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Thread: 72 Hour Contest Results

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    Well, whomever would have thought?

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    Voter comments for Dirty Money by DrK:

    Pretty well done mission, it easily wins this contest. I like how it's laid out to not be obviously non linear, it uses objects well, and it really has a strong classy Thief: Gold atmosphere, especially in the Pits itself.
    Excellent atmosphere in a truly bleak environment - you wouldn't want to live in this part of town! The venues of exploration and infiltration are well thought out, making the mission a tough but fair challenge.
    Very nice work! Probably one of the best TG mission! Espacially for such a huge place in 72h
    Loved this mission, excellent level design, and enjoyable gameplay
    This FM made me fall in love with the Thief Gold engine all over again! WOW what a masterpiece!
    Masterful design, beautiful architecture, exciting (challenging, but not frustrating) gameplay - which together makes an almost perfect thieving experience. "Almost" is just a perfectionist's malice, the mission deserves the highest score.
    wasent able to get this to work correctly
    An amazing city-mission that was obviously made by skacky, as his style shines through. Lots of places to explore, lots of different approaches. My favourite kind of mission!
    Amazing what can be done in 72 hours...
    Superb, what more could one ask for from a mission.
    The size was awesome, great game play, and I enjoy T1/G missions.
    It's hard to imagine this mission being built in 72 hours! It's very complex and has so much to explore! Well done to whoever made it.
    Fine looking mission. One of the best T1/TG. Fine gameplay.
    I lost my way, way too easily.
    Dirty Money is a Thief Gold mission. Not everyone today makes missions on Thief Gold, so it's not impossible to guess who the author is, but some graphical elements in the mission still leave me perplex about the author's identity ^^ Never mind...

    The mission was really pleasant to play : a City atmosphere that only belongs to T1, many rooms to rob, often provided that you've got rope arrows, wonderful architecture (just look at the roofs, windows, archs and all and all !), variety of characters (guards, thieves, Ramirez' men) and even a creepy ambience in some areas. Really, I enjoyed this mission a lot and will certainly replay it soon.

    As for the tiny flaws, I'd just say the story is a little complex, for although I read every text I found, I didn't understand who exactly was Herwin, Roderic etc. nor what the Ivory Rose is (guess an upcoming mission is supposed to tell it) and I think there were a little too much characters among the readables. So the story is confused in my mind, but it's nothing compared to the good atmosphere of the mission.

    Furthermore, the few places where many people were were well settled so that it was feasible to rob them without getting spotted, and the loot was well allocated. No evil tricks from the author, the level is doable for people like me who never knock out anyone.

    To conclude, I'll say this mission is for sure the longest to play of the contest. If you remember that only 72 hours on DromEd were allowed, you cannot but say it's a really good job !

    So to sum up, play this mission at once ! The T1 feeling inside is really enjoyable and I love the fact T1 missions still exist year after year. For sure this mission will have a good mark.
    Good story and gameplay. Very polished mission. Had a lot of fun. This is the contest winner, for me.

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    Voter comments for The Swindle Job by Dev_Anj:

    Newbie mission that feels like someone's first steps with Dromed. It is simplistic, it is linear, it is rather small and it makes mistakes, but it has a certain charm and imagination.
    A bit too short but it was fun anyway
    poor level design and nothing else much to offer.
    A remarkable little piece of a modest, traditional mission. It's nicely done and pleasing to play. On the other hand it would have benefitted from an architectural redesign (some places feel too large and empty), and a bit more challenging background.
    simple yet fun
    An amateurish mission overall, but it's not bad for a beginner's mission. I'm giving this a solid 3 because it was very short and reasonably entertaining, nothing special but not bad either.
    Thanks for this sympathic mission !
    I'm a huge fan of old skool missions, Newdark has given authors the opportunity to make great looking missions, but I fell in love with Thief when missions looked like this. So thank you, a great small mission that the author should be very proud of.
    Good mission, this had the feel of a new author and if it is I want to say keep up the good work!!
    Old textures. Simple gameplay.
    The Swindle Job depicts a little mission which starts in front of a manor, occuring for most of its part in the sewers, and ending in a kind of cistern. It's obvious that the author didn't have much time to do this mission, and seeing as the contest implies 72 hours according to DromEd, we can bet the author is novice in DromeEditing. There isn't much to say about this mission since there isn't much to see. No text to understand the potential story, no conversation, no custom models, textures or objects...

    But that doesn't mean the mission is bad. Still, I cannot say I had pleasure to play it since it's quick and rather classical. But it would be unfair to say the mission is bad, for its author is a beginner and must be marked as such. There is much more progress to do, and I'd be curious to see what the author wanted to add in his/her mission. Efforts must be persevered, the mark isn't here to discourage, only to inform and I'd even say, encourage.
    Appears to be a first time author, but the mission had most of the right elements. I wish the author had had time to develop the ideas further. Looking forward to future missions from this author.

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    Voter comments for The Wooden Box by FireMage:

    The level design is somehow poor but still acceptable, the gameplay is ok but short.
    Interesting, innovative, and attractive mission with just the right amount of challenge. It's fun to replay and try the alternatives (though I tried four times before seeing a different start...). The only part causing a bit of disappointment is the rather simplicistic "other world" - it could have been more impressive (visually and metaphorically). However, it would have certainly required much more than 72 hours...
    not to bad,liked the traps below
    This was an... interesting mission. It did a few cool things, but I didn't like its actual design as much as the others. It deserves nothing less than a solid 3 though because it tried something different.
    I enjoy originality in this mission... it reminds me someone...
    I so want to give this mission 5/5, but i can't give all 4 missions 5/5, so only 4/5 but it was without doubt the best fun mission of the lot, I had a ball with this one
    I enjoyed this mission because of the game play and having it be different every time you played
    Love when there's lots of AI's in a mission. And when it's hard to get to knock them out.
    But I only got to try the assasins. Tried to start over around 10 times. And I died everytime I opened the box. And what is all that about the script. Why don't let FMSel do the job??? If it wasn't for these bugs, I would have voted this a higher score, but...
    The Wooden Box is a special mission for T2. Special for its orginality features in a new concept : almost everything is random !

    Yes : amount of guards, location of guards, items at the start, location of items and keys, doors openable with/without a key, even the main goal object location, and even again its effect when you find it. For sure, this helps the mission to get longer, since you must rediscover the mission everytime you replay it. And this is a good trick found by the author. And for this, I say 'Respect!' to him/her.

    Still, the mission lasts anyway. The manor house is relatively large, there are many ways to enter and a lot of guards sometimes, forcing you to take your time, and the event occuring when you open the wooden box can make you last some more minutes too. For me, hard luck however, since 1st time no event occured to me. 2nd time there was, but I had the bad surprise to be teleported back in the middle of a patrol. This kind of disappointed me for I hate such situation when I play. But I guess the author didn't do this on purpose. Too bad however.

    I really enjoyed to see a custom intro la T1 for the mission. Even if I didn't hear all that Garrett said during it, that was a piece of art and the author really well worked on this.

    Graphically, the omnipresence of wood gives a rustic atmosphere to the mission, which I quite liked. The mission was rather classical but it didn't prevent me from appreciating the place. The rendering room also had a creepy ambience, making me remember of Soldiers of Fortune game (when you're in a slaughterhouse in Uganda). I'd have liked to see it bigger, but hey!, it's a 72H contest after all.

    To finish on the story, it was rather classical but original in the same time, for I don't remember any mission featuring a master hunter. The fact that his guards were knife stabbers and throwers was also great, although I think they look like each other too much, leaving you the impression there are only 2 different types of guards. And their animations didn't always look well when they attacked you, even if I know making new motions isn't a piece of cake.

    Thus, this mission looks like a traditionnal one with its originality thanks to randomness and that country feeling. For sure, you can play this mission a lot of time without getting bored, when you'll realize the key you thought to be here is actually elsewhere ! Renewing the Thief gameplay is always a good thing.
    Very creative with lots of replay value. A mix of very clever ideas and a few things that didn't work as well in implementation. But overall a fun mission. The randomization aspect was nice. I liked the throwing knives instead of other weapons for the guards. Some good sneaking and a fun mansion to explore.

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    Voter comments for Vanishing Point by skacky:

    It looks very good, especially with all the custom textures and objects, but the layout is too obviously linear, the switch in the crypts is too well hidden, and the setting here is not as interesting as the one in Dirty Money. Still a good mission though.
    Hard to imagine how this mission could be built in 72 hours, but it is here. The visuals are top notch, creating a world of amazing detail and visual consistency. The main storyline is a dark and twisted tale, told effectively, while the extra exploration offers some tough roughtopping.
    The place is cool, there is a huge area to explore and the final is good even if the switch was a bit too secret!
    Excellent level design and offers a enjoyable gameplay.
    I really like this style
    Every aspect of this mission exhibits the highest level of professionalism, with meticulous attention to story, gameplay, and immersion. The architecture - inside and outside - is simply stupendous (there is little doubt about the author's identity). Of course, it deserves the highest score.
    A good mission overall, with a scary part I didn't like because I don't like being scared - sorry :P
    Excellently designed mission with a beautiful cityscape, graphically it's probably the best mission of the bunch. I give it a 4 because it's great, but I liked Dirty Money even more.
    So much was packed into this mission, I was just stunned.
    Visualy impressive, dark, I owe you a fright night !
    What can I say that has not already been said. A stunning roof top mission, only wish it was bigger.
    Maybe the author will make an enlarged version......please
    I enjoyed the gritty atmosphere in this one. The game play was great I really like missions that I can explore.
    Nice textures. Good atmosphere. Great gameplay.
    Could need a little more contrast in the texture colors.
    Vanishing Point is a T2 mission with a more than peculiar style, happening into the city of Rocksbourg. Knowing this and seeing the graphical style of the mission, you can bet who the author is without mistaking... although the amount and style of roofs can be mistaking...

    Still, the design is wonderful : the 'colourfullness' of the buildings and streets, the custom objects and textures peculiar to Rocksbourg, the quality of rooms... All is beautiful wherever you are. I must admit still, that I was very frustrated that no freaking door in the streets was openable ! But I guess it was the goal, since everything happened above and below. Too bad the mission looks very short. Once you've found the interesting building for the goals' sake, you're almost done with the mission. I know 72 hours is short and that the author probably used his/her time to make qualitative areas. But it's true that the mission gets ended rather quick. But it's not a valid argument to say the mission doesn't deserve to be played !

    As for the story, thumbs up too ! The ambience of Rocksbourg 1 appears concerning the Lady, and I enjoyed recovering this feeling. But the crypts above all were a masterpiece of stress. Noise, invisible runner, dreadful message, impossibility to know where to go out... It was very good and orginial and made me remember of Rocksbourg 2 this time. If the mission was longer, perhaps we could have expected a Rocksbourg 3 feeling further, who knows ?

    So to conclude, the mission is excellent and beautiful, a real care was made for this mission. It's just too bad that it is short and doesn't have that many places to rob. But still, a really nice moment to live, which is why I recommend you to try it.
    This one was extremely well done, except for the fact that the mission can be ended prematurely. But overlooking that, I had a great time playing it. The thieves' highway stuff and the overall look and feel of the mission were top notch. I don't know who did it, but I hope they keep making missions like this.

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    Simply amazing what authors can create in such a small amount of time ! Thanks to all, especially Dev_Anj. I would have used up the time given with studying manuals, he instead produced an entertaining mission .

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    Am I late? Arff, it doesn't matter ! Congrats to all. I was totally wrong on this one and was so sure that "Vanishing Point" was Drk's work.... My respects, skacky ! Thanks everyone for this contest

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