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Thread: Is there any way deleting fanmissions and Zipfiles ?

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    Is there any way deleting fanmissions and Zipfiles ?

    it starts getting messy up here

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    Well, you can always go to where you have the zip files stored and....delete them.

    But if you're talking about uninstalling - just right click->uninstall. Probably want to do that before deleting any zip files.

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    And of course, one can also just move zip files out of the FM folder where FM-Sel looks for it, and store them somewhere else. That way, one can still keep the missions, while at the same time, FM-Sel will not show them anymore in the FM selection menu.

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    vielen dank ! I changed folder successfully .. but i cant uninstall them by right clicking ... i have tried there is no such option

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    probably here

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    Quote Originally Posted by BruderMurus View Post
    vielen dank ! I changed folder successfully .. but i cant uninstall them by right clicking ... i have tried there is no such option
    If the folder has been changed already, you should not see the missions in that folder anymore. If not, a situation similar to what john9818a's picture shows should be visible on your screen.

    By installing and uninstalling, we do not mean that the zip files of the mission are installed/uninstalled. "Installing a mission" means that FM-Sel unpacks the mission from the zip file and prepares it for playing. If this installation is done, the zip file is still where it was before, but additionally, the zip file's contents are present in a folder used by FM-Sel (usually something like D:\Dark2\FMs\{MISSION NAME}). Uninstalling the mission stores the savegames of the mission, then deletes the mission folder in D:\Dark2\FMs (if we stay with the example above). This does not mean that the zip file is gone.

    To remove a mission from the list presented by FM-Sel, you can move it out of the folder where the other mission zip files are stored. If you wish to do that, first check whether this mission is installed in FM-Sel. Check john9818a's screenshot again. Most missions displayed there are actually installed, which is why their icon (on the left side) is less visible than the icons of "Heartcliff Islands" and "LordAshton". "Heartcliff Islands" and "LordAshton" are not installed in john9818a's FM-Sel, while all other missions visible in the screenshot are installed.

    If you wanted to get rid of "Heartcliff Islands", you could just move it out of the zip files' folder. If you wanted to remove "Heretic_v1b" instead, you should uninstall it first, and then move it out if the zip files' folder. (You can also delete the zip file instead of moving it out of the folder, of course.)

    There may be one instance where the missions still will not vanish when you do all this. That is when FM-Sel is configured to list even missions which are not present anymore. The button controlling this is the one below and a bit to the right of "Avail" on the screenshot. The icon on this button shows a crossed-out hard disk. If it's grey, just like in john9818a's screenshot, then FM-Sel only displays missions for which FM-Sel finds the zip file. If, however, this button is colored (I think the x-shaped lines are red, then), then FM-Sel will show some missions which may not even be on your computer anymore, and it is possible that FM-Sel will not let you uninstall such a mission - I have never tried that and don't know.

    See whether that helps you. If not, tell us what does not work the way we desribed it here, and we will try to find out what's wrong.

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    If you Ctrl+RightClick on an FM in FMSel, you get a new option called, "Delete from DB". This is probably what you want to do.

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    thank you guys so much very detailed !

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    may the builder guide thy hands

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