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Thread: 72 Hour Contest Results

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    72 Hour Contest Results

    The results are in!. After an extended voting period, we have a winner, and it was an extremely close race. And the winner is:

    Vanishing Point, by skacky. Congrats skacky!

    Below are the detailed numbers. As you can see, the 2nd place entry was right behind the winner, one more vote could have swung the results either way.

    Official Results

    Vanishing Point, by skacky - Score of 200, 45 total votes. Average score of 4.44 (out of 5).

    Dirty Money, by DrK - Score of 197, 45 total votes. Average score of 4.38.

    The Wooden Box, by FireMage - Score of 135, 38 total votes. Average score of 3.55.

    The Swindle Job, by Dev_Anj - Score of 98, 40 total votes. - Average score of 2.45.

    Thanks section:

    Big thanks to all the participants, it's amazing what you guys could produce given the time limitations.

    Thanks to Al_B for setting up the voting. It's a huge help, and the system he set up really makes it easy for people to vote. Which bring me to my next point...

    Thanks to everyone who played and voted. We had a great voting turnout, and I'm always amazed how awesome this community is, still going strong almost 18 years after the release of The Dark Project.

    Thanks to the mods, specifically Tannar, nickie, and Nightwalker, for keeping everything running so smoothly around here.

    One last note:

    I'll let the results sink in for a day or so, and then I will post all of the comments sent in during the voting. We had quite a few of them, and it always makes for an interesting read. They will of course be posted anonymously.

    Edit: Voter comments posted.

    Dirty Money by DrK
    The Swindle Job by Dev_Anj
    The Wooden box by FireMage
    Vanishing Point by skacky
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    Congratulations, skacky! Well done! I enjoyed the mission a lot. And congrats to all the authors for turning out some fine missions. They were all fun, and greatly appreciated.

    Thank you, Brethren, for your work organizing and running the contest. And thanks to Al_B for the voting site. He's the one who really keeps things running around here.

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    Holy smokes, now that's some epic switcheroo right there, if it's not a case of wrong attribution! Not only are the two top missions great experiences in and of themselves, but the perfect mimicry of each other's styles would imply an even greater genius of level designing.

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    Congratulations Skacky! Thanks to all contestants for making some great maps to play through as well!

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    Skacky triumph's...Congratulations

    but a huge hand should also go to Dev_Anj, I knew he was making a mission but I guessed he would enter the newbie contest, to put that The Swindle Job together in 72hrs whilst being his first ever mission is a huge credit to him....Well done Dev

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    You thought it was Skacky BUT IT WAS I, DrK!

    0.6 points, 0.6 mere points out of 5... I'd feel robbed if it wasn't Rocksbourg

    I really am the author of Dirty Money. We had the idea to switch styles for the contest, kudos to Skacky who did an amazing job with my ressources and managed to mimic the style and atmosphere of Rocksbourg. You deserved to win, mate.
    Congrats Firemage for your great job with randomization, really fantastic. And congrats Dev Anj, solid first try considering it had such a time limit.

    As for me, it was fun working on Thief gold and trying to mimic its classic feel. Knowing I couldn't do an authentic Skacky's mission, and with limited time, I decided to aim for a mix between Calendra's legacy, Skacky's missions and the good old Assassin OM.

    Special thanks to Tannar, as usual you've done a great job correcting my english. I'm still ashamed I forgot to mention you in the credits...

    And thanks for the laugh taffers, we enjoyed most of your reactions these past weeks, and we're damn glad we managed to fool almost everyone
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    Yup, no mistake here: I indeed made Vanishing Point. Mimicking DrK's style wasn't easy but I like to imagine I pulled it off, since most people believed it was a DrK mission and vice versa. That was a lot of fun! I'm very surprised with the voting, I honestly did not expect such a close race!
    Though I have to say, Dirty Money is hands down one of the best Thief Gold missions I've ever played and if you had a keen eye, you could've seen it had all of DrK's trademarks. I could have never built such a tight cityscape.

    Thanks to everyone who voted for my mission, to the organizers for this tense but highly entertaining contest and of course to every taffer that made a mission for it.

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    Sneaky, sneaky, taffers! Well, I enjoyed the joke, and you both did a great job mimicking each other.

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    I'm flabbergasted! Absolutely phenomenal job, you two! I'd never have thought in a million years

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    Congrats men!

    I don't know if people have enjoyed my mission, but I don't care.
    There are these wonderful missions and they deserved it!

    Thank you Drk, but my mission was actually somekind of an experimental mission so I wasn't expecting from winning, if you are interesting on my scripts just grab it from the mission and ask for more explaination! :P

    But I although want to send a special congratulation to Dev_Anj.
    Accepting to do such a challenge is not a piece of cake and doing his first step in Dromeding in it is was real prove of bravery!
    I hope we will see more missions from you guy soon!

    Thanks to the organization teammate which did nice job as usual!
    And Brethren for organizing this contest!

    So, as Fen say, see you guys next time and bye for now!

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    You tricksters! Smacked bottoms all round Congrats sneaky skacky, and DrK for the "you fooled us all!" swapsie - very well done. Thank you too FireMage and Dev_Anj - fab missions everyone; I enjoyed playing all four of 'em. Thanks Brethren and Al_B

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    grats to all,great job

    my favorite thing to do now in fan missions is see if they added the barking dog

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    Fabulous job to all I enjoyed every one!! Thanks I will be replaying all of them.

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    Congratulations to skacky and DrK, they pulled off the switchover very well. Thanks to the rest of the contestants too, may we get more good contests in the future.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dev_Anj View Post
    Thanks to the rest of the contestants too
    The rest...?! But I am not a rest!

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    Just so I'm clear, Dirty Money is T2 and Vanishing Point is T1/G, correct? I don't normally D/L a mission until I'm ready to write a walkthrough for one.

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    Other way around. Vanishing Point is by skacky, who usually does TG missions, but because of his switeroo with DrK, he did a T2 mission instead. Same but the reverse with Drk's Dirty Money, which is a TG mission.

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    Congratulations to whoever!

    And congratulations to Dev on his first mission. I do hope you carry on dromedding.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nickie View Post
    Congratulations to whoever!
    Shouldn't that be...whomever?

    (revels in this moment)

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    Sorry to burst your bubble, but her grammar is correct I believe. There's an implied verb afterward, i.e. "Congratulations to whoever (won)", which means whoever should be subjective case.

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    whoever, whomever, what ever?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brethren View Post
    Shouldn't that be...whomever?
    We don't use 'whomever' very much these days over here although I have noticed you use it over there. I think I hear it occasionally from someone of my mother's generation but that's about it. Otherwise, it's only seen in formal writing or speech.

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