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Thread: LootHunter: A basic tool for finding loot and keys

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    LootHunter: A basic tool for finding loot and keys

    LootHunter is a crude tool made for a purpose - fortuni's walkthrough project. But now that it's done, it may as well be public. I don't consider it part of the SU, and it will only be updated occasionally (apart from bug fixes).

    Version 1.1.8 added an arrow-finding mode, and keys now toggle the modes on/off. Version 1.1.10 fixes an issue where creating desktop icons could fail.

    It's based on the SU Editor Edition version of T3MainOptVersion.exe. Because that version doesn't have support for FMSel, the LootHunter plays it safe by making a copy of your game installation and copying in an in-progress FM on top of that. (There are installer options for T3 Gold and the original game too, for completeness.)

    The most needed console commands have been renamed for convenience: Type 'loot' to toggle loot/keys display, 'fly' and 'land' to move through geometry, like in the video example here.
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    LootHunter saved me from having to replay a mission when I couldn't find a key that had dropped from the belt of an AI I had knocked out earlier. Thank you for creating the tool!

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