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Thread: Looking for house pics and plans.

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    Looking for house pics and plans.

    I'm thinking of doing a small to medium manor mission. I began searching pics for inspiration and found this.

    Something along these lines is right what I'm looking for as we already have everything to texture a shot like this no problem. Now I'm going to keep searching but does anybody know where you can find nice exterior shots of places like this with interior shots and or at least floor plans?

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    I always need a few pictures for inspiration as well

    Here's one I still had bookmarked before:

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    Baddesley Clinton Manor, Warwick U.K.

    Not exactly true to the brief, but it is an interesting little manor house.
    The National Trust website (U.K) is always a good source of inspiration.

    Edit: Ightham Mote, Sevenoaks, Kent U.K.

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