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Thread: ** New Dark Patch: Thief 2 V1.27 - System Shock 2 V2.48 ** 2019-06-15

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    From the included release_notes.txt:

    Changes and fixes for v1.25

    - fixed initialization issue that in some situations could cause anim light lightmaps to be wrongly turned on after loading a savegame or starting game
    - fixed a subtitle loading crash when sub file has a certain type of syntax error
    - fixed DML loading bugs for files located in "dbmods"

    - fixed bug where 32-bit lightmaps could have spots of slight miscoloration when lm32_params sets a saturation other than 1.0
    - fixed a crash that could happening when using a receptron with effect set to "None"
    - increased max model handles (see modders_notes.txt)
    - increased max application data handles (see modders_notes.txt)

    - added SQUIRREL.OSM, an OSM that provides the ability to write custom scripts using the Squirrel script language
    (see documentation doc\squirrel_script)

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    Updated... Thanks Tannar, Lord Soth and Brethren!
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    All you need to update is extract the thief2.exe file correct? You can safely omit any of the *.ini files if you want to keep current settings, right?
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    That's what I did, and it seems fine. If you want to be certain, extract the ini and cfg files to another folder and compare like with like.

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    yes, as far as I can tell, updating just the exe is fine if you want to update an already set up Dark game quickly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by voodoo47 View Post
    yes, as far as I can tell, updating just the exe is fine if you want to update an already set up Dark game quickly.
    Does this also apply to your latest full TFix?
    I mean, just overwriting the .exe file (previously renaming it to Thief)

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    correct. you can also get the 1.25 exe from TFix Light which already is up to date so you would have the proper TG icon.

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    is this supposed to be used on top of TafferPatcher???

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    no, use just the exe (or exes, if you use the editor as well). overwriting the custom cfg and ini files will cause issues (with TafferPatcher and TFix, anyway).

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    I've been away for a long time, so I haven't kept myself updated on NewDark: is 1.25 the latest version?

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    Okay, 1.25 it is then.

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    I´m already looking forward for the 1.26

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    I copied and into the Thief2 directory as the release_notes stated. Now all the previously enhanced textures added by TafferPatcher are reset to the originals. Even in DromEd the texture families show the original versions. I figure I screwed something up here. Is there any option, e.g. in cam_ext that I have to consider?

    The only other thing that I changed is installing The Hammerites of the Raven Creek FM via Darkloader v4.3, which needed NewDark 1.25

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    You'll have to go back into the cam_mod.ini file and remove any semicolons (under mod paths), and/or add the file path to whatever one you're using.

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    Alright, adding:
    mod_path .\MODS\t2water+.\MODS\t2skies+.\MODS\EP\EPBooks+.\MODS\EP+.\MODS\NTEX+.\patchedmis
    did the trick. Thank you.
    However, I had to retexture all the brushes with previously missing textures. I didn't know that TafferPatcher introduced completely new rooftile and grass textures, not only replacing the originals.
    But it was only and handful and didn't take too long. Thanks again.

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    So I updated to v1.25 to play DCE and now when I push Play on FMSel for every installed FM there's a CTD.
    It still installed it just fine (it seems, since I can't play it).

    I haven't played an FM from this computer in ages, so I don't know what's going on with other files.
    I just dropped the 1.25 files in and crossed my fingers. Do we know usual suspects for this kind of crash?

    Edit: haha, good old DarkLoader ran it fine though, once I commented out the bit in cam_mod that runs fmsel automatically.
    It's like an old beat up Chevy pickup that still runs 40 years later.
    So everything works fine, FMSel just isn't running the game when I push play?
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    Not sure what happened, but yes old Darkloader does work with DCE, although it needlessly converts all of the OGG files to WAVs. I know FMSel was used extensively in testing so it should be compatible, so I assume something isn't right with your FMSel setup.

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    It should also work fine with NewDarkLoader, which unlike FMSel, displays the readme, and unlike Darkloader, does not convert ogg files (I wouldn't mind adding the option if I could figure out how to do it).

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    See op for new version thief 2 v1.26 & SS2 v2.47
    (I've not been able to change the title of the thread... If a kind moderator could do it...? Thank you!)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Athalle View Post
    See op for new version thief 2 v1.26 & SS2 v2.47
    (I've not been able to change the title of the thread... If a kind moderator could do it...? Thank you!)
    yesss finally!!!!

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    Software mode isn't loading for me. I created a shaders folder in my T1 directory, added the FX files, but nothing changed

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    if you just want no texture filtering, then tex_filter_mode 0 in cam_ext is all you need.

    looks really funny with hires textures loaded - like something from an alternate reality where gpu acceleration didn't happen and people are running their games on 10GHz netburst cpus.
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    Oh right, forgot about that, thanks

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