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Thread: FMs - Ghost/Perfect Thief Results (Part 8) [SPOILERS]

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    Quote Originally Posted by klatremus View Post
    Galaer: If you are sure the nugget is outside the world and not accessible, then only 2500 is available and Perfect Thief is a success. If it's not possible to get the loot even when not ghosting, then it is not required to take to achieve Perfect Thief.
    This mission is so short and loot isn't really hidden. I read about this situation in the Basic FM thread actually. Thanks for info, klatremus.

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    This mission is short. Getting chisel is easy, but other objectives aren't. You need to get all the loot in this mission and kill Brother Merek. There are some troublesome pieces of loot. Also I don't know if it's possible to kill Brother Merek without second alert, because he's looking at doors and area is very well lighted.


    Go left into shadow. Here is stationary Hammerite with candlestick. Go inside church and go left. Here is another stationary Hammerite in front of altar. He will need to go on a journey to another room at north. That's because he's observing entrance door and this place is well lighted. Also in entrance room is crown on statue. Nudging him to another room took me 25 min.

    In church there is also candlestick and lever behind altar. Exit church via west door. You are safe in doorway, so patrolling Hammerite will not be a problem. Here you find ring near crates and a key with chisel in secret passage. Open locked door leading to ruined city.


    After cave on the right is diamond. Another diamond in zombie house and in corner of the street with 2 houses. Go through a hole in wall to crazy priest area.

    Here is Hammerite patrolling the street. Above his patrol route is wooden beam with key on window sill. You need to grab it and mantle on the roof. Then jump to Merek's house roof and drop down. Be careful, sometimes Merek can second alert to you mantling on his roof. Then rope up to another wooden beam to grab last diamond.

    Now it's time for ghost busts:

    1. There is no way to kill Merek without him getting into search mode and later even in hunt mode. There is super small shadow in doorway, but I never managed to get into it without priest going into hunt mode.

    2. Death cry of the priest second alert patrolling Hammerite outside the house. That's why I decided to KO him, which still is a ghost bust.


    Time: 33 min 18 s; Loot: 725/725
    Locks Picked: 0
    Back Stabs: 0; Knock Outs: 1
    Damage Dealt: 21; Damage Taken: 0; Healing Taken: 0
    Innocents Killed: 0; Others Killed: 1

    Other than ghost busts, there is also this part with nudging Hammerite to get 1 piece of loot.

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    @klatremus: I've tested the mission and made an addendum at the end of the report. It indeed works, though you'd be cutting it pretty close loot-wise.

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    This mission is from last contest. It's fairly short, so I decided to supreme ghost it. I missed somewhere 200 loot, but I think it's possible to do collect everything for regular ghost. For supreme ghost there is 1 piece of loot that must be skipped.


    I start outside. I went west and shoot rope arrow on the wooden beam. It's possible to do that without any alert. Then I went through a shadow to door and slowly entered it. The corridor of second floor is patrolled by 1 guard. Loot this area. You can't progress further, because there is a guard near stairs watching at door. Return to roof.

    Sneak behind crates to passage with extra loot. Then return and grab one crate. Put it on wall on west. This will allow you to mantle on higher roof and go all the way to the other side of 2nd floor. You need to drop on balcony.

    Here is lever inside fireplace that will lead you to Intruder Painting. There is also a switch behind bed that opens secret cache with golden mask and key for Art Gallery. Sadly you can't close this cache, so for supreme this loot isn't available. Loot this place, then go to corridor patrolled by the guard we saw on the other part of second floor. Enter first door on right.

    Here is a guest walking between table and desk. Easy to avoid. Grab loot from desk and Sword Chest key from shelf. Return to balcony and jump to obelisk on left. Mantle it and then cancel mantling to safely drop on ground. Go to basement and loot it. Then climb ladder to kitchen.


    This is the hardest part of this mission. There are 2 guards patrolling 2 corridors and servant patrolling between kitchen and dining room. I decide to get hardest loot. I went north behind guard and hid in shadow at the end on the left. Be careful - if you go too fast, stationary guard near doorway first alert to you. He observe entrance room to Manor. Sometimes he turns north. You need to time it with guard patrolling corridor and run for 2 golden vases. Then run to corner under stationary guard and wait. Your exit into shadow on the right end of next corridor, you need to time with this stationary guard, both patrolling guards and kitchen lady. It's really tough, but possible.

    Sneak behind kitchen lady to dining room. Here is some golden plates and candlesticks to gather. Leave and hide in shadow on the right. Now you need to use lockpicks on Art Gallery door. Inside is patrolling guard that may spot you. Going behind him is relatively safe. Get all loot and the sword from blue chest. Then return to shadow at the end of corridor. Time to return to kitchen and through basement leave Manor.


    But not for long. We need to return to roof via wooden beam and go to Lord Dewinder balcony. It's impossible to return key back to shelf, so I dropped it in front of shelf on the carpet. Then I dropped down on obelisk and returned back to roof.

    Putting back crate is surprisingly easy. Guard nearby don't alert to it. Go to wooden beam. Below is another obelisk. Drop on it and drop on ground. Now just return to the starting point to finish this mission.


    Time: 48 min 37 s; Loot: 4871/5271
    Locks Picked: 4
    Back Stabs: 0; Knock Outs: 0
    Damage Dealt: 0; Damage Taken: 0; Healing Taken: 0
    Innocents Killed: 0; Others Killed: 0

    Golden mask from secret cache in Lord Dewinder's room must be skipped, because there is no way to close it. Secret switch only opens this cache, it can't close it.

    1. Looks like not closing secret cache with golden mask isn't a bust of perfect supreme after all. I change it to possible. Also I can obtain Art Gallery key and use it in place of lockpicks.

    2. After reading ghost rules I realized that I broke rule regarding crates. I put crate in medium lighted area with archer patrolling nearby. That's a bust of supreme. I can't use this path to get to balcony. Luckily there is another route. West from balcony is wooden window sill. You can rope up there from ground. Then you need to do strafe jump and mantle on balcony. This eliminates second and third journey to the roof and messing with crate.
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    If there is no way to close something, you're excused.

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    Supreme rule #7: "Put Everything back that can be put back: doors closed and re-locked if they are re-lockable, chests and gates closed if closable".
    It is definitely not a bust.

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    Quote Originally Posted by klatremus View Post
    Supreme rule #7: "Put Everything back that can be put back: doors closed and re-locked if they are re-lockable, chests and gates closed if closable".
    It is definitely not a bust.
    Funny thing. I was reading this rule and realized that I actually broke this rule on my supreme ghost run. Details at the end of report.

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    I have another interesting case for discussion: is taking damage in a camvator cutsene a bust? Obviously, at the time of taking this damage, Garrett is not under the player's control.

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    Quote Originally Posted by marbleman View Post
    I have another interesting case for discussion: is taking damage in a camvator cutsene a bust? Obviously, at the time of taking this damage, Garrett is not under the player's control.
    It's hard to tell without knowing details of the situation. The question is: is it scripted situation and what kind of damage it it? If it's scripted situation then I think it's excused. If camvator is on patrol route, then I would try to time it with patrollers to avoid being attacked. If it's from a trap or if it's falling damage from after camvator, then I think it can be excused.

    Also one more thing. I am wondering. During camvator, I think, you don't play as Garrett. After all Garrett can't fly. So camvators cutscenes are more like narrator of the story showing you the world. In other words - it's narrator's vision that gets damaged, not Garrett. So maybe the whole camvator cutscene damage can be excused. That's just my theory though.

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    It is an unavoidable, story-related cutscene in which Garrett gets shot with a bow by another person. The damage from the arrow seems to be scripted as it is always 5 HP.
    On a side note, I've never tried getting to that point with less HP. Must be interesting
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    A camvator sequence would never bust ghost, as it is completely scripted. The only thing would be if you could control when it started and avoid getting spotted along the way, but even that sounds strange. Like you said Galaer, its not Garrett flying through the air but rather the players view.

    Just a friendly reminder, this thread is primarily for ghost reports and questions/comments regarding those reports. General ghosting questions and discussions should be posted here. No hard feelings though, these are great and valuable questions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by klatremus View Post
    Just a friendly reminder, this thread is primarily for ghost reports and questions/comments regarding those reports. General ghosting questions and discussions should be posted here. No hard feelings though, these are great and valuable questions.
    Heh, reminder. But I found about existence of this discussion thread from yours post.

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    Gort's latest mission from Thief 1 Anniversary Contest. Like all Gort's mission this one have small amount of shadow and a lot of well lighted areas. There is a lot of enemies. The biggest problem I see with this mission is lack of loot. This mission is big, but in many hidden places you will find nothing. But if you find loot, then general rule is 1 loot per room. That's why in this ghost run I'm gonna skip half of the mission.


    You are starting near locked gate. Leave it and go quickly to shadow near passage leading to Opera. This is good place to wait for 3 purses and letter. They are walking through these passage. Together with like 10 or 15 other NPC. Read the scroll. It completes the first objective. After that go right (not through passage) to well lighted building. If there is no stationary servant near door, then just wait for him. He will help me getting into Opera House.

    First of all, I heard that it's possible to get into Opera without servant. It's done by running quickly into shadow behind 3 guards, stealing their key and getting inside. But I don't like this solution, because in normal circumstances guards would attack me. I don't want be noticed by them. That's why I'm using help of servant.

    Servant spawns only after reading letter, which completes first objective. But it is my choice if I want activate him or not. I'm doing it by getting close to him. He's gonna gas these problematic guards. This is also intended solution by Gort and also a ghost bust. But that's my moral decision.

    One more thing. Servant is going to guards, but gas explosion only happens on our eyes. So even if servant vanished from Opera long time ago, until we will get close, guards will be conscious. This gives us time to wait for this place to be deserted.

    We can also loot this street. Not too much to find. One diamond in nearby garden and urn on wooden sill high above street. This urn, I think, was placed in the most idiotic place. After street will become empty, go to Opera entrance. Gas explosion will happen. Grab Opera House key and hide bodies inside.


    First go right and hide in shadow on the right. Sneak into corridor. Shadow is in doorway. Wait for reception lady to turn left and quickly go into reception. Take purse from top of shelf on the right and go back to shadow. Return to crossroad and go to good shadow at the south.

    On both sides are ramps leading to balconies. Both ramps are patrolled by guards. Left ramp is barely safe in first corner. Guard has purse. In balconies area there are 2 servants walking. Front servant has odd poker that you need. On balcony near burrick balcony is silver binoculars. Right ramp is shorter and you are safe in corner. The woman at the top of ramp is turning and has purse. And that's all for balconies. Go south to the audience and go right to the hardest part of opera.

    Corridor is patrolled by a guard and archer with random patrol route. 2 rooms are also guarded by stationary guard and corridor is very well lighted. You need to go into both room. Good luck.

    You enter the corridor. See little shadow? You can hide on the left side of it. But it's not safe. But there is another shadow (barely visible) on the other side of corridor. behind corner are another 2 little shadows on both sides. And sometimes they are safe, sometimes they aren't. It depends on random patrol route of archer. Sometimes he walks close shadows and he will spot you and sometimes he walks far and he will not notice you.

    The corridor with stationary guard is very well lighted. There are shadows in doorways. Sneaking into first room is pretty easy. Here is papyrus which gives you new objective. Getting to the second room is much harder. Patrolling guard isn't a problem, but both archer and stationary guard is. Stationary guard must look at wall away from rooms. Then quickly run into water mage room. He has a purse - the last piece of loot I found in opera. Now you just need to leave Opera House.

    If you continue going north you will go to reception and ghosting reception lady with all patrollers on this corridor and near entrance to opera is very difficult. I prefer to go the way I entered this place. If you have enough time, you may skip shadow in first doorway. Go to audience and along wall to passage to north. Guards patrolling ramps are rare. The last problem is guards near entrance. Jump on carpet and sneak to shadow on one of the sides (they are very little). Leave Opera House.


    You will get a cutscene. Time to go through all this traffic to the other end of city. Use the shortcut through little gardens. Here are torches. Gort gave us 15 water arrows. Way too many. There is only 9 torches in the whole city. Not only that, guards can notice doused torches and go into search mode, which is a ghost bust. So don't douse any torches.

    Shadows in the tunnels are wide and because of that they are safe. Going further is bridge starting with metal floor. You are fairly safe there. Except the moments where many NPCs trying to cross this place, they can spot you.

    I think the bridge is the worst part of this mission. There is a lot of traffic going on and I need to time everything with stationary archer. From the shadow you need to mantle into little window on the left, go to door and hide in shadow in a doorway. Then wait for him to turn around and go to background door on his left. Wait for him to turn. If he turned east go into north passage, if he turned south go into east passage (that's where you need to go. By the way, north passage leads to shortcut (may be opened later), but it's not very useful. You still need to deal with this bridge. So I'm not gonna open this shortcut.

    Afterwards are golden helmet guards. They are pretty easy to dodge. Near big gate is also 1 water arrow on wooden window sill high above street. Ithink it's only for masochists. Anyway, enter warehouse area.


    Here is few patrollers and stationary archer near door. Wait for him to turn around, mantle on stairs and enter Warehouse Building A. Hide in shadow behind beam. There is blue chest behind crates under stairs. Stairs are patrolled by archer with Warehouse Building A key. Steal it. Go though door. In storage you find diamond. Leave outside.

    More patrollers. In refuse dump on the left is single golden plate. Return to shadow and go on barrels on the north. Stationary archer has a purse. Then go into Warehouse Building B through west door. Hide under stairs and steal Warehouse Building B key. Leave building and go all they way to the end of outside area on NW corner of warehouse area. Here are is also located our exit. Enter Hammerite Warehouse.


    You need to go to top floor. But there is also chance that Hammerite patrolling upstairs will end getting stuck at the bottom of elevator shaft. If that happen you will not manage to use elevator. I think it gets stuck on him. In that situation you need to shoot rope arrow under sharp angle into wooden ceiling and mantle upstairs.

    If Hammerite is upstairs, you need to time him blindly and then quickly run and open door to corridor. I think it's also important to send elevator down, because once he got interested and went check elevator switches. From corridor operate forge to obtain silver bracelet. There are also 2 moss arrows on shelf and rope arrow in chest.

    Riding down elevator makes noise, so instead go into corridor. Go to a passage leading to Building A. Here is stationary guard. Go into shadow on his right and pass guard during his turning animation. Go to reception. On top of left shelf is a ring. Go back and enter merchant room. You are safe in doorway. Merchant has short and random patrol route. It's possible to steal blue gem without turning off lights. You can go behind him and change direction based on his route. It's possible to do all that without any alert. Go back to Building B and outside.


    So almost all storages are easy to loot. But there is one with guards inside that is harder. It's opened and the safest way is to sneak inside from north. Hide behind column and run to right side. Sneak to stairs ang go up. Go to opposite side. Patrolling archer has a purse. On top of barrel storage is a purse (first secret). Be careful - door slam into barrels and make noise. In dark office there are 2 moss arrows and in lighted office at the top of bookshelf is a tapestry.

    Now you can leave this warehouse and loot other warehouses. I also noticed that stationary archer moved into different position, so it's impossible to go behind him. Also he occasionally walks east and returns. This happens if I'm standing on east side from him and he looks at me. No matter if I'm in full shadow and I'm far away, he spots me, walk towards me, stops, do searching animation and returns. So in order to avoid him, I go behind boxes on south.

    When you finish go all the way to Opera House. Through the bridge again. Opera isn't opera anymore. Right now you will get teleported to Mage Guild. Mage Guild has almost no loot, so you don't need to explore it all. This place is more about getting items. It's big and pretty tough.


    In front of Hall of Idols is Rogue Mage. He's blocking our way to Golden Skull, which we need. In Barracks we can find his diary. This trigger new objective of KO-ing him and bringing him back to Barracks. There are 2 ways of dealing with this objective.

    1. Not triggering the objective. After getting Hall of Idols key from maze, disable the trap. Use moss arrow on the floor and nudge him. At some point he will be moved more inside statues. When that happen jump on table, then on top of metal railing and continue nudging. You will push him forward much faster. At the end drop down and get Golden Skull.

    2. Completing the objective. Go to Barracks (double door on your right). Lean forward into door to time inside guard. Jump via carpets to double door on your right. In Barracks open purple box and read a book. You will get new objective. Leave Barracks door open and return to entrance.

    Rope to balcony on your left and sneak into shadow behind obelisk. Here is Rogue Mage snooping around. KO him and bring him balcony metal railing. Climb railing and jump+mantle on reflector. Then drop down. Go back to entrance.

    Go right again and drop body in front of double door. You need to time guard inside. Open door, take body and jump from carpet to carpet. For last carpet you will need to move closer before jumping. Then sneak into shadow in the doorway. You have barely enough time. Maybe even you can get to Barracks without leaving door open.

    Get inside, close door, climb left bed and drop body. You completed Rogue Mage objective. Now you just need to return to the entrance.


    This item is needed for Statue Room. To get this item you need to go to higher level via right stairs. Then enter Alchemy Class door. You need to time both archer and guard to go north to balcony. Go behind them and just before balcony turn left. Hide in a corner. Guards will first alert to you and go south. Enter class and quietly grab a sack of unknown dust.

    Go back into dark corner and wait for guards to enter balcony, Jump from carpet to carpet south to exit. Go downstairs to the passage under middle stairs. Enter Statue Room and leave sack near the entrance. Go upstairs via left stairs.


    Now you need to go south. On the opposite side is a stationary mage that can spot you. Drop down to the fountain ( you run in standing position on fountain), go to big metal gate and after it will open and close. stand on teleporting tile. It will take you to Statue Room. Go on tiles behind you until you get a chest (second secret). Then go on teleporting tile to return to fountain. Teleporting tile doesn't work anymore, but there is a Warehouse Storage key on it. Rope up.

    Open south door and hide behind them. You need to time stationary mage. The problem is that he's turning is random and he stays in one position for random amount of time. You need to jump via carpets to shadow on left wall. Here you are safe. Enter maze.

    When walls are invisible - enemies can still spot you. There is also a glitch that sometimes you will run on this loud floor silently. Otherwise you will need to move slowly. You need to get to south chests. They contain Statue Room key and Hall of Idols key.

    Now you need to return to shadow and time this annoying mage together with patrolling mage and guard. I needed you can drop to fountain. Return to stairs. On north side is a statue and switch under it. It is a time switch and you need to go quickly to the bottom of stairs. Here you will find chest with third secret. Go to statues to get teleported to entrance of Statue Room.


    Open door and use key and then use switch to move statue. Grab sack and put it on Hand of Fate. Grab it and go to entrance to Mage Guild. Rope up to left balcony and hide in shadow behind obelisk. Because I completed Rogue Mage objective, the only problem here are patrollers. Use second key to deactivate trap. Grab Golden Skull and activate trap again. From balcony drop on reflector and then drop down.

    Go to another double door under middle stairs. Put Golden Skull on pedestal. Now you need to do some jumps on moving platforms. The biggest problem are the platforms on the side. They are going up and down on the path of platform circling around this room. Also it's hard to control our jumping momentum on these platforms. On the other side is Chalice of Life. Take it and this time go to top of the middle stairs.

    Put Hand of Fate and Chalice of Life on pedestals to enter High Mage room. Here Gort break the rule of 1 loot piece per room. There are 3 loot pieces. In blue chest is High Mage's Magic Scepter. Time to leave.


    Take east stairs down. On west stairs spawn new mage. Leave Mage Guild. You need to go to Warehouse Area. Through a Bridge. Again. This time I had luck with traffic. I also noticed that I can hide in little shadows under lighted windows (you need to crouch to enter them. This made crossing the Bridge easier.

    In the Warehouse Area are new enemies: guards with lanterns and mages. Also if you get spotted, it fails exit objective. Enter Building A. Here is located Mages Storage. You have a key for that. Inside are 3 chests of loot and purple box with loot. Go to the outside between both buildings. Go through a warehouse near refuse dump. On the other side go right to the Back Exit.


    Time: 2 hour 11 min 56 s; Loot: 3290/3665
    Pockets Picked: 12/16; Locks Picked: 3
    Back Stabs:0; Knock Outs: 1 (Rogue Mage)
    Damage Dealt: 1; Damage Taken: 0; Healing Taken: 0
    Innocents killed: 0; Others killed: 0
    Iron Beasts Destroyed: 0; Disabled: 0
    Secrets: 1/3 (it's a glitch, I actually got all 3 secrets)

    GHOST: SUCCESS. I used servant to gas 3 guards at the entrance of Opera. Apparently it's not a ghost bust.
    PERFECT GHOST: POSSIBLE. If you run behind Opera guards and steal a key, you can end with only first alert. That wasn't my choice. That's why I say perfecting this mission is possible. I also didn't notice any of loot I found impossible to obtain.
    SUPREME GHOST: POSSIBLE?. Looks like hiding bodies after servant action isn't supreme bust. On my run I registered few first alerts though. But maybe I wasn't patient enough or it's just a case of skipping the loot. So right now I say that maybe it's possible.
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    Isn't the servant using a gas mine a scripted event? Sure, you trigger the sequence, but it shouldn't count as a bust IMO.

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    Haven't played this one. If the servant alone is causing the alerts, then it can't be a bust. If all you do is get close to him to make the script start, then I'd say you're fine. It's the same as activating the archer fight in LotP. You can go another way, but triggering the fight simply by proximity is not busting ghost simply by the archers alerting to each other. If the guards see you as a result, it's a bust.

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    This is 2 mission campaign. There is no difficulty setting, so I play on only available normal. There is a lot of talking with NPC. It's fun, but there isn't too much ghosting involved.


    In this mission there is no fall damage. You are pretty much immortal. You need apples, because it's a currency. They are available on trees or put somewhere in the world. Get apples only from trees, because they respawn. You will need 5 apples for hat, 5 for cheese, 5 for apple pie and 1 for a Keeper. Together 16.

    You also can find easter eggs scattered in this mission. I have no idea how many there is. For some of them you need rope arrow. Speaking about rope arrows, game force you to collect 10 ropes (equivalent of 50 rope arrows). Otherwise Gardener will not open his house, where 1 King's object is located. So I don't think it's a supreme bust.

    There are 2 places where you are forced to ghost: Lord Redshine Manor and Craftsman house. Both soldiers from manor and kids from house are moving very silently and they don't talk. That's why it's impossible to hear if any of them first alerted. Garden behind manor can be a little tricky to ghost and also guard patrols Lord Redshine bedroom where another King's object is located. So you need to be careful.

    Most items can't be dropped. I can only drop music box, but it was given to me by musician (in other words it wasn't physically placed on the world at the start). So I took it with me. In Craftsman house there are also 5 animal toys. You can't drop them, you can only use them on painting to unlock safe. You can take them with you too. I had no idea what to do, so I just left them on the painting.


    Time: 1 hour 16 min 49 s

    I also found 10 easter eggs.



    This is castle mission. Fall damage returns and you can die here. In this mission you will need to damage ghost with sword. It's impossible to do it in 1 slash, but ghost doesn't react to you. So I don't think it's a bust. Damaging him is connected to objective of saving king from ghost.

    In dungeon you need to get at least 1 rope arrow from chest (first supreme bust). You also will need to activate at least 1 bridge (second supreme bust). You do that by activating first bridge. Then you run on the left side of platform and jump+mantle on another platform under crusher in the way that crusher will fall down during mantle animation, so you stop on the edge of the platform. Don't move until crusher will go up. Then jump+mantle on wooden railing. I don't think there is any way to avoid triggering any bridge.

    In order to get to attic room you need to destroy 2 planks with your sword. That's a ghost bust. In the attic room after spider hole in the wall, game expects from you to use 2 rope arrows to get to platforms with ghost. Instead you can rope up on higher shelf. From there you crouch and do angle drop+mantle on platform with ghost.

    Here you find a match and you can use it on cannon to get to middle shelf. This is one time event. If you are forced to return down you have 2 options. You can go to cannons, mantle on it and shoot 2 rope arrows in the wooden beam above you (one to the side and one to bottom). Extra rope arrow is in spider hole in the floor. The other option is to rope up from lower shelf. You do that by leaning to the side and shooting.

    Last obstacle are 2 little spiders on one of the wooden beams. Even if you climb other beam, you need to wait for them to go other way and then climb a rope to ghost. After that you finished this campaign.


    Time: 24 min 40 s

    GHOST: FAILED. I'm forced to destroy 2 planks.
    SUPREME GHOST: FAILED. Other than ghost bust, I need to trigger 1 bridge.
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    Picking up a rope arrow is not a bust to Supreme. You can pick up stuff that you need; you just shouldn't pick up stuff that you don't need.

    Regarding the hiding of bodies in Enigmatic Treasure, I might be wrong but I think that it's okay to move bodies for Supreme.

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    Quote Originally Posted by marbleman View Post
    Picking up a rope arrow is not a bust to Supreme. You can pick up stuff that you need; you just shouldn't pick up stuff that you don't need.
    It's true that I need rope arrow to progress, but I always interpreting this rule as: I can take equipment only if it's connected to objective or it trigger a script (like in Mission 1). I watched Travis Whitsitt supreme ghost of Shipping and... Receiving and he considered grabbing rope arrows as supreme bust.

    Quote Originally Posted by marbleman View Post
    Regarding the hiding of bodies in Enigmatic Treasure, I might be wrong but I think that it's okay to move bodies for Supreme.
    Are you sure about that? Isn't moving the body interaction with enemy?, in other words moving them from their original position? I always thought it's a bust.

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    Taking a rope arrow that is not needed would be a bust, but if you need it, you are not violating any rules. Are you sure Travis wasn't referring to stealing broadheads off archers? He loves to maximize pickpockets and those arrows aren't needed.

    Moving a body in order to avoid other guards seeing them would actually be in favor of Supreme. Though if you didn't cause the bodies to be there, it wouldn't bust you even if someone spotted them. Either way I'd say you're fine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by klatremus View Post
    Taking a rope arrow that is not needed would be a bust, but if you need it, you are not violating any rules. Are you sure Travis wasn't referring to stealing broadheads off archers? He loves to maximize pickpockets and those arrows aren't needed.
    OK, thanks. As for Travis situation, he played on Olddark. He needed rope arrow to glitch through chest in Buidling B in order to get some loot (I think it was bags of spices). Also there is secret near stairs in the same building that requires rope arrow. Or at least it's very helpful.

    Quote Originally Posted by klatremus View Post
    Moving a body in order to avoid other guards seeing them would actually be in favor of Supreme. Though if you didn't cause the bodies to be there, it wouldn't bust you even if someone spotted them. Either way I'd say you're fine.
    Thanks, I learn new stuff everyday.

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    Gussie's Dream is unusual mission about climbing towers. I love the concept. This is also a case of hiding switches. Some of them even teleport to walls and ceiling after pressing other switches. There is 4 towers and tomb. At the top of them you get gems. They teleport you to the next tower. You can throw them and grab them to teleport to previous towers. Except the first. So if you miss a secret and personal item, then you will fail 2 optional objectives. Every area has one personal item. Also all light sources (torches, lamps) can be highlighten, but they can't be used. Don't get confused.


    First grab Gussie's Banjo from the ground in the corner. There is a switch behind lower column for first stairs and under these stairs is switch for second stairs. You don't really need them, because you can perform strafe jump from torches.

    Under one of the columns top near wall, there is little metal. You can vine up there and press metal switch. This teleports another metal switch in the corner of the ceiling. Go to the area after second stairs and vine up. Press switch. This teleports secret gem to third platform. To get there mantle on torch and jump to highest platform. Then drop to platform with secret gem. Return to the top platform and grab Amethyst.


    Grab Chateau Gussie '23 from the floor (golden bottle near the middle). Find climbable vine (opposite to healing fruits). On the right column is a switch. On the left is empty place so far. Remember it. Go down. Jump on the platforms to the top of column in the corner.

    Now the nightmare part of this mission begin. You need to jump on next platform. Just before you get to it, to the top are being teleported for teddy bears. They can shoot flies if they spot you. By the way, you are fully visible (red light). But still you can avoid being spotted and being attacked. You actually have random chance for that.

    What I usually do is making strafe jump without making any noise and crouch. They can still spot you, but you have low chance to avoid being spotted. For me it's usually 20-30 tries. After that wait for them to fall down. If you load game when they are too high, they can spot you.

    They gradually will drop on the floor and begin moving. This is a search mode. But because they didn't spot me and attack me in full light, I consider it scripted behavior. Eventually they will stop and usually one of them will move for few minutes and then he will stop.

    Now is the hardest part. By saving and loading you need to manipulate their placement. They need to end looking at the wall below you and on the right and they need to be placed in closer right quarter of the room. You need to kill one of teddy bears (one of 2 that die dropping moss - it's a quiet death, doesn't alert other bears) to move a platform, so that you will continue climbing the tower. I don't think it's a ghost bust, because you are forced to do that. You can avoid killing other bears though. If you fail placing them, you can return to previous column and jump again to summoning platform. Bears will teleport to the top again.

    You are so high that they can't see you. So what's the point with placing teddy bears? The thing is that instead of going to the next column, you need to drop down and press metal switch. Drop on vine and go to left vine and climb. In the hole is a secret gem. From what I experienced, you can't descend on the ground. You are forced to drop, which makes noise. So if bears are too close to you, they will go into search mode.

    Do the platforming. The final test is if you manage to jump from platform with torch. If you get first alert, wait for a minute for bears to calm down. Then progress to the column. You are forced to reset bears by jumping on summoning platform again. But this is last real obstacle.

    Then just jump to top of second column with healing potion. On top of third column is a switch. Progress to fourth column with "Oops!" comment. Drop down on platform with switch. Press it, jump on higher platform. Game expects you to do a full circle, but instead mantle on torch and jump back to fourth column. Jump to top of the tower and grab Turquoise.

    The whole tower took me 2,5 hours of real time (more than the whole Enigmatic Treasure) and I used 9 hard saves. I also had a high temptation to kill all these stupid teddy bears. Argh, I hate them!


    This is vine challenge. For this and next tower you don't need to worry for any enemy. Shoot vines into 2 metal places in the wall. Climb first vine to the top, turn around and grab Gussie's Hair Lacquer from hole in the side of column. From top of vine jump to next vine and to the ladder. Mantle on torch and jump+mantle on little platform. It's barely possible. Then jump to ladder.

    Shoot vines into metal places on ceiling your left and one behind center column. This will allow you to jump to gem. You also need vine arrow in the left further corner on ceiling. Mantle on torch and jump to first vine. Don't save while on vine. After reloading Garrett can fall from vine and die. Climb to almost top of the vine and then jump to next vine. Do that few times until you jump to gem on the top of tower. Don't grab it yet!

    Save. Jump to previous vine, descend a little and drop to lower column. Shoot vine arrow into metal on your right. Near metal is a secret switch. Return to center column. This time you need to jump to vine you placed in a corner of this room. There is another switch on ceiling above first column. Press it and last secret gem will show up. Take it. Optional objective completed. Now return to center column and grab Sapphire.


    This is moving platforms section. Well, they don't move yet, but very soon they will start. There is a switch behind one of the columns. Jump on 2 moving platforms to the top of first column. Vine into wall and jump on a platform. Vine up and frob a bear. Descend on vine and drop on moving platform. It will take you to second column with Gussie's Reading Glasses.

    Drop down on platforms to third column. Shoot one vine into wall and second in ceiling above your head. Frob carpet lever (I have no idea what is called, but it appears in Ramirez room in Thief 1). Descend and backtrack to previous column. Jump to a platform you ride after frobbing teddy bear. Don't drop on first column. Instead jump on new moving platform on your right and drop on a platform going up and down. Jump on fourth column.

    On the side of it in the corner of the room is a switch. Jump on new moving platform to the top of the tower and grab Ruby.


    Grab Gussie's Pocket Watch from floor near torch. Optional objective completed. Now it's time for a ghost bust. Grab a sword. Lights go on and zombies spawn. All of them go into hunt mode. You are forced to kill one zombie for Diamond to appear above tomb. While killing zombies may be excused, unavoidable hunt mode can't.

    Then mantle on lower column and go right. There are invisible paths. Sometimes you need to jump. The first one is invisible ladder. Go to the highest column and jump to roof above tomb. Grab Emerald. Then grab Engagement Ring floating midair.

    "Will be tricky to get through here undetected" - it's a bit too late for that comment, Gussie. Grab the scroll. Enter last room. "I can't stand in water too long or I will drown" - um, Gussie, you are in bedroom and there is no water. Anyway, turn off the lights to finish this mission.


    Time: 30 min 12 s; Loot: 0/0
    Pockets Picked: 0/0; Locks Picked: 0
    Back Stabs:0; Knock Outs: 0
    Damage Dealt: 113; Damage Taken: 0; Healing Taken: 0
    Innocents killed: 0; Others killed: 2 (teddy bear and zombie)
    Iron Beasts Destroyed: 0; Disabled: 0
    Secrets: 3/3

    1. Spawned zombies after getting sword notice me and go into hunt mode.
    2 and 3. Forced to kill teddy bear to move platform and forced to kill a zombie to spawn Diamond.

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    Wellll... If there is no explicit objective to kill someone, killing them it is a bust, even if the mission is unwinnable otherwise. I guess it doesn't matter much in this case though.

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    Haunt Stadium is arena mission without any objectives and without any way to finish this mission. You must kill Haunts to get points. If you load save, then you get stuck with point counter in your hands and you can't attack. This is a glitch, so don't save the game. It's pointless. All difficulties give the same amount of health.

    So how does that look? First Haunt walks in circle on loud floor. In front of you is wall. Between torches of this wall is full shadow and the same is in corners of this wall. Drawback is that sometimes standing there can make appear points counter in your hands and you need to restart. Haunt is emitting light.

    To deal with him without any second alert, find good shadow, shoot moss arrow on the ground and wait for Haunt to kill him. Next Haunts are stationary, so just run along wall to the right and sneak behind them and kill them. And repeat the whole operation how many times you want.


    The concept is the same, but visuals has been improved. The glitch of points counter getting in your hands has been also fixed, so you can save and load game safely. Haunts doesn't emit any light and they aren't transparent anymore. Shadows are also in the same place.

    Dealing with first Haunt is absolutely the same like in Thief 1 version. But next Haunts patrol the arena in the same way like the first Haunt.

    So while Thief 1 version was about waiting for first Haunt and then running+sneaking behind next stationary Haunts, in Thief 2 version it changes into waiting game. It's visible in my stats.



    Time: 6 min 57 s
    Haunts Killed: 11


    Time: 8 min 26 s
    Haunts Killed: 11

    You can kill Haunts without second alert, but every kill is actually a ghost bust and you can finish this mission only by dying (another ghost bust).

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    This mission is based on Bafford's Last Stand FM. Area is huge and right now also pretty empty. There is a lot of secret switches with empty secret caches. Loot objective is easy and the whole 500 can be obtain within first 5 min in the outer wall. The entrance to inner side of castle - from north bridge entrance I prefer going left to river and rope up to toilets.

    In the Royal Access I was forced to douse gas torch to go past red monk zombie. Then I entered Royal Apartments and KO-ed Jenivere. I took her back to the starting point.

    I visited Shrine and took a ring from near priest's hand. Rope up to moss and pressed the switch to exit Shrine. The gimmick of this floor is zombie girl trying to track you. She's visiting the places you were and walks towards you, but don't attack. I stay away from her. In the Kitchen are some rats that can be alerted. I avoid that too.

    I had problem leaving Barracks after taking Talisman of Air. Not because Bugbeast on 2nd floor and skeleton on 1st floor. But because zombie girl tracking me. I waited for skeleton to pass the ladder, then I descended and hid in shadow left from passage. After skeleton went inside, I went to shadow on the other side of door. Zombie girl pass me and enter Barracks (she always visits rooms I visited). I closed door and went forward.

    Prison was easy. Just use last lever and take purse. Rosary Bead is in cell, then close cell and leave. Zombie girl didn't show up. Then I went to broken tower. Your entrance trigger bridge explosion. Below you is silver ladder (barely visible). Drop on it to make shortcut. Here is a secret nugget. You can jump to it. And go down to take Talisman of Fire. Spiders aren't big problem. Then climb up.


    On first floor there is room with 4 crates. In corner of this room is rock switch. It opens passage to Treasury Room. Below you are mini Haunts. It's possible to avoid their alert. Douse torch and use 2 or 3 moss arrows on the floor on them, before them and after. Jump over them. To activate secret elevator you need to check all. You can open and close them immediately. Use Talismans and grab 4 fire arrows from chest. Rope up.

    Now you need to return. You can jump on Haunts on the right. Few little hops. Then jump to the middle ground behind them. And don't bounce from roof wall. It's possible to don't alert Haunts. Also you are on time limit, because zombie girl is tracking you and can go to Treasury Room. I went into corner, she went into passage. Then I left this room and went to inner garden.


    In the south part of inner garden, there is hole at the bottom of room. That's Dr. Death room. You can rope up to small flower table and mantle up. Shoot 2 fire arrows into Dr. Death to kill him. After that return down via rope and go right to first entrance to guard room. There is a hole in the floor that will take you to the ouer part of a castle. Go right to South Bridge and to tunnel to starting point and finish this mission.


    1. It's impossible to beat Dr. Death with single fire arrow, so he goes into search mode.
    2. 2 fire arrows also alert any zombie nearby.


    Time: 49 min 54 s; Loot: 1175/1235
    Pockets Picked: 0; Locks Picked: 2
    Back Stabs:0; Knock Outs: 1 (Jenivere)
    Damage Dealt: 22; Damage Taken: 0; Healing Taken: 0
    Innocents killed: 0; Others killed: 1 (Dr. Death)
    Iron Beasts Destroyed: 0; Disabled: 0
    Secrets: 1/1


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    In this mission the most challenging will be loot objective. I need to get 3913 out of 4068 loot. So I have 155 loot of leeway. But I am forced to skip 2 silver nuggets, because I can't ghost 3 frogs cave. So my leeway drops to just 55 loot. This will be tough.


    Complete first 2 objectives. the get to a shaft. Rope up to a tree above you and climb on the vines. You can jump+mantle behind treebeast. There is nugget in front of him, 2 nuggets behind him, nugget on the left wall (you need to go along wall and lean forward to take it)) and gold nugget at the slope. To get the last nugget, drop down on slope, grab it and recover rope arrow. On the right side of slope - jump forward and try to mantle the right wall. After few tries it will work.

    Drop down to lower vine and quietly jump into cave with shadow at the end. That's your entrance to the city. I'm avoiding 2 silver nuggets from down the caves, because I couldn't ghost 3 frogs cave. In the city is a big fountain. You can enter it from NW side. Here are 5 coins scattered, but some of them are well lighted and guards can see me. So I ended grabbing only 2 coins. Also you can enter shed behind thief. Just slowly pass him on the side. There is 1 coin. Also all thieves have purses in this mission.


    Sneak to front door. Turn off the lights and grab a purse. Return outside and rope up to north balcony. Go around the ledge to window. In room is a switch with letter with new objectives and 2 keys. You need both of them. Open doors on 2nd floor. In one of them you will find invisibility potion. Turn off the lights and go down.

    Loot nobles on right first. Then mantle on right counter of the bar and grab everything you can. Drop down, crouch and go quickly under shelf. Grab goblets from shelves. Then stand and quickly mantle on them. Quietly drop to the floor behind talking pair.

    Grab 2nd thief's purse. Use invisibility potion to get inside Casino. Turn off the lights and loot it. Red noble has purse, there is 4 coins on middle table and 2 - on right table. The rest is visible. Slowly sneak on the side of thief to leave Casino. Go upstairs and from ledge drop on the street.


    In Fans shop don't take a Fan (you can't complete it's objective without second alert). There is fancy stick sticking from roof near Fans shop. In the Cathedral there is golden hammer behind banner. It's worth 75 loot, so you need it. You can grab it through banner. In the Grocery there is ring near sink in bathroom. Near Weaponsmith there is a blue window. It leads to container of water with 2 coins. You can drop into water when you hear guard being far away.

    To get to Weaponsmith - from the front with sign rope up. Use triangle lockpick to open window (you don't hear any sound while using lockpick here). Open window. From rope mantle on sign, then inside and mantle to shutter. Retrieve rope arrow and drop on sign. Enter and loot Weaponsmith. After you done just drop on sign when guard is far away and drop on street.

    In Dr Mel cells don't forget to grab his notebook near chains on torture bed. When you open grate don't stay too close or you will not manage to use it. You can't close it. In the water below are 4 coins. Opposite to Dr house is balcony. Rope up and mantle on sharp angle to not immediately drop out of it. Use ladder. In warehouse is a chest behind barrel. Just push it to the side.

    Descend on ladder and jump into house on North. On fireplace are 4 coins. In shed north from house is 1 coin. In house between this shed and big fountain is coin on small table near bed. In attic of Chulentz Residence is a ring on table. Don't read book from secret - you can't complete it's objective without second alert.


    Time: 1 hour 04 min 19 s; Loot: 3948/4068
    Pockets Picked: 8/8; Locks Picked: 17
    Back Stabs:0; Knock Outs: 0
    Damage Dealt: 0; Damage Taken: 0; Healing Taken: 0
    Innocents killed: 0; Others killed: 0
    Iron Beasts Destroyed: 0; Disabled: 0
    Secrets: 5/5


    - I used invisible potion to get to Casino.
    - I skipped 2 nuggets from lower part of caves.
    - I skipped 3 coins from big fountain.
    - I have no idea where is last coin.
    - Treebeast will first alert to you during your climb. Though after few loads he can eventually slide down to the bottom of the shaft.
    - There is no way to grab all the loot from Brothel without turning off lights.
    - You are forced to grab golden hammer through a banner in the Cathedral.

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