and mantle on metal floor again. Go outside through a window and get into guarded room.

    New event will happen - lockdown of house. This means you can't go outside and you will need to make few more detours. Also there are new guards in house and they are a lot of problem. Now your target is Chef of Palace Guards room in Barracks. And unfortunately this event force few ghost busts.

    That's why I tried to prevent getting locked. Unfortunately all hatches, grates, red doors and windows have superior strength and can't be blocked by crates. They can only be blocked by us. I tried to block window that I use to enter Count bedroom and it's possible. But leaving outside through a window, fails the mission. Looks like Zontik thought about everything.


    Take slow fall potion from bath and climb back into ladder shaft. Send elevator to basement and continue descending down. In the end you will be forced to use slow fall potion to safely get down. Get loot, use lever and go to elevator. Block elevator door and send elevator back to second floor. Drop to bottom of elevator shaft and grab necklace. Now you are forced to exit basement via Kitchen. No changes here.

    But when you get to Kitchen, you will notice new guard running into closed big door. Hide behind fireplace and when cook vanish near elevator, open big door and run back into shadow. Enter Great Hall. Go into Art Wing to Theatre. Here is a patrolling guard that looks like he's in second alert, but he's not. Go to Barracks and sneak upstairs. Be careful of another running guard here. You can hide in corner of stairs. Enter first door on right and jump on coach.

    In my run these 2 guards in front of Chef's room didn't move at all. I was forced to use gas arrow on them. Gas arrow can be find in basement: one in very first ventilation shaft and other in Cold Room. That's the first obligatory ghost bust. I'm not using invisibility potion, because I have only one and I will need to return. Hide bodies and enter Chef's room.

    Use the code on Activator. Event of opening exit will happen and also you launch alarm and these gassed guards would second alert to it. That's the second obligatory ghost bust.


    The road is pretty much the same and your target is Servant Quarters. Through a secret passage go to north gallery. New loot piece is available. Go behind guard and lean forward to obtain it. Then quickly run into corridor with not destroyed watcher. Go behind Chef and sneak outside. To bad I didn't left crate under fence on the left. This would be nice shortcut. Luckily return path to starting point isn't hard. Just open grate, close it behind you and you will finish this mission.


    Time: 2 hours 50 min 32 s; Loot: 4345/4500
    Pockets Picked: 3/10; Locks Picked: 3
    Back Stabs:0; Knock Outs: 0
    Damage Dealt: 0; Damage Taken: 0; Healing Taken: 0

    Now, this is weird. I gassed 2 guards in front of Chef's room, but the game didn't show that. I don't know if it's Zontik's decision or just a glitch in stats.
    Innocents killed: 0; Others killed: 3
    Another thing that confused me. I didn't kill anyone and gassed guards stay unconscious, so it's not them. I'm guessing that game counts death of 3 conspirators. Or maybe Count's death and death of last conspirator and a... watcher? I don't know, I'm confused.
    Iron Beasts Destroyed: 0; Disabled: 0
    Secrets: 16/16 + bonus objective

    On supreme you will need to skip 1 secret at the bottom of elevator shaft and 1 secret in Art Gallery needed for bonus mission. And I don't know if getting secret in Sealed House isn't a supreme bust. You are forced to turn on lights, but on the other hand it's needed to get tunnel key and complete objective. Bonus objective also requires few supreme busts, so on supreme it should be skipped.

    Edit: Now I know that secret in Sealed House isn't supreme bust. Thanks for info, klatremus.


    1. 2 water arrows (1 - for bonus objective, 2 - for some optional loot)
    2. 1 moss arrow (for bonus objective in Temple)
    3. 1 slow fall potion (for secret at the bottom of elevator shaft)
    4. 1 gas arrow (for 2 guards in front of Chef of Palace Guards room)


    1. Breaking lamp in Art Gallery.
    It's optional and it's only needed to get to bonus mission.


    1. Gassing 2 guards.
    2. Alarm from activator second alert guards.

    There is some loot in Barracks where 2 guards in Chef's room are located and loot in Chef's room. Together 145 loot. I took this loot only because I gassed these 2 guards.
    SUPREME GHOST: FAILED. My goodness, this large number of first alert I didn't saw for a long time.
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    Nice work! As for the one secret you said you had to skip for Supreme, if the only thing you had to do was turn on lights, then you are in the clear. Supreme only prohibits turning them off.

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    Quote Originally Posted by klatremus View Post
    Nice work! As for the one secret you said you had to skip for Supreme, if the only thing you had to do was turn on lights, then you are in the clear. Supreme only prohibits turning them off.
    Edit: Oh, sorry. Looks like I didn't finish my sentence, so it looks like I'm talking about Art Gallery secret. I'm talking about Sealed House secret. I'm gonna edit it now. But I didn't knew that I can turn on light in supreme ghost. Good to know.
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    I have a question regarding rule 9 of Supreme: "No triggering of traps is allowed if the trigger is caused directly by Garrett, such as stepping on a pressure plate or crossing an invisible trip wire." What about trap doors activated via levers? Should they be considered traps or just doors? They are intended to be the former, but mechanically, they are closer to the latter since they act more like gates that can be opened and closed.
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    You need to explain the situation more. I take it Garrett is using the lever to access a new area? Traps can be tough to identify. Normally they are ones meant to catch Garrett unawares. How is that the case here if he is operating it?

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    The report is coming soon. Let's determine whether they are traps once I post it.

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    Game: Thief Gold
    FM: Heart and Soul

    Ghost - Success
    Perfect Thief - Success
    Supreme Ghost - Success
    Perfect Supreme - Failed
    Time - 42:54
    Loot - 3451/3451 (Supreme: 2626)
    Pockets Picked - 2/2
    Locks Picked – 2 (Supreme: 0)
    Backstabs - 0, Knockouts - 0
    Damage dealt - 0, Damage taken - 0
    Healing taken - 0, Other Kills - 0, Bodies Discovered - 0
    Consumables - none

    Heart and Soul. Not a mission by xarax but rather a TDP 20th Anniversary Contest mission by StinkyKitty and McTaffer. As the name suggests, the mission revolves around Mystic’s gemstones. Somewhere after the events of the first game, Garrett receives a note from the hammerites stating that the gems have found their way into the possession of a rogue mage who, along with a group of paid mercenaries, has occupied Mystic’s Keep, barricaded everyone inside, and now has likely less than wholesome plans for them. Our goals are to steal both gems, steal the Adviser’s emblem, and find out who’s in charge of the guards in the keep.

    This is a really interesting mission. It is not big, but the layout makes it seem enormous due to how interconnected it is. Pretty much the entire mission is open to exploration from the get-go, with very little gating. There are also quite a few instances of humans and undead being practically next door to each other, which is pretty fun. There is an interesting item for purchase: a silver key that opens a number of doors in the keep. It would be nice to have it from the start, but since I couldn’t buy anything for Supreme, I had to find one in the mission. Here we go.

    Getting Inside

    The first dilemma came straight away. The gate to the keep is closed, but there is a gatehouse nearby. Inside, there is a key that opens the door leading into the keep proper and the lever that operates the gate. The key disappears on use and is seemingly an unnecessary pickup since I could just open the gate, exit the guardhouse, and enter that way. However, it is also important to consider that I wouldn’t be able to close the gate on my way out as the mission would end before allowing me to do so. Thus, I entered the keep by using the key. On a side note, if the gate is opened, a guard patrolling nearby would see it and desert. He wouldn’t alert; he would simply run away and disappear. While this is a scripted response, to me, getting rid of the guard goes against the spirit of Supreme, so that’s another reason to use the door instead.

    From here, the mission can roughly be split in two: the keep and the crypt. Mystic’s Soul and the journal with information can be found in the former, while Mystic’s Heart and the Adviser’s Emblem are underground. It makes sense to hit the crypts first though since to get the Adviser’s Emblem, his sarcophagus has to be opened from the garden above. This is done by activating five collector towers using control panels near each. While doing that, I also got into the broken window and pickpocketed the orange key off the guard captain who has a long patrol route but is always found here in the beginning. There is another copy of the key in his quarters, the door to which is pickable, but it would be quite a bit more cumbersome to go for that one instead. I don’t mind taking the key off the captain’s belt to save some time. Additionally, picked up a couple pieces of loot in the corridor leading down to the prison level where the silver key can be found. However, the dungeon is occupied by burricks, and I don’t trust myself with their alerts. It’s easy to Ghost this area, but with Supreme, I couldn’t be sure, so I decided to enter it from the other side.

    Returned to the garden and climbed the statue to get into the haunted house. Using a ledge, got into the room with a candlestick and a blue chest. Picking up the latter makes two zombies inside the house wake up and start patrolling. This is a scripted response, but I’d rather avoid it if I can. Thus, picked up just the candlestick and went around to enter the house from the other side. Picking up a couple more pieces of loot, made my way to the secret passage behind the slashed banner and got inside. The door on the other end responded to the orange key. Picked up loot around the area and exited into the garden with the well, inside of which is a haunted pail that floats up and down and acts as an elevator. Riding it took me to the underground level.

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    The Crypt

    Picked up a golden book and jumped over into the collapsed corridor that led me to a temple of sorts. From here, opened the door to the burrick-occupied prison and got the silver key. Additionally, got a lever held by a creepy statue. The ramp in the middle leads to the exit from the crypts, and I will use it later. On a side note, the fire shadow inside the temple can get stuck on the water font. Saving and loading fixes him. Returned to the collapsed corridor and took the flooded tunnel into a similarly flooded cave with an odd tomb in the middle.

    Climbed in, picked up a couple coins, and took a ramp to the upper level where the Adviser’s sarcophagus is located. The easiest way to take his emblem is to mantle the ledge from the ramp, which is outside of the haunt’s view, climb through the window, and grab the emblem while the haunt and the Adviser are turned away. With the latter, it’s a bit hard to tell where he’s looking though. Then, had to get back into the water without making a splash, and the easiest way would be to drop onto stone to the left of the trap room. I should also mention that a couple of enemies in this area sound like apparitions but are normally completely silent. Thus, I took any apparition noises as an alert.

    Unfortunately, the trap room has to be skipped for Supreme. It is opened by picking a lockbox, and inside, there are three pieces of loot and two chests, one of which has another loot piece. Frobbing either chest makes the door to the room close and activates the spike wall. Triggering of traps is not allowed for Supreme, but why not just pick the three loot pieces and leave? Well, the door can be re-closed, so for Supreme, it is necessary to do so, and the only way is to trigger the trap. I should also mention that behind the spike wall is another, hidden loot piece which is possible to take once the trap is triggered and evaded.

    To get deeper into the crypt, had to jump onto the platform near the bridge with the Adviser and mantle it from there while he was looking another way. Going past the double brass door, entered the room with a bunch of spike walls and two red beams. Touching either beam activates the traps, and so does the barely visible pressure plate. Jumping over it, entered a semi-circular room leading to the lower level, where I could pick up a few more loot pieces and a lever. Taking the latter spawned in a zombie, which is not a bust, but it can be avoided, which is why I took the lever in the temple instead. I could also deactivate the red beams, but that’s forbidden for Supreme, so I just went back to the brass doors.

    Using the lever and opening the doors, I was greeted with another set of doors. Frobbing the ring on the opposite wall caused the floor to open up, but it could be frobbed from afar by leaning forward. Additionally, standing close to the right allowed to avoid the spikes below. Now, considering the circumstances, this looks like a trap, but to me, it looks more like a simple door, and I am not sure what to make of it. Flipped the ring back; the floor door will also close eventually. In the next room, there is a similar setup. Using a lever spawns in a zombie and opens four doors: two on the floor near the lever, one leading outside the room, and one leading into the room with Mystic’s Heart. To avoid alerts from the newly spawned zombie, stayed close to the lever and then jumped into the shaded area once he was behind hard cover. The way out led into the flooded cave. Using the platform once again, went back and used the newly opened brass door on the top level. Easily avoiding the pressure plates, took Mystic’s Heart. Two objectives down!

    Now, I had to re-close all of the doors I opened. Before closing the room with the lever near the trap doors, had to block the way out with the scroll I had from the start; otherwise, there was not enough time to get out. Then, waited for the zombie to get inside the room and flipped the lever, picking up the scroll and closing the room behind me. Next, returned to the first brass door and flipped the ring and the lever back. Of course, I could not take the levers out and return them, so I’m good here. Next, swam back through the flooded cave and tunnel, got into the collapsed corridor, end exited the crypt through the temple.

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    The Keep

    Having deactivated all collector towers in the garden, decided to loot the lower level of the keep. Not much to report here. Careful timing allowed me to never even be in the line of sight of any guard. Of note here is the silver door that leads into the haunted library and eventually the prison. For Supreme, it was preferable to enter it from here. Inside, there is a bunch of loot and two secret areas openable with book switches. Neither can be re-closed, and one of them holds a very hard-to-take torc since Garrett really wants to take the key instead.

    On the second floor, broke into the captain’s room and picked up his diary. To get the blue gem in the kitchen without being spotted by the drunk, used a rope arrow to reach it from above. On the third floor, picked up more loot and found the door leading into the mage’s laboratory. This is the official way in, which involves solving a puzzle with statue heads. However, going this way is impossible for Supreme, and there is a much better option.

    Down the corridor, there is another silver door. Inside is a library with a secret book switch that opens a passage to the laboratory. From here, it is very easy to get the Mystic’s Soul without any alerts. The book panel can also be re-closed with a lever, which is nice. Additionally, this area holds a bunch of loot, with only one piece being impossible to take for Supreme: a floating ring, which is being bombarded by magic missiles. If I take it, the missiles will go past it and make noise, alerting the AIs in the area. I could push a button to deactivate the missile emitter, but that seems like deactivating a security measure, which is disallowed for Supreme. All I had to do now is return the orange and silver keys, which was easy enough, and leave the keep.

    - It's been decided that floor doors in the crypt area are not traps. Since opening those is the only thing that can be considered a Supreme bust, I think I can claim the Supreme success here.
    - The two bookcase secrets in the haunted library cannot be re-closed. Not a bust.
    - Skipped a blue chest worth 150 in the house near the garden for Supreme. Taking it causes two zombies to wake up and start patrolling.
    - Skipped 575 worth of loot in the trap room in the flooded cave for Supreme. Any interaction with it is a Supreme bust.
    - Skipped a ring worth 100 near the observatory for Supreme. Taking it requires either activating or deactivating a trap.
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    Reading the section on the trap room, I would agree you have to close the door for Supreme, and therefore you are forced to trigger the trap, albeit intentionally, to reclose the door. This is a bust, but a rather uncommon scenario.
    Question: I didn't read the whole report as I haven't played this one but am planning to, so why did you put a question mark after Supreme success? Did all the missed loot get you below the loot goal?

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    The trap room is definitely off limits for Supreme, so I just skipped it. It's what comes next I'm not sure of. Read the paragraph starting with "Using the lever and opening the doors, I was greeted with another set of doors."

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    Yeah that one is a bit more tricky. I think you could leave it as is, with a possible (or even probable) success. It's really a question of what constitutes a "trap". If it is something that simply opens up that is required to open in order to finish the game, then I'd say no. Sure if you happen to stand in the wrong spot when it opens then you might take damage or die, but such situations occur in many places. You could say that opening a door with a guard standing right behind it meant to catch you also is a trap then. Nothing is being shot out at you and you're not triggering anything by crossing an invisible line. You are deliberately frobbing a lever in order to proceed. I'd say you're good here.

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    Excellent. And yeah, it's necessary to open those to proceed.

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    All these ghost busts in previous mission resulted in getting into this bonus mission. And oh, boy. it's really tough and chaotic mission There is this thing again. One of this loud and long battles at the top of the towers. What it cause is random second alerts from enemies. Really frustrating to track which alert has been cause by the battle and which by me. It doesn't help that most of the guards walk like they would be in search mode. This mission is split between 2 towers and they are claustrophobic. Not only that there is a lot of torches that I will be forced to douse. That's why I bought all 20 water arrows.


    Boy, what a beginning. Bot shooting into gate where you stand and it keeps shooting forever. There are also 4 Mechanists patrolling in search mode manner. First I looted this area and north side. South side I'm gonna skip for now. Then I mantled on the bridge. Be careful of Mechanists. I went to the end of bridge and sneaked to get Mechanist purse (this mission have a lot of this kind of loot).

    Now will be harder. On north side of bridge is purple roof with wooden shutters. You need to mantle on metal railing and jump there and get inside. It's tough to do with all these Mechanists below. Go through house and grab crate. This crate will allow you to get 2 secrets nearby. Be careful - dropping crate with guards nearby, can second alert them. Go via stairs to top, use lever and grab and read Warden Note.


    Now it's time to go back to street and this time check south area. In my case bot killed 2 patrolling Mechanists and third one got stuck near starting point. Bot is alerted by bodies, but he doesn't move out of place. Just mantle on wooden railing behind him and sneak along wall behind corner.

    Now will be harder. Wait for patrolling Mechanist to go right and run left. Mantle behind Mechanist on wooden railing on sharp angle. Only that way you will be allowed to crouch and descend quietly. Otherwise you will get stuck in standing position and descending will make noise enough for Mechanist to second alert. Inside is easy. Just grab 2 flares and key to Service Shaft. Flares will be needed later in the mission.

    Now return the same way you came and enter East Tower through a side entrance like you did before. This time though cross wooden machines. To do that quietly you will be forced to jump on it's edge. Then go upstairs.


    You probably noticed that you can hear Mechanists walk steps even though they aren't on this floor. This is quite confusing. Anyway, second floor is empty. Third floor have 1 patrolling Mechanist and 2 Mechanists on balcony. One of them has purse. So after patroller vanish just sneak for a purse and go upstairs.

    Fourth floor is a trouble. For me Mechanists went randomly into second alert, so I just waited for them to calm down. There is a good hiding spot behind power generator. Wait for Mechanist to pass you and run to second stationary guard. Oh, by the way, you need to blindly time him to not look in your direction. Grab his purse and mantle on barrels. Here in corner you are safe. Further in rope box is rope arrow, but it's even harder to obtain it. I'm gonna skip this. Anyway, rope arrow is needed only for last secret.

    Wait for patroller to go away and stationary guard to look at chest. Crouch and that way return to shadow behind generator. Wait and listen for eventual second alerts. Stationary guard is pretty sensitive.

    Fifth floor is pretty easy. Just wait in shadow on stairs for Mechanist with purse to pass. He can go upstairs. Wait for him to return and go upstairs. And this sixth floor is the hardest. Go slowly upstairs, lean to side and douse your first torch. Slowly get inside. Douse another torch to get to stationary woman Mechanist with another purse and go upstairs.


    Now this a nightmare. Here is patrolling guard that can randomly get into search mode. It would be good to avoid that, but again that's random. I think running Mechanists after conversation on bridge can trigger that. There are also 2 situations that you really want to avoid: running man standing too close to entrance to Attic and stationary woman move to stand near bridge. First don't go towards bridge yet. Go right and take another purse from Mechanist (unlike me who missed that). Go and disable lights on bridge by last lever. Save and go towards bridge. Mantle on wall to be safe. After conversation steal purse from running Mechanist and go on the other side. For me patroller went into search mode so just run on the other side and sneak to Attic.

    Top of Attic has a secret loot. Jump on desk and on top of bookshelf. Take loot and drop on wooden railing around stairs. Don't forget another purse. Go down and take mace out of power generator. Now sneak slowly to the shadow in corner and throw mace into river. Now you need to sneak to catapult.

    Patroller is still in search mode and he will stay that way forever. And he's always searching in front of bridge. This place is well lighted, so getting to catapult is very difficult. You must cross broken gate and hide behind it on right side in barely any shadow. That's enough. Patroller never goes beyond broken gate. Now go to catapult into good shadow, but not too close to fighters. Even if you are in good shadow, you can still get spotted by them and archers can shoot you. Reposition catapult.


    We are almost done with roof. Now you need to use elevator. So first run to shadow near stairs and wait for patroller to look somewhere else. Run to elevator and quickly ride down. Crouch on south part of elevator. Downstairs save on different slot. Ride up to check what's happening with patroller. If he's still there searching, then it's alright, you can continue. But if he's gone, then that means he spot you and just run for help. That's a ghost bust.

    Our target now is balcony. There is stationary Mechanist on left wall guarding fan (our key item). There is also another patroller on a very short route. Steal his purse and hide in right corner. For ghost you need to have 1 speed potion. There is 1 to buy and 1 to get from first secret. Mantle on metal railing and go on the edge on the other side. Now you need to walk backward to the other side while mantling on higher metal beams. You need to move slow to not get spotted, but in order to cross it patroller, you will be forced to do that fast. Also if you get too close to stationary guard, he will go into search mode.

    After finding this sweat spot between places that can alert both guards, drop down and use speed potion to travel to the end of railing. Grab fan and return left. You will not manage to climb up on railing. Just drop down, it's possible to not lose health.

    You are on street near main entrance to East Tower. Between this entrance and bottom of elevator shaft is walking Mechanist from the conversation. Steal his purse if you didn't do that earlier. Also loading game will force him to stop and he will stand in place for like a random amount of time. So stop him on one of the ends of his patrol route if you need to save. Then go all the way to ventilation and go up.


    Be careful with Mechanist at top floor. He can spot you. As for other patrollers they got stuck on the other passage. Walk slowly through metal vent, open grate and douse torch. Be careful of guard on the right. He went for me randomly into second alert and alerted his companion. Go left and hide in left corner. You need to move slow there.

    Here is stationary guard. Don't alert him. While in corner turn around to watch into corner. This will prevent you from walking in front of guards during cutscene. That's it, that's the end of East Tower. You don't need to go there ever again. After scene, douse torch and go into another room and douse another torch. Go forward and lean to grab coin on shelf. Return to stairs.


    There are only 3 floors here + roof and attic + ground floor and outside. You are on highest floor. Go to middle floor. Quickly douse torch, go left and douse another torch. Quickly mantle on this torch. For me this guard always randomly second alert in this place. Drop down. Put fan on metal plate. It will make noise, but I don't know, because he's already in his random second alert. Go upstairs. Now you need to pass guard. And it can take a lot of tries, but it's possible. Don't forget to grab his purse. Go on the other side to shadow behind bed. Lean left to grab loot from chest. By the way, top of bed is safe place. Go downstairs.

    Go left and douse a torch. Wait for guard to calm down from first alert and douse another torch. Pass guard. On balcony is a guard with purse. Oh, one more thing. In test run I went here on elevator and everyone went into second alert. That's why I don't use elevator this time. Jump to another elevator and throw flare into torch below.


    Go to side room with fuel barrels. Take the lid and return to balcony. Throw lid into river. Grab barrel. It makes you slower and after loading it become invisible until you drop it. Jump+mantle diagonally across hole and go to stairs. You should get only first alert from guard. Stairs are patrolled by a guard, but it's easy enough to avoid him on his long patrol. Go to roof, go left. Cross blocked entrance to bridge and behind guard is drain. Garrett will automatically drop barrel, which makes noise, which doesn't alert anyone. Wait and you will get objective completed.


    You can go to lower floor and finish this mission, but I decided to go to the ground floor for loot outside. Douse last torch and go through gate. Here are 2 guards running. One of them can get stuck on cart. Just save and reload to unstuck him. I spot here 2 pieces of loot: coin and purse. Coin is on last market stand near river at south. Purse is on guard near big blocked town gate. Just go along north wall and lean forward for it.

    Return to empty balcony and throw flare into torch. Then mantle on metal railing and use ashes on fan. You will get teleported to new place. Don't move! I believe that Mechanist at top floor can still spot you through door. And that's the end of this mission.

    Damn, this mission was absolutely a nightmare. Just like in previous mission I encountered many first alerts, in this mission I encountered many second alerts. Guards on both towers can randomly go into search mode. That's why it's hard to track which second alert is made by me and which by battle at the top of the bridge.


    Time: 1 hour 12 min 39 s; Loot: 1830/2000
    Pockets Picked: 13/14; Locks Picked: 0
    Back Stabs:0; Knock Outs: 0
    Damage Dealt: 0; Damage Taken: 0; Healing Taken: 0
    Innocents killed: 0; Others killed: 3 (?)

    Now that's a quite a mystery. From what I noticed these 3 kills are transported from the previous mission. In other words I start this mission with the same amount of kills like it happened in previous mission. Previous kills weren't my fault, so these kills aren't my fault either. And by the way, these 3 kills are transported into next mission stats. And also these kills are being added to total kills in the whole campaign. Awesome.
    Secrets: 3/3
    One secret is triggered by getting speed potion, but I end it using it to get a fan. I don't think there is any other way to get it and not bust a ghost.


    1. 10 water arrows.
    Some of them were used just for extra loot, but I don't think it's possible to beat this mission without dousing any torch.
    2. 2 flares. You can also use fire arrow, but flares are more quiet. They are needed to lit big torch stuck on roof of wooden building.
    3. 1 speed potion. I got it from first secret. I didn't found any way to get fan without using speed potion to climb very steep slope under balcony.


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    I have 3 questions about things I encountered in final mission of Patriot:

    1. This is about tracking enemies that die after some time when the music stops. I discovered that these enemies have been programmed to always run to my position no matter how quiet and how hidden in shadow I am. There is 4 waves of these enemies. First wave is unavoidable third alert. Then I escape through a big gate that locks behind me and enemies can't open it to go after me. But they know my position, so they end running into locked gate. And when I open this gate at the end, on the other side of gate is huge pile of dead bodies. So, is the fact that they know my position even though I am few rooms away is still a ghost bust?

    2. Very similar situation with enemies at the end of the mission. They aren't that extreme though. Situation: I open door, there is cutscene and all enemies run to door and after me. After some time they lose track. I managed to block door with my body from full opening and ran to nearby ladder. They know that I'm impossible to get to, so they go into search mode. During that time my allies spawn into level and kill my enemies. I wonder if their behavior is a ghost bust or is the fact that I managed to avoid eye contact and be quiet to avoid bust?

    3. There is a secret that require to shoot into apple. Apple gets destroyed, so you can't pick it up. Is that damage property?

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    Both 1 and 2 sound like scripted events that occur due to pre-programmed behavior. If that is it, and they never trigger to seeing or hearing you, then you should be ok. Those are generally excused.

    Destroying the apple I dont think would be considered property damage. The rules refer to banners, doors, crates, glass, etc, not food items. If so, then taking an apple and eating it would also be property damage.

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    Thanks for answers, klatremus. I also thought about something regarding 2nd situation.

    I said that my allies kill my enemies. But I didn't mention that I can summon my allies to the mission anytime. If I don't summon them, they will not spawn for the fight and I lose my way to go through room unseen. Summoning my allies completes first objective, but I can do that anytime by using special device. So I wonder if summoning them in order to kill these enemies can be actually considered as a ghost bust?

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    If it is an objective, you are definitely excused and are free to use the situation to your advantage. This is similar to spawning Brother Adrius in Calendra's Cistern. It follows the objective, and the fact that he kills all party guests is a nice bonus.

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    Thanks for the answer, marbleman. I will post report probably tomorrow,

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    The final mission presents different kind of challenge. This mission is really linear. Also I bought moss arrows. I'm pretty sure that they are located somewhere in this mission, but I feel safer with some extra moss arrows.


    We start in the very long Tunnel. At the end trolley we are riding will crash on blockade, which will second alert all Mechanists and 1 bot on the Outpost. This is unavoidable. Even if you wait at the beginning for 10 min, when you go to Outpost, they will still be in search mode. I think they were scripted that way. Anyway trolley crash isn't my fault, because there is no way to stop it. So that's not a ghost bust. But you can't sneak will light on. You need to disable and lever for it is in metal locker room just before Outpost.

    Crouch and go along wall. Now I need to go on the other side. On my test run I went between 2 stationary Mechanists and a bot. On my ghost run this route was blocked. Stationary Mechanists were standing too close to bot. So I went behind archer. Now you need to time archer and swordman. When swordman go near door steal his key and use it to open gate and hide in shadow. The problem is he usually do half of his route. To make him perform his full route, just before he go to the other end of his route, save and load. Now he will perform long route. Also if getting to him trigger second alert, it means that you need to wait a bit longer for enemies to calm down.

    Next is maze, which is easy. After finishing it you need to use secret passage to get to demon head. As for closing secret door, don't worry, there is a way to do that later. Now you will end in front of demon head.


    This thing is weird. It took me 4 runs to understand the rules of crossing this rope. So you need to cross rope while watching demon head. You can't drop on the edge of the rope, because trap activate and kill you. And you need to look into eyes of the beast. Easier said than done. So first position yourself. You need to have rope at the middle of your light crystal. After positioning - stand and use "Center View" button (check your controls for that).

    Then go forward. Near the end you need to slowly turn to look up. Don't use mouse for that! You can accidentally turn to side, drop on edge of rope and activate trap. Use "Look Up" button and slowly tap it. This way you can cross this annoying trap.

    Now you are on stone staircase. Here is first secret that lead back to maze. Use it to close secret door at the end of maze. To do that go S, E, S, W and then numbers will lead you to the end. Afterwards return the same way to stone staircase and go down. Open giant gate with a key you got in Mission 9 and enter Citadel Hall.


    Signal device will show up. Don't use it! You can use it anytime and right now isn't a good time. Right now you are outside dome of Citadel. There is no other way than through main entrance. You need to use triangle lockpick on gear lock. It triggers security and it's unavoidable. So reflectors will turn on and zombie bots will get released.

    They die after music will end and also it's impossible to avoid them the first time. Because they were programmed to always know your position. Even if you are in a completely different area. There is 4 waves of them and first wave is unavoidable third alert (first ghost bust). Luckily I can avoid contact with zombie bots from other 3 waves, because they can't open giant gate. They will end running into it.

    So what I'm doing is activating lever to open giant gate, strafe run to gear lock, use lockpick and strafe run to the other side of giant gate before it will lock. Then I open slow door and mantle on stone step on the left. One or few of them will manage to get under step, but they can't get to me. Now you just need to wait for him to die and wait for other 3 waves to finish (you have music as indicator).

    The reason I don't use signal device is Keepers can block passage leading to giant gate. That's why I don't summon them. And I prefer to summon them as late as possible. Open giant gate. You will notice huge pile of bodies on the other side. Now peacefully open main door and enter Dome.


    Dome is a little more open. Open door and wait for guard to go left. Go to the left door. After guard will turn around open it and go inside. Go left and behind novice. Grab 2 rope arrows from bells and go back. Use other door to enter Church. On the left is novice, this area is patrolled by priestess and further in right corner is watcher and priest. Most dangerous is watcher.

    Go under pillars. Pass 2 of them from right, third from left. Then you need to go to left wall near the passage leading to novice. Go along wall to door. That's how you will avoid alert from watcher. Go to shadow at the middle of corridor to it's north side. Wait for guard to pass you and run into next room. Here is plenty shadow, so just sneak across this room to the Security room. Wait for guard to walk to bookcase and disable 4 watchers (use 4 levers).

    Now just go back to entrance to Church (south side). You need to to rope up. First rope arrow send to the bottom of wooden beam and second higher to it's side. Climb up. You need to time your mantle with 2 patrollers above. On wooden beam you are safe. Mantle over metal railing.


    Go right and enter nearest door. Open box with elevator key on your left and go back. This time go left to Dining room. Here you have stationary servant looking in your direction and patrolling archer. Mantle on chairs and slowly go left along wall. Go to next chairs and run behind servant and archer to door. On your left is Mechanist. SAVE. Run across to Kitchen. It's possible to end with just first alert. Also this passage can be used by another patroller, so you can meet with him.

    In Kitchen run left. Here is second secret - gas arrow. You can mantle back up.. Now choose the other door. You are in corridor patrolled by few Mechanists. You can hide in some doorways. You need to go south to dark passage and then go all the way to the right. There is also east corridor you can take in case of some one getting stuck on door. There you will find elevator that will take you to the roof.

    Take ladder and use lever at the top. It deactivate all watchers and makes possible to get code from Security room. To get to Archive you need to break window. That's the second ghost bust. In Archive ride elevator down and grab Archive key. Use east door.


    Here is golden helmet Mechanist on long patrol and guard from nearby room can leave to corridor. Wait for opportunity and go into Museum. Use lever to open showcase with Helmet of Karras. Climb on showcase (it acts like vine), grab helmet and leave through other door to Security room. Check middle scouting orb for code and return back to Archive.

    With Archive key open double door and slowly enter inside. Use helmet and run to door behind giant bots. Until you wear helmet of Karras, they will not react to you. That's the only way to ghost them. Wait for elevator, get inside, wait for door to close, crouch and take off helmet. Use the code and enjoy the ride to Citadel.


    Elevator stops and through glass window you can see one of the hardest parts in this mission - Main Console. You will need to get there ultimately and use lever you can see and vent (your entrance) and bot looking at lever. This will be something. But before that leave elevator and go right to warehouse. From there climb into vent and go left twice. You are in front of entrance to Capella. Go to Research Lab and grab secret invisibility potion. Enter door to Generator room.


    Oh boy, this place is really hard to ghost. Room is well lighted and you are only safe when you crouch in south corners of room. There is patrolling engineer, but he has random patrol route and after loading he can change his route. He can also get stuck on generator and we don't want that to happen. First check if he didn't get stuck, then save. I had huge problem with this room during my test run, so here I did 6 saves. In the end it wasn't that hard during ghost run. One more thing that makes ghosting hard. You aren't safe behind generator, engineer can see through them!

    Go into south corner near door to High Security Area. Now you need to blindly time engineer and run to open door with triangle lockpick. Then quickly use invisibility potion and sneak inside. Turn off the watcher, take screwdriver and speed potion from above watcher (mantling can be really tricky). Now you "just" need to use white door in Generator room.

    If you do that sneak back into vent inside warehouse. Go once right and use screwdriver on grate. Below you is Main Console.


    I mentioned this place earlier. I had really hard time with it during my test run and because I had no mines or fire arrows I was forced to find some way to ghost it. Well, in my ghost run I managed to avoid second alerts pretty easily.

    See the machine on side of bot? That's where you need to mantle. But it's a little too far for normal jump. So you need to use speed potion. Then you need to to strafe jump from crouching position and mantle on machine. On my test run I was forced to mantle on west side of machine. Otherwise I got second alert from bot. On my ghost run I managed to mantle on south side of machine. I got only first alert from bot.

    Wait for engineer to go left and do this strafe jump. It's tough. Then crouch and turn around. Don't move! Wait for speed potion to wear off. Then go backward to NE part of machine and drop down. You must drop without any sound, even a tiny little sound will second alert bot. When you manage to do that, just go backward into slightly better shadow.

    Wait for engineer to go right again and go to shadow under machine near bot. From there you can lean forward to frob lever. Backtrack and use east door to return to warehouse. Use vent and go right. Close grate from Main Console and go left to entrance to Capella. This time you will manage to enter Capella.


    You can douse gas torch and go left. But it's not needed. If you don't want to douse torch, go right to table. Slowly walk along it to the wall and move slowly along wall to the end of shadow. Wait for monk and run to portcullis. Hide in corner and wait for monk to open portcullis. Enter and go into second door on the right. Open door to Potable Water Cistern.

    Use special device to complete first objective. Use 1 moss arrow on loud floor leading to Cistern. Stand as far as possible from door leading to Capellan and open it. After cutscene close door and run to Cistern. Jump on higher ledge and wait. Monks are scripted to run to door after you, but unlike zombie bots after you go into impossible for them place, they will stop pursuit and go into search mode. If done correctly monks will not make any eye contact with you and will not hear you. They will not even get into Cistern, they will be too occupied by Keepers, who will wipe them down.

    Before saving check if every monk died in attack and if Keepers blocked a passage. If this happened just reload. And that's pretty much the end of ghosting. The rest of the mission is very easy.


    Time: 1 hour 30 min 45 s; Loot: 0/0
    Pockets Picked: 1/1; Locks Picked: 9
    Back Stabs:0; Knock Outs: 0
    Damage Dealt: 0; Damage Taken: 0; Healing Taken: 0
    Innocents killed: 0; Others killed: 4 (Actually: 1)

    I mentioned that on my previous report. 3 kills got transferred from Mission 9 - Enemy. In other words it's just a bug. 1 kill in this mission is death of Capellan that gets killed by Keepers in last cutscene.
    Iron Beasts Destroyed: 0; Disabled: 0
    Bodies Discovered by Enemies: 4

    First 2 bodies were probably discovered during zombie bots encounter. I'm surprised it's so low. On the other side of giant gate was a huge pile of bodies. And somehow they only noticed 2 bodies. The other 2 bodies are from last battle between monks and Keepers.
    Secrets: 7/7
    For Supreme Ghost you would like to skip 2 secrets, because first is triggered by gas arrow and second force you to use broadhead or rope arrow to shoot into apple.


    1. 2 rope arrows. I used 2 rope arrows to climb to upper level of Dome. Later I used 1 rope arrow to obtain apple secret.
    2. 1 invisibility potion. I need it in order to get into High Security Area.
    3. 1 speed potion. I need it in order to ghost Main Console.
    4. 1 moss arrow. I used it to run quietly into Cistern.


    1. Getting spotted by first wave of zombie bots.
    2. Breaking window in order to get into Archive.



    That was a really interesting campaign to ghost. Very challenging too. Every mission presents new problem to solve. My favorite missions in ghost run were: Prisoner, Spy, Heretic and Enemy. My least favorite missions were: Marauder (because RNG battles), Pathfinder (because it's too easy) and Reanimator (because random second alerts).

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    would be cool to see a lets play of this mission

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    Congratulations on finishing the campaign, Galaer! It is a very cool thing you've done here, and a valuable addition to the forum having all these reports. Not many players would attempt what you've done. Perhaps if I one day ghost this one myself, I'd be able to compare to your results.

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