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Thread: T3 Walkthroughs

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    T3 Walkthroughs

    All T3 walkthroughs can now be found in the All the Walks + Lets Play thread where you will also find the latest updated zip

    This project could not have been achieved without Snobel who 6 months ago put together a small programme to help me track down all the loot in the T3 FM's. Loothunter, indentified loot in the T3 editor via the words 'lootglimmer' that is usually attached to all loot items in T3 missions, for further information and screenshots see the T3 notes included in this zip.

    T3 lootbug
    Whilst compiling these walkthrough, I discovered a lootbug, which is caused when an author places 2 of the same items with different frob values, ie a purse @ 25g & 50g. This causes all purses in the mission to be recorded in the inventory with the same value as the first purse collected, regardless of its intended frob value. Snobel has found a fix for this issue, that affected 13 missions and caused chaos with the lootlists. From now on Snobel's Sneaky Upgrade will be incorporating this lootbug fix (SU 1.1.6 onwards) which means once installed, players will collect the true intended value of each loot item in every mission (please read Snobel's release post for details) The walkthrough's lootlists were compiled using the new SU and show the correct intended loot values.

    Thanks & Acknowledgements
    Csamba, who has been a constant help, advisor, eagle-eyed taffer & good friend for the last 6 months, without his help these walkthroughs would have missed out many secrets, alternative routes & important information.
    Florian, whose eagle-eyes picked up on dozens of loot errors, proof reading & other issues....Thank you Mr Perfectionist!
    Beleg, who gained permission from ERH+ to translate 'Abandoned Kingdom' & with whom we were able to finally release an English supported version of this rather peculiar mission.
    All the authors who checked my walkthroughs and corrected many mistakes.
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    Congratulations on the release! A 'joint project' where you do at least 80 % of the work is just my kind of project.

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    Yay!! Thanks to you both for the hard work. We shall all reap the benefits.

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    That is really awesome. Many thanks, snobel!

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    Well, thank fortuni - I really only did my usual patching tricks.

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    Thank you Jim, those will come in handy

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    @ PysmH, Trust me I made Snobel work non stop for 6 months, so yes he deserves as much Thanks for these walkthroughs as any one else involved in this project.

    And Thank you Pedro

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    Not to go OT, but didn't someone come up with an executable to run these missions? Or do I need to dust off my old T3 game CDs and install those?

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    CD's, GOG or Steam, then just patch with Snobel's Sneaky Upgrade which has FMsel pre-installed

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    Congratulations on the release!

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    T3 Walkthroughs updated

    I have spent the last 3 months completely re-formatting the T3 walks, they are now in A3 format with far too many screenshots to count (Thief's Rising has 120 screenshots alone), the Q&A section has been removed so all information is now in chronological order and the lootlists have been re-vamped making them a lot clearer and easier to read.

    Hopefully one day I'll be able to include some hand drawn maps for the missions that do not come with maps in-game.

    See OP for link
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    Wow, missed this the first time around. Not that I frequent these forums often, but you've lured me out of lurking mode just to say: Thanks!

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    Thank you (again), fortuni, for your hard work & thanks to snobel as well. Great resource!

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