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Thread: Upcoming T2 FM: Mystery of the Upper Quarter

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    Upcoming T2 FM: Mystery of the Upper Quarter

    Progress Mission 1: 100%! Release topic

    Since about 6 months ago (around october 2015), I've started working on a new mission that is going to be my biggest project for Thief so far. Especially since February I am working on it on an almost daily basis. In this topic I will post screenshots and other information about the mission during its development progress. Since for me it is such a big project however, it may take a while until I finally get to the beta-testing stage. Keep an eye on this topic now and then if you're interested to see if there has been a change in progress on the top of this post or if new information/screenshots have been posted (also in this particular post).

    The story is set in a city, outside of the Thief universe.

    I've decided to split the mission into 3 seperate missions, which will be released one at a time. Each mission will follow the events of the previous mission.

    Info Mission 1
    Game: Thief 2 Newdark v1.24
    Mission Type: City
    Summary of the Story: The king of the city had your father killed. Your father lived in the rich upper quarter of the city and was highly respected by everyone. Why he was killed remains a mystery. And what are those strange noises during the night? Everyone in the lower quarter has been talking about it lately.

    Because of the increase of thieves in town, no one is allowed to walk outside at night, and there have been an increase of guard patrols. Still, you want to know why your father was killed, so you will have to find a way into the upper quarter.




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    Exciting news.

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    News of a new FM in the pipeline always makes me feel joy! Yay!

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    20% in 6 months...


    Oh, yes, great news indeed: A new mission to play in March 2018!

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    Fortunately since februari progress has been going much faster It should also be noted that I had a break for about 2 months (if not more)

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    Looking forward to your FM's release.

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    If you ever need a betatester ......
    There're angels who playThief and angels who don't ........ both go to heaven ............
    Dare to join .............

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    @Gloria: I know I can always rely on you
    @Dia, Bosh, Nickie, Azaran: Thanks!

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    love the title of mission

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    Thank you for the nice comments everyone! I just added two screenshots in the OP.

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    Looks good, Niborius! I'll be happy to test for you again, when you get to that point. Hope all is well!

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    Hey! Thank you, you've always been a great help when it comes to testing my missions, so when I get to that point I'll definitely let you know.

    All is well for me, how have you been in the meantime?

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    Just a quick comment to say that I'm still working on the mission! The project is just so time consuming that it takes a long time to complete.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Niborius View Post
    Just a quick comment to say that I'm still working on the mission! The project is just so time consuming that it takes a long time to complete.
    Glad to hear this, and look forward to playing!

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    Keep up the good work! Looking forward to playing it

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    Niiiiice Canīt wait

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    Looking good!!!!! Looking forward to playing it!!!!

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    Nice to see someone working on another Thief mission keep up the good work.

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    I'm glad to see all the positive comments

    Here is a new screenshot:

    Edit: Again this is a WIP of course, as I haven't really concentrated on lightning yet in this scene.

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    I updated the OP with some new information.

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    The screens look great I hope to play it soon!!

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    Since the project is so much work (and I'm not a fast mapper either) it will take some time before I even get into the beta testing phase. I'm hoping to get there before December but I can't promise I'm glad you like it though!

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    Oh sweet! That is a cute house right there :P can't wait to see more

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    Been Dromedding all morning, working on the interiors. Better take a brake now .

    New WIP Screenshot:

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