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Thread: Newdark Novice Contest - Shoes & Dresses (22 Feb, 2016 - Updated 10 Feb, 2017)

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    Newdark Novice Contest - Shoes & Dresses (22 Feb, 2016 - Updated 10 Feb, 2017)

    Opening this thread for any discussion or questions that relate to the mission Shoes & Dresses by JarlFrank. Please post here with any feedback or questions you have. You can download the mission here. The contest thread is here.

    This FM has been updated. Here's the new version:

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    I just finished this FM and I have to say I had a GREAT time! At first I thought it was going to be just a good old fashioned Thief sneak, break & enter, grab the loot, then go home type of FM (which would've been absolutely fine with me), but JarlFrank surprised me with a little twist towards the end. Graphics were great, as was the gameplay (though the AI could've been just a touch more alert on Hard difficulty) and the ambience. Absolutely loved the little puzzle concerning Lady Wenford's secret stash! The encounter with the Purple Wizard's tower (don't ever tell a Taffer NOT to touch something! LOL!!!) was a very nicely added touch (even though I detest zombies, but it really was pretty easy to avoid them ). All in all, I had a very enjoyable time playing this FM. Kudos JarlFrank! Hope you plan on creating more!

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    Thank you!

    I already started working on my second mission, so no worries - there'll be more
    I'm glad you enjoyed it!

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    ^^ Wot Dia said!
    Me too - had a blast. Loved the humour and surprises. Very much enjoyed your fun FM JarlFrank - and I am very glad to hear you are making a second FM

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    Thank you for this mission JalFrank.

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    great mission,but i came up short on loot,thank you for making it

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    Congrats on a fine first mission, JarlFrank! I enjoyed it. Good luck in the contest.

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    really good first mission, a lot of different areas to explore!!!

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    Nicely done, JarlFrank! Love your sense of humor, especially the Hammers & Haunts RPG.

    I must admit, that last puzzle stumped me for a bit. Initially, I thought the 'flowers under her feet' meant the carpet at the foot of her bed, due to the flower patterns on it. Turns out, nope!

    Looking forward to your next mission!

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    Congratulations on the release JarlFrank ! Good luck in the contest. I'll play later, I see this is a large mission. Good job.

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    Quote Originally Posted by downwinder View Post
    great mission,but i came up short on loot,thank you for making it
    Did you play on Expert? I made the loot goal intentionally high on that difficulty, so you have to visit all the major places and find both of the hidden areas to reach it.
    A few hints for loot:
    - Make sure you go into both the Hammerite and the Mechanist church, there is some minor loot on the altars
    - Look up at the square where your house is; there are two places you can reach with rope arrows, with some loot to get there
    - Try to get into the Purple Wizard's tower. Pay a visit to the basement of the pub if you don't know how to get in there
    - The biggest mass of loot is inside Lady Wenford's secret room where she keeps her collection; in Lady Brambleton's diary, there is a hint on how to open it

    The loot goal should be easy to reach if you thoroughly explore all those areas.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JarlFrank View Post
    Did you play on Expert? I made the loot goal intentionally high on that difficulty, so you have to visit all the major places and find both of the hidden areas to reach it.
    Just FYI, it's considered best practice to set the loot goal even on Expert such that it can be met without finding any secrets. Not a big deal as many missions don't follow that guideline, but just so you know. I'm looking forward to playing the final version of your mission and the other two as well! I just need to find time.

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    I scaled up the loot goal on Expert from what it originally was because it seemed a little too easy to reach, and as the one secret that holds the biggest pile of loot is heavily hinted at, I don't think it should be a problem. But I'll keep it in mind.

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    Wow, is this contest going to be difficult to judge! This mission was tremendous, I had great fun recognising a whole range of other missions in this FM, different buildings and rooms constantly reminded me of previous missions, a homage to Thief in one superior novice mission. What a joy

    I loved the Wizard's tower, I felt T1/TG over-whelming me with simple style and design taking me back 7/8 years. Proof that you do not need to make FM's complex and stunningly beautiful, Newdark style, to be a great Thieving experience. Measured thought, a love for Thief and classic gaming understanding is what make those of us who have been bashing our keyboards for 15 years happy.

    Thank You

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    Finished Missed a bit of loot (15 only) but i really liked it and that puzzle was great Congrats JarlFrank!

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    This city mission is way bigger than it seems! I am still in loot shortage, maybe I have to do a closer look again.
    I really, really loved the humor in this mission - and the freedom of moving around in this open area, too. There were always some opportunities to climb and multiple open routes to go.

    Well done!

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    Finished on Expert with 16 short on loot. Fun mission, larger than I first realized. Loved the Mage's Tower. Looking forward to your next mission and G'luck in the contest

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    This one has a real sense of fun and whimsy right from the start, yet also has a lot of meat to it. It took me the longest out of all of them to finish! There's plenty of doors and windows to get into for a nice jaunty city thieving spree, before being capped off with a very nicely built and decorated destination. Things did get a little more serious toward the end (and sexy), but hey.
    It feels like the author was rapidly improving as the mission goes on; things are a little bare in places at the start, but by the end the design has gotten fairly lavish and lovely.

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    Wooo Fen played my mission *squeeeee*

    Yeah, you're right that I kept improving as the mission went on, as I treated this project mostly as a "let's try out different kinds of things in Dromed" thingie. Most of my efforts and details went into the two mansions, the garden, and the weird wizard area - those were also the things I implemented last, so there's that.

    The building progress of the mission went like:
    build some stuff -> looks kinda blocky -> build more stuff -> learning by doing and all that -> build better stuff because now I know how to

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    I laughed a few times at this one. I only noticed the floating block, from across the central square.
    I see a block in mid air. LOL! nice one. Good job

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    This is a lot of fun
    I am getting texture issues in one area though, anyone else have this problem?

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    Congrats on the release JarlFrank!! I've played for about 30 minutes but 3:00am comes early.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Azaran View Post
    This is a lot of fun
    I am getting texture issues in one area though, anyone else have this problem?
    That's strange, I definitely used a stock texture there so it's not an issue with a faulty custom tex.

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    Well, I also had fun playing this one. It already began with the floating block with the Mage's sign near the starting point, but didn't end with that. Several of the places there were nicely done, the others were at least in the "okay" range. Not perfect, but I doubt that many "first missions" are perfect. Mine certainly wouldn't be, if I ever started building one, that is...

    I guess, however, I'll have to replay it one day, for I didn't realize there actually was a way into the Mage's tower.

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    I noticed that too, but I'm not sure whats causing it considering how inconsistent the issue is.

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