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Thread: SS1 for Mac source code released on GitHub

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    SS1 for Mac source code released on GitHub

    Counting days to a first adequate port made by the community :)

    (just in case anything happens I've backed it up here:
    ---Old Habits Never Die---

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    Wow. I'm gobsmacked. Never thought this would actually happen.

    Get onto those source ports people.

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    now lets make sure anyone interested ends up here - we probably don't want to end up with ten wip forks.

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    Oh, this is so good:

    SS1 in high res ultrawide. UI stretched, but you can adjust the in-game FOV.

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    It is a bit crashy, but not so bad you can't get into it. Anyone who owns it on Steam can try it out by entering the beta code 'saltthosefries' and then opting in to the Beta.

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