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Thread: The Best T3 missions

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    The Best T3 missions

    As a cheap and blatant plug for the forth-coming T3 walkthroughs and as there is only 2 other threads recommending T3 missions in the Mission by Type 'best of' thread (but both are rather slim) here are my favourite top 12 T3 no particular order!

    All the World's a Stage by Rantako (Callum Cameron) Aug 2009
    Set in a theatre 'All the Worlds a Stage' is a mansion style mission in which you have to recover the Trytos Crystal from a gang of smugglers. The level design is tremendous, you can genuinely believe you are walking around a real theatre, even the placement of the ventalation tunnels seem realistic. With locked rooms you need to access, a 'hard to access' office (until you know how of course) and a plot that keeps the tension this mission has re-playablity written all over it.

    Blue Rose (version 3.0) by Savar Nov 2013
    Savar is the godfather of T3 missions having made 6 missions so far and he keeps updating them, with each update being a massive improvement on the previous one. The Blue Rose is possibly his most difficult as it is peppered with Enforcers who are near enough invisible, so you have to do a fair amount of ghosting here. Set in a Keeper's monastry type building the superior level design with hidden rooms abounding will have you confused, engaged and stuck in equal measures.

    The Bridge by Dom Wright (str8g8) May 2006
    I have to admit I was not blown away with this missions gameplay but was so impressed the look of the mission. The 'normal' looking brick work of the buildings that Dom Wright uses brilliantly gets away from the usual T3 look thus making The Bridge look like a real medieval town. There are no complex puzzles, everything is relatively easy to find and this mission will not tax you, but is rightly deserves a place in the top 12 of T3 missions.

    The Crypt by Norbert Navratile Oct 2005
    This was the winner of the TDS contest (Komag C6) and is a small.....crypt mission!
    Contest missions are commonly small, so don't expect a 10 hour marathon here., but you will find solid, well thought out and in places tough first and only mission from Norert Navratile.

    Evicted by Nomad Sept 2006
    Having been evicted from your apartment you need to scour the sprawling map to find enough loot so that you can purchase some lockpicks from the shop, after which you can get your revenge on your ex-landlord. Although not a complex mission, Nomad hides some of the loot in tremendously good locations, so you'll do well to find it all on first play.

    Furious Flames......(Cabal 1) by Tiens (Tatiana Baletskaya) Oct 2010
    WoW....OMG...This mission is just Awesome.
    Do I need to say more, well not really, but if you want to experience a fan mission like no other, then look no further. This is a great mission, being hard yes, and so original....wait until you see the flames...but more over it's stunning on every level. From a City to a Hammerite Factory with lethal bots, to the burning buildings, this mission will forever remain in your memory.

    Heart of the Deal......(Cabal 3) by Judith Feb 2001
    The 3rd mission in the Cabal series is a top quality FM in 2 parts. Starting off in a city you need to follow Barracleugh to find the location of the Overwardens headquarters, which in itself is not easy. But it's the second half, in the caves, that is the most memorable aspect of this FM, as Judith conjures up tension, clever puzzles and stunningly good looking architecture.

    The Hotel (v_3) by Savar Aug 2010
    The previous versions of this mission was a great mansion type mission.....Then Savar released v_3.0 and The Hotel went from great to fanstatic. Savar's trademark is to hide as many hidden rooms into his maps as possible, and he is a good enough mapper to do it brilliantly. The Hotel's south wing genuinely looks like it has been abandoned for years being both creepy and.....well abandoned.

    Krellek's Labyrinth by A. Scott Kingston Oct 2005
    A masterpiece of design and build, Krellek's Labyrinth is a superior puzzler than easily stands along side the best of Thief FM puzzlers. Flawless in design and execution and with beautiful and interesting rooms, Krellek's Labyrinth will have you rivited in front of your screen for hours, banging your head on your desk and leaving you with a massive sensation of satisfaction by the time you have finished. It's just as pity this was A. Scott Kingston's only mission.

    Oldstone Castle by Tiens (Baletskaya Tatiana) July 2007
    A 'quest' type mission from Tiens, who also made Furious Flames, in which you have to collect 5 keys from five rooms before you can escape your castle prison. A puzzler with differing degrees of frustrations throughout the 5 quest rooms, the most memorable is the The Drunken Pub level, will leave you with just one thought.....Why did Tiens not make any other missions? We miss you!

    On the Trail of a Fence by Beleg Cuthalion June 2013
    Set in the days before you have met Cutty, this is a complex city mission, in which you first have to find Cutty and then prevent an ambush on the local noble. With gorgeous architecture and a confusing map completing all your objectives is a major achievement in it's own right, but along with multiple ways of preventing the ambush, Beleg delivers a masterclass in mission building.

    The Secret Room v_3.0 by Savar Dec 2013
    You may suspect by now that I am a Savar fan, well he does make great missions and you can not have a list of the best T3 missions without Savar dominating that list. The Secret Room is possibly the easiest of all his missions I have included in this list (it's the most linear) but still has enough hidden rooms and secrets to keep you glued to your monitor whilst you search in vain for that elusive final piece of loot.

    Thief's Rising Gold Edition A '10 mission campaign' by Adsk1 Feb 2014
    No Thief player can not be blown away by the size and scope of Adsk1's masterpiece, a 10 mission behemoth that is as impressive a fan mission as anything a smallish studio would make. With all 10 missions having their own distinct game play style, the plot brilliantly links every mission together seemlessly. As a young wannabe thief you are set up for a burglary you did not commit (although you had every intention of doing so) and the chase is on to find and destroy you nemesis. Via cities, mansions, warehouses and even a boat you end up in a strange land to confront a lycanothrope god for a truly challenge finale. You can even enjoy a party with your friends when your done. Nice touch Adsk1.

    Valley by Flux Aug 2008
    So few missions are almost exclusively Pagan orientated, so when we Pagan fans are treated with a complex and genuinely realistic feast of a mission, our saliva glands work over time. You need to find the Pagan war plans but to do this you need to solve one big puzzle to access Lilac's room. This means go have to go back and forth an impressive map to the find all the quest items and keys, then get Lilac's rivals to fight each other. It's a cracking good yarn, superior build and just great to look at. Sadly there are a couple of potential show stopping bugs, both of which can be avoided by playing the mission in the right order.

    Veil of Deceit v_3.0 by Savar Oct 2015
    Savar usually builds mansion type missions, but in Veil of Deceit, the 5th in the Keeper series, he ported the original map from TDS to give us a city mission, the v_3.0 being enlarged and improved from the previous versions (v_1.0 is still available for download). Typically loot is hidden is hard to reach locations and hidden rooms abound, giving players hours of searching this large and complex map.
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    I haven't played any Thief 3 fan missions, having being put off by the clunkiness of the third game's controls, but The Cabal looked like a great mission set from Fen's videos, even though it was still bogged down by the engine limitations sometimes.

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    You do get used the controls........eventually

    Just to let you know The Cabal is the series name for 4 missions that were made by 4 different authors, so often the missions are known as Cabal 1 to Cabal 4, but they should really be called by their mission titles.

    Cabal 1........Furious Flames by Tiens
    Cabal 2........Night of the Long Knives by David Ayre
    Cabal 3........Heart of the Deal by Judith
    Cabal 4........Knife to the Heart by Nomad

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    T3 editor is too heavy, it is a great pity that so few missions to T3

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    Thanks fortuni!!

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    The Bridge is also a much more unique location and it was great actually having a mission revolve around the famous megalithic bridge. Always in the background and skipped over in the games; though I imagine it was never intended for it to be this massive or built upon.

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    Only now i see this topic. I want to express my respect for the excellent review of the missions. Thank you for the good words about my missions and the support of the world of T3

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    No problem, your missions deserve the highest praise, and I can’t wait till the final episode of the Keeper series is released. Please release it soon.

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    Thanks bro. This I'm doing now

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