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Thread: GMDB Demo

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    GMDB Demo

    A while ago I made a demo mission showing the extra motions Shadowspawn added to the GMDB, similiar to Yandros' original motions demo.

    Time to share it:

    edit 2023: Replaced the download, zip file no long has the "fembound" motion, and has a replacement schema file which is recommended for anyone rebuilding the motion database from the GMDB.
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    Cool!! Thank you.

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    Load this like any fan mission.
    Don't work in Darkloader. How to open this without messing own file with manually paste and then deleting all this files ?

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    Desperately Dodgy Moderator
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    That's probably because it's a .7z file. Just convert it to a ZIP and Darkloader should load it fine.

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    Still don't work. Even when paste all file (without main folder) to new zip file.

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    There's a cow in that folder. DL doesn't support this. Use FMSel.

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    Or just manually unzip it into a fresh T2 folder and open the cow, no installer needed.

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    I didn't actually check that DL could handle it, I just assumed. But I only use FMSel now.

    Instead of a new T2 installation, make a second Dromed shortcut and add -fm to the target, e.g. ...Thief2\DromEd.exe -fm. Run it, and use the gear icon to set the FM Archive path. Select the 7z file and it'll remember its folder. Select GMDBDemo and go to Edit FM.

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    Don't see why this has to be loaded like an FM, it's primarily an editor's resource and most players won't care about it. I just unzipped all the files into my Thief 2 install.

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    I never add to Thief folder something that will not be used in FM. Less confusing when making a zip file (I'm using a big amount of custom resources). One FM= one fresh T2 folder. I will make new "working" T2 folder for stuff this kind. No problem, readme fooled me a little bit.

    Thx R Soul for another great stuff.

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    This is reasonable, Kurhan. Don't mess up your installation.

    @RSoul: Thanks for this, it must have been a lot of work.

    I wish there's a short description of all that convs. Is there a list available?

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    I culled this from several different sources, including the GMDB motion schema file and a post here, and refer to it constantly when working with motions. It includes the base motions as well as the GMDB motions, which begin at Conv 50.

    Conv 1 -- raise left hand
    Conv 2 -- lean back
    Conv 3 -- shuffle from side to side
    Conv 4 -- shake arms in frustration
    Conv 5 -- lean forward
    Conv 6 -- nod head
    Conv 7 -- move arms up and down low
    Conv 8 -- turn head right
    Conv 9 -- arms behind back
    Conv 10 -- hands together at front
    Conv 11 -- arms crossed
    Conv 12 -- arms wide then right hand up low
    Conv 13 -- walk forward, wave right hand, hesitate, step back, then run right
    Conv 14 -- lie on back, turn head from side to side
    Conv 15 -- waving arms mid
    Conv 16 -- look up then down then shake arms out mid
    Conv 17 -- shake arms left to right
    Conv 18 -- shake arms low then shrug
    Conv 19 -- shake arms in agreement
    Conv 20 -- shake right hand and shake head
    Conv 21 -- lying down, shake left arm then fall dead
    Conv 22 -- gesture with hands for a long time
    Conv 23 -- move head
    Conv 24 -- right hand up and down
    Conv 25 -- two arms up and out
    Conv 26 -- right hand up and down and shake head
    Conv 27 -- left hand up and down, nod head
    Conv 28 -- both hands up and down mid
    Conv 29 -- both hands up and down, turn in a circle, raise arms, then right arm forward (the ranting Hammerite)
    Conv 30 -- put hands on hips and lean forward
    Conv 31 -- right hand forward, left hand on hip, then lean forward
    Conv 32 -- wave arms out, then hands on hips and lean forward
    Conv 33 -- hands on hips, lean forward, then shake head
    Conv 34 -- right hand out, left hand on hips, move head, then right hand to hip
    Conv 35 -- hands on hips leaning forward
    Conv 36 -- lies down, sifts position (as if uncomfortable)
    Conv 37 -- nods head (bow)
    Conv 38 -- raise left hand and nod (traditional salute)
    Conv 39 -- left hand across chest, head up (imperial salute)
    Conv 40 -- raise left hand, head nods to left
    Conv 41 -- raise both hands slightly
    Conv 42 -- crouch, then stand
    Conversation foo -- salute
    Conversation foo, bar -- lean forward
    Conversation foo, baz -- nod head
    Conversation foo, bar, baz -- turn head right
    Conversation foo, quux -- hands together in front
    Conversation bar -- lean back
    Conversation bar, baz -- arms up and down low
    Conversation bar, quux -- cross arms
    Conversation baz -- shake arms in frustration
    Conversation baz, quux -- hold arms out low
    Conversation quux -- arms behind back
    Stand2Sit -- sits down from standing
    Sit2Stand -- stands up from sitting (quickly)
    Sit2Lie -- goes from sitting to lying
    Lie2Stand -- from lying to sitting
    Stand 0 -- hold still
    Stand 0, Halt 0 -- sudden stop
    Stand 0, Halt 0, NearHazard 0 -- jump back
    Stand 0, Halt 0, OnStairs 0 -- leans forward
    Stand 0, Wheel 0 -- ???
    Stand 0, LeaningLeft 0 -- ???
    Stand 0, LeaningRight 0 -- ???
    Stand 0, Crouching 0 -- ???
    Stand 0, Search 0 -- ???
    Jumping 0 -- garret
    Jumping 0, LocoUrgent 0, Direction <> -- garret
    IdleGesture 0 -- fidget
    Locomote 0, Direction <1-4> -- walk
    Locomote 0, LocoUrgent 0, Direction <1-4> -- run
    Locomote 0, Search 0 -- walk holding out weapon
    Locomote 0, Climbing 0 -- garret
    Locomote 0, Crouching 0 -- garret
    Crumple 0, Knockout 0 -- on back
    Crumple 0, Die 0, Direction <1-4> -- on front
    Crumple 0, Die 0, IsConfined 0 -- to knees then front
    Crumple 0, Die 0, OnStairs 0 -- curl up into a ball
    ReadyItem 0 -- hand to left side
    ReadyItem 0, ItemSword 0 -- fighting stance
    ReadyItem 0, ItemBow 0 -- hand to right side
    WorldFrob 0, AtWaist 0 -- push button
    WorldFrob 0, AtWaist 0, Lever 0 -- pull big floor lever
    WorldFrob 0, AtWaist 0, Door 0 -- turn knob
    WorldFrob 0, AtWaist 0, BellPull 0 -- pull cord (T1/G only?)
    WorldFrob 0, OnFloor 0 -- not in T2
    WorldFrob 0, AtChest 0 -- not in T2
    Search 0, Scan 0 -- look from side-to-side
    Search 0, Peek 0, Direction <1-3> -- lean forward
    Discover 0, PointOut 0, Direction <0,5-6> -- point at something, Direction 0 points at something far away.
    Discover 0, Recoil 0, Direction 4 -- jump back (or forward)
    Discover 0, Recoil 0, IsConfined 0 -- step back
    Discover 0, Thwarted 0 -- be frustrated
    Discover 0, Salute 0 -- raise left hand
    Discover 0, Challenge 0 -- shake fist
    Stalled 0, Poisoned 0 -- choking
    Stalled 0, Stunned 0, Long 0 -- sway from side-to-side
    Stalled 0, Blinded 0 -- arms raised
    Stalled 0, Flail 0, Long 0 -- seizure
    Stalled 0, Flail 0, InWater 0 -- raised arms, then collapse to knees
    Stalled 0, Flail 0, InAir 0 -- ???
    Stalled 0, Rebalance 0 -- over-exagerated acting like there's an earthquake
    ReceiveWound 0, Direction <1,2,7,8> -- ouch
    ReceiveWound 0, SevereWound 0, Direction <1,2,7,8> -- ouch!?
    RangedCombat 0 -- cast spell (or fire arrow)
    MeleeCombat 0, Stand 0 -- be still
    MeleeCombat 0, Locomote 0, Direction <1-4> -- move
    MeleeCombat 0, Locomote 0, LocoUrgent 0, Direction <1-4> -- dodge
    MeleeCombat 0, Block 0, Direction <1,2,5,6> -- block
    MeleeCombat 0, Attack 0, Direction <0,5,6> -- swing sword
    MeleeCombat 0, Attack 0, SpecialAttack 0 -- two-handed overhead bash
    schema Conv 50          // *Sword drawing, already mapped to Misc 3
    schema Conv 51          // Starts with arms folded, slowly returns to normal standing
    schema Conv 52          // Stands with arms folded, nods 3 times, long sequence
    schema Conv 53          // Starts with arms folded, returns to normal standing (quicker than BH114002)
    schema Conv 54          // With arms folded, shakes head no
    schema Conv 55          // Starts with arms folded, goes to hands on hips
    schema Conv 56          // Starts with hands behind back, returns to normal pose
    schema Conv 57          // Stands with hands behind back, nods slightly
    schema Conv 58          // Stands with hands on hips
    schema Conv 59          // With hands on hips, shakes head no
    schema Conv 60          // Waves with right hand, shakes head
    schema Conv 61          // Stands with arms out sideways, bent from elbow - HEAD BACKWARDS
    schema Conv 62          // Cupping something in right hand, points with left, shakes head
    schema Conv 63          // Cupping something in right hand, extends right hand (low)
    schema Conv 64          // Cupping right hand, takes (key?) from belt with left hand
    schema Conv 65          // left hand pulls something off right hand side, belt level
    schema Conv 66          // Same as BH114720, but turns head to see - mapped to ReadyItem 0, ItemBow 0
    schema Conv 67          // Another "I don't Know" motion
    schema Conv 68          // Lowers arms from Zombie position to side
    schema Conv 69          // Raises arms from side to Zombie position
    //     Dance floor
    schema Conv 70      zomdanc2
    schema Conv 71      zomdanc1
    schema Conv 72      zomdance
    schema Conv 73          // Dances while kneeling
    schema Conv 74          // Dance the macarena
    schema Conv 75          // Robot like dance
    schema Conv 76          // Female dancing in bar, fixes hair, looks like talking to someone
    //     Bar motions
    schema Conv 77        // Dancing at bar, drinks a shot
    schema Conv 78        // Holding drink in bar, motions with left hand, then slowly drinks with right.
    schema Conv 79        // Sitting on bar stool, eating or drinking.
    schema Conv 80        // Staggering drunk standing
    //     Various backing up motions
    schema Conv 81        // Jumps back, arms out for balance. On narrow space?
    schema Conv 82        // Carefully steps back, arms guarding in front. On narrow space?
    schema Conv 83        // Backs up and points forward with right hand
    schema Conv 84        // Leaps back, then backs away
    schema Conv 85        // Violently jumps back from something
    schema Conv 86        // Steps backward, crouching, as if trying to hold back something
    schema Conv 87        // Walks forward, raises hands, cowers backward
    //     Lying down motions
    schema Conv 88        // Lying on back, begging for water.
    schema Conv 89        // Lying on ground, reaches upward with left hand
    schema Conv 90        // From lying on back, raises upper body on elbows, then looks right
    schema Conv 91        // From lying on back with upper body up, lies back down (like passing out)
    schema Conv 92        // Lying on side, raised up on left arm, move right arm around
    schema Conv 93        // Looks like a continuation of bh114325, moves head like listening
    schema Conv 94        // Just lying on back, short
    schema Conv 95        // Just lying on back, short, different orientation
    //    Typing motions (or playing keyboard?)
    schema Conv 96        // Sitting, both hands typing
    schema Conv 97        // Sitting, stopped typing, moves head slightly
    schema Conv 98        // Sitting, extends hands, get ready to type
    schema Conv 99        // Sitting, pulls hands away from keyboard
    schema Conv 100        // Stands typing
    //     Additional frobbing type motions
    schema Conv 101        // Pushes buttons, then pulls lever; at eye level.
    schema Conv 102        // Throwing dice at craps table.
    schema Conv 103        // Moves forward, turning right, pushing at panel. Backs up to start.
    schema Conv 104        // Rears back, and taps forward, like tapping someone on the chest
    schema Conv 105        // Push buttons at head level, then reach down and pick up something
    schema Conv 106        // Shakes right hand up high
    schema Conv 107        // Adjusts something at head level, then turns left and pushes button
    schema Conv 108        // Puts right hand up, as if to halt someone
    schema Conv 109        // Reaches forward with right hand, pushes buttons
    schema Conv 110        // Strikes with right hand, tries to push something away, then looks partly subdued.
    schema Conv 111        // Looks stunned, looks at right hand, pushes some buttons, then steps forward and falls to knees
    //     Motions that involve kneeling (or up / down)
    schema Conv 112        // Kneeling, casting spell or pouring two bottles into something
    schema Conv 113        // Kneeling and rising motion (shooting from cover)
    schema Conv 114        // Timid walk, kneels, freaks out, pulls hair
    schema Conv 115        // Shaking, falls to his knees. (like an earthquake)
    schema Conv 116        // Grabs stomach, vomiting. Falls to knees
    schema Conv 117        // Crying, falls to knees
    schema Conv 118        // Bends over, looks like petting something.
    schema Conv 119        // Walks forward, stops suddenly, looks down and kneels, touches something on the ground, stands up shaking hand (trying to get something off of it)
    //     Standing and walking motions
    schema Conv 120        // Attentively looking slightly down, like watching a rat
    schema Conv 121        // Slides forward with right arm outstretched. Breaks off and steps back.
    schema Conv 122        // Bravely pushes away twice, then cowers as looking up at something
    schema Conv 123        // Looks like walking a line quick
    schema Conv 124        // Shakes hands quickly in front of chest
    schema Conv 125        // Jogging forward, no progress (treadmill?)
    schema Conv 126        // Turns right and left while holding right arm level with belt
    schema Conv 127        // Turns slightly to left, raises hands to shoulder height
    schema Conv 128        // Looks like talking, extends both arms at waist to left, then turns right and puts right hand to mouth.
    schema Conv 129        // Slides left, right arm high and outstretched. Then walks back to start
    schema Conv 130        // Turns right, holds hands apart (Like: "The fish was that big")
    schema Conv 131        // Looks left, returns to looking straight ahead
    schema Conv 132        // Looks a little startled, looks left and behind, returns to idle
    schema Conv 133        // Looks right and left, confused.
    schema Conv 134        // Walking forward slowly, uses right hand to push someone out of the way
    schema Conv 135        // Nervously looks left
    schema Conv 136        // Nervously moves around, looking left and right
    schema Conv 137        // Nervously looks around
    schema Conv 138        // More nervous idling
    schema Conv 139        // Looks down, right hand slightly raised, wobbles
    schema Conv 140        // Awkward walk, glances behind
    schema Conv 141        // Electrocuted, standing
    schema Conv 142        // Nervous walk, tip toed, defensive.
    schema Conv 143        // Walks in defensive posture, hands up. Returns to start
    schema Conv 144        // Reaches over right shoulder with both hands and hurls something away
    schema Conv 145        // Walking carefully, looking left and right
    schema Conv 146        // Funny walk
    schema Conv 147        // Walks, looking left, right, and behind
    //     Cinematic motions
    schema Conv 148        // Hold baby out to be taken or saved. Keeps reaching out.
    schema Conv 149        // Dribbles basketball and then shoots
    schema Conv 150        // Slowly dribbles basketball, then moves left and right
    schema Conv 151        // Crawling on hands and knees
    schema Conv 152        // Looks like he's checking his pockets, then turns around and looks behind him. Right foot is turned badly.
    schema Conv 153        // Reeling from an explosion, slow
    schema Conv 154        // Reacting to attack, rats maybe?
    schema Conv 155        // Hangs head, extends arms out forward (ok, put the chains on me), then drops them
    schema Conv 156        // Taking a shower
    schema Conv 157        // Head and hands move as if singing
    schema Conv 158        // Bats at head like being attacked by bees
    schema Conv 159        // Check wrist watch (slowly)
    schema Conv 160        // Moves right hand back and forth, like wiping a counter
    schema Conv 161        // Wipes counter, waves someone away, returns to wiping
    //     Hits
    schema Conv 162        // Hit in left eye, staggers back, then falls backward
    schema Conv 163        // Hit hard in left shoulder
    schema Conv 164        // Hard hit to stomach
    schema Conv 165        // Hit hard, recoils back
    schema Conv 166        // Upper body sways around. (hit or a dance step)
    schema Conv 167        // Stunned or bad dancing
    schema Conv 168        // Looks like hit in head
    schema Conv 169        // Bigger hit than mdwrwnd1
    schema Conv 170        // Very serious hit in head
    schema Conv 171        // Big hit, wobbles around
    schema Conv 172        // Looks like re-balancing?
    //     Sick and dying motions
    schema Conv 173        // Shivering / dying while upright
    schema Conv 174        // Dying motion, looks like got hit in the chest
    schema Conv 175        // Die forward, Poisoned or shot in stomach
    schema Conv 176        // Death scene, reaching forward
    schema Conv 177        // Quick dying, falling backward
    schema Conv 178        // Die moving forward
    schema Conv 179        // Die on back, too quick
    schema Conv 180        // Hand goes to mouth, then crumples
    schema Conv 181        // Unsteady on feet, leans head back, looks confused
    schema Conv 182        // Heaving. Coughing or vomiting. Right hip distorts
    schema Conv 183        // Grabs stomach, vomiting. Falls to knees
    schema Conv 184        // Leans forward, hanging and shaking head
    schema Conv 185        // Turns around and falls over (dies). In chair
    schema Conv 186        // Puts hand to side (like wounded), falls forward, dying
    schema Conv 187        // Death scene. Shakes with arms open, falls forward, rolls onto back
    schema Conv 188        // Death scene, falls forward, arms out
    schema Conv 189        // Takes hit, flies backward and down on back
    schema Conv 190        // Holds stomach, hunches over, wobbles a little
    schema Conv 191        // Holds stomach, looks dazed, turns around 180
    //     Poses
    schema Conv 192        // Looks like ballerina pose and movement
    schema Conv 193        // Short motion, ballerina pose
    schema Conv 194        // Could be used for hung prisoner

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    Thanks a lot

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    A bit of thread necromancy - I know... (but at the same time a good example of familiarity with Search function ).
    I just wanted to ask if anyone knows, where do these extra motions that are included in GMDB come from? Is this a compilation of motions from all 3 games? Or are these motions coming from an unofficial LGS source?
    The original documentation doesn't seem to say anything about it.

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    I'm pretty sure they came from T1, T2 and SS2 and most of the ones which are "new" to Thief players are from SS2.

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    Ah, OK. Thanks for clarifying this.

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    Note that
    Motions--ActorTagList: bound
    doesn't work correctly with Shadowspawns and GMDB motiondb.bin (which is the same, of course)
    It's working with the old motiondb, though.

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    Original motions.crf:
    fembound.mi and - file modified June 1999

    GMDB package: - file modified March 2004

    I think the motion database will need to be rebuilt using the original file, but I can't test the solution - I can't get Makmdb.exe to create the .bin file, even though it worked a few weeks ago.

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    So, it's Shadowspawn's fault.

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    Thank you.

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