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Thread: Niggsters erste FM

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    Niggsters erste FM

    This is another remix of Retrieval, this time by The Niggster from There's no thread for it here.

    FMSel won't load it. The Missflag.str seems to be in order and I played through it in Dromed. It appears to be a properly constructed mission. I don't see why it wouldn't load up normally.

    But second and most importantly, what is a niggster? It doesn't even seem like a german word.

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    It's a reeeeaally unfortunate username is what it is...

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    Rename the folder "stings" to "strings"

    title_20: "Retrieval vT2" in TITLES. STR to title_20: "Niggsters erste FM"

    btw, it's here
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    Concerning the name: On the German forums, he chose the nickname "The Niggster", so it was meant to be something at least sounding like an english name. On the other hand, if one reads the Info file of this mission at, one might realize that "Niggster" may be derived from parts of his first name and family name, although "Nickster" probably would have been a better choice. On the other hand, he wasn't older than sixteen when he chose that name on the German forums, and many of us might know how much sh*t they did when they where that young.

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    Like baeuchlein wrote his nick may indeed stem from the first part of his lastname (perhaps "Niggemeier"? I've seen some of those here).
    I assume he just combined it with an ending like in "gangster" or "bankster" and the result is sounding pretty non-PC.
    Especially in a country that is home to word banning experts but has a police force that clocks in an astounding body count of the people who could rightfully be offended by such a word...

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    next someone will post we need more black a.i. in fan missions

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    Just DL'd
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    Quote Originally Posted by Calibrator View Post
    Like baeuchlein wrote his nick may indeed stem from the first part of his lastname (perhaps "Niggemeier"? I've seen some of those here).
    I assume he just combined it with an ending like in "gangster" or "bankster" and the result is sounding pretty non-PC.
    It's a bit different. To learn more, check out the Info file of this mission at, which obviously contains the author's full name.

    Quote Originally Posted by downwinder View Post
    next someone will post we need more black a.i. in fan missions
    No, no. But we really, really need a "colored people contest", where a colored person is integral to the plot of any mission submitted. Oh, and then we could have a hispanic contest. Then an asian one. A mexican one. And then an extraterrestrial contest.

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    We are all one race: the human race.

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    Just to clarify things, bauechlein:

    Mexican=Hispanic, like many other countries in America (including some regions in southern U.SA.) They speak Spanish as first language. Spanish heritage.
    Spanish adj or Spaniard, noun=Spain. Now we dont' use the term Hispanic when it only refers to Spain.

    In a nutshell, making a hispanic contest and a mexican contest has no sense.

    But making a Spanish contest and a Mexican contest does have sense.

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    please remove this board,as its not what thief fan missons are about,thank you

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    i feel race should not play a role in fan missions,i live in america and right now ,there is alot of bad thing about race going on and its not anything most americans want to deal with ,hard enough surviving in this world then to worrie about skin color

    i also feel the same way about religion,excluding thief factions

    i would rather see a contest to hide dewdrop in a map and have people try to find him/with puzzles /npc/etc

    i also found out something

    dewdrop was made my lily,for minno the little girl,when you place the crystals in the eyes the husband say there names

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    I did not really wish to suggest a racism-based contest, it was meant to be a joke. I'm sorry for steering this thread into the wrong direction. However, I had to blow off some steam, for here in Germany (and maybe even elsewhere in Europe), I see extreme right-wing people on the rise since about one and a half year, fuelled heavily by the so-called "fugitive crisis". While lots of people flee the war-induced chaos in Syria, heading for Europe, all these old and bad ideas about who "belongs" into "our" land and who not, and whether we should erect big fences or even walls around countries, or carry the fugitives back into Syria, are resurfacing once again. Like in the 90's, we again see the temporary homes of fugitives being put on fire, sometimes even regardless of whether there's someone inside or not. There were people burnt to death in the 90's, and now the same idiotic ideas about foreigners are coming up again; this time, the muslims are blamed for everything that might go bad here. I thought we were beyond that.

    And these ideas are not far from racism and "race discussions". Ricebug is right - we are all members of one race. And what downwinder said in his last post is correct as well. Unfortunately, some people don't think that way. I hope things will get better here in Europe as well as in America, but at the moment, I fear this will not be the case in the near future - and I'm having a hard time coping with that. Making jokes (sometimes bad ones) about such things is one way for me to open the pressure valve if needed.

    Once again: Sorry for directing this thread away from its subject. And now, I think, we should really get back to anything related to the mission. Anything else would rather fit into "Community Chat" instead.

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    You guys are adorable.

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    Lol @ this thread.

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    Fixed and multi language (English + German) version of this rather basic, and almost inappropriately named mission available here
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    I can't get over that taffing username

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    Quote Originally Posted by fortuni View Post
    almost inappropriately named mission
    PLEASE not again this discussion, it's a german mission with a german name made by an german author, just leave it like that. I don't know who tried to translate things that are not ment to be a missunderstanding.
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